Chris Hayes: The Republican Party Is Radicalizing Against Democracy

I enjoyed this article.

It helped me focus my own thoughts on this subject.

The Atlantic:

“The republican party is radicalizing against democracy. This is the central political fact of our moment. Instead of organizing its coalition around shared policy goals, the GOP has chosen to emphasize hatred and fear of its political opponents, who—they warn—will destroy their supporters and the country. Those Manichaean stakes are used to justify every effort to retain power, and make keeping power the GOP’s highest purpose. We are living with a deadly example of just how far those efforts can go, and things are likely to get worse. …”

I don’t think so.

The Republican Party isn’t radicalizing against “democracy.” It is radicalizing against a very specific and peculiar group of people – White upper middle class, college-educated professionals who live in the suburbs who are “woke” on race and who hold modernist cultural values. It is a class and cultural divide between the White majority and the White minority or between normal people and those people. Virtually everyone else in the country has about the same amount of bias toward their own group.

“But that edge is neither large nor guaranteed. The average margin of those Democratic wins is narrow, about 2.5 percent, and the growing gap between the Electoral College tipping-point state and the popular vote means the Democratic coalition is becoming increasingly inefficient.  …”

The Democratic Party is shrinking into a coastal party based in large metro areas and wealthy suburbs. The wokeness has gotten so toxic and so out of control now that it is even alienating Hispanics who hated shit like “Defund the Police” and “Abolish ICE” and especially Black Lives Matter.

“Somewhat counterintuitively, the electorate has grown less racially polarized in recent elections; from 2016 to 2020, exit polls and precinct-level voting data suggest that Trump improved his performance among Black and Latino voters while losing ground with white voters. But that was at the margins. …”

Donald Trump lost the 2020 election because he made a fool out of himself over COVID and because his own base among White Independents who had catapulted him into the White House in 2016 was angry at him for governing too much like a conventional Republican president.

“Think of everything that happened last year: A president was impeached for only the third time in American history, a contentious Democratic primary took place, and then a once-in-a-century calamity led to tens of millions of people losing their jobs and 350,000 people dying and daily life being suspended for about two months, followed by months of painful adjustments. And the result—politically—was that practically no minds were changed. …”

The middle class people who I described above are responsible for the polarization. They are so deeply disliked and resented for cultural reasons, not for any economic policy difference, that even a Spanish Flu level epidemic only moved Trump voters at the margins. Tolerance levels vary. There is only so much shit that most people can take from that crowd. Everyone has their limit.

“Nearly the entirety of mainstream American culture is produced by a cohort—urban, well-educated, increasingly diverse—that trends strongly liberal. The resentments of the right are hardly baseless; the commanding heights of American culture are largely occupied by their ideological foes. …”

There is a growing awareness that these are the people who run the show in the Democratic Party and that it is overwhelmingly a bunch of finger wagging White liberal professionals. Trump could get away with virtually anything as long as he kept “owning the libs.” Trump voters are polarized against “Solid Liberals.” It is important to understand that those are the libs he was owning.

The Democrats are two different parties. It is the top of the party that Trump voters are reacting against. They have a knack for repulsing, alienating and driving out voters in their own party. Look at what happened to David Shor or most recently with Donald McNeil and Andy Mills. It has been going on for decades and has realigned entire regions of the country. Trump voters have warmer feelings about non-Whites and agree with working class Democrats on lots of issues.

“The 2017 VOTER Survey data reveal stark demographic differences behind these issue preferences. DILEs (13 percent of the electorate) are heavily Democratic (67 percent) and liberal (77 percent), and are less than 1 percent Republican or conservative. They are also the youngest group, with 51 percent under 45 years old. The DILE cluster has the second-highest percentage of white voters (75 percent), behind only the CY cluster (79 percent). Their educational attainment is the highest of all the groups, as 86 percent have some college/an associate’s degree or more, with 48 percent having graduated college, and 22 percent having done post-graduate work. Finally, they have the highest income — with 26 percent making $100,000 or more, and only 10 percent making $30,000 or less.

In contrast, the DLWC cluster (27 percent of the electorate) is the group with the largest non-white population; 39 percent of voters in this cluster identify as non-white. The majority of this group identifies as Democratic (52 percent), and a high proportion identifies as independent (32 percent). Ideologically, moderates make up the largest share (50 percent) of this group, though liberals outnumber conservatives 34 percent to 17 percent. This is the second-oldest group, with 53 percent age 55 or older, and only 4 percent under age 30. Significantly more people within this group are female (66 percent). In terms of education, only 24 percent have a college degree or more, while 45 percent have a high school diploma or less. DLWCs also have the lowest average income; over half of this group (52 percent) makes $50,000 or less. …”

“What if those kinds of policy fights offer only limited returns? What if we are conflating two different issues? What if the overwhelming number of Trump supporters simply won’t vote to give control to the Democratic Party, even if the party is pushing agenda items they like? What if the driving imperative for the large majority of voters—but particularly for those on the aggrieved right—is that they want their people in control?

The contemporary gop is on a strange trajectory. Republicans are growing more radical, extreme, and dangerous on core questions of democracy, the rule of law, and corruption, while simultaneously moderating on policy in some crucial ways.”

Where did MAGA come from anyway?

As recently as Obama’s second term, most MAGA voters like Ashli Babbitt who was the woman who was killed in the Capitol Siege were Independents or leaned Democrat. There isn’t a huge ideological divide between MAGA voters and other Democratic Leaning Working Class (DLWC) voters.

Donald Trump won 25% of the DLWC vote in the 2016 election which is why he was able to flip the Rust Belt. Those people were driven out of the Democratic Party and the Center of the electorate because of political correctness, open borders, free trade and various other resentments against the neoliberal consensus that Trump capitalized on to move them into the GOP. Generally speaking, upper middle class, college-educated professionals and suburban Republicans who have cosmopolitan and modernist values are moving to the Democrats while working class Democrats and Independents who resent political correctness, modernism and cosmopolitanism are are migrating over to the Republicans.

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  1. If by saying “democracy” he means a specific caste and class of proverbial Zadokite Priests in finance, academia and media, yes the voting pool for Republicans is radicalised against them.

    • “the GOP has chosen to emphasize hatred and fear of its political opponents”

      Yeah – this is from the Atlantic, home to war-mongering Zionists who can’t bomb Muslims fast enough – and also the people who screamed “Nazi MAGA Hitler Trump” and “Russians under my bed” for the last five years straight.

      So, these people hate:

      1. Muslims

      2. Russians

      3. And most of all, regular White Americans.

  2. Wo,. they rally do want a war….a race war.

    This is how the Democratic Party wages race war against The Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority:

    1)pass the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    2)The 1965 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT Increase Act

    3)Nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS come to our America and breed on OUR soil

    4)1-3 over time creates a huge nonwhite highly racialized Democratic Party Voting Bloc that nullified the Native Born White American Vote on Nov 3 2020-and every 4 years thereafter.

    5)The Democratic Party says to the Native Born White American Working Class:”If you oppose 1-4…we will enslave you….we will murder you!!!!”

    WHITE GENOCIDE is very real…very very real….

  3. The Kikelantic seems to be the jew-run media’s premier publication of taste-makers and opinion-mongers. So when they accuse those pusillanimous Republicans of being a threat to the existing order the rest of the ZOG political-media establishment immediately falls into line behind them. Needless to say they are filled with fear and loathing for white rural, working-class Americans, especially those from the “Bible Belt”. I expect they will soon ratchet up their anti-gentile hysteria to levels hitherto thought unimaginable.

  4. A sizable portion of Americans have always been raised to be fart-sniffing moralistic crusaders. When they get their way on policy, they indefatigably imagine even greater dragons to slay. I don’t know where prigs get the energy to attack people over things like pronouns and micro-aggressions. Even God rests on the seventh day.

    Yeah, Chris Hayes lacks self-awareness.

    The Democrats could have complete hegemony for decades if they would just act nicer. Conservatism is out of gas, has a tiny base of support consisting of a few Zionist billionaires, and is only running against nasty progressive personalities at this point.

  5. Chris Hayes himself is the living embodiment of the problem. Normal people despise Chris Hayes and the demographic he represents. And it is entirely because of their behavior. For example, the fact that he seems to define “democracy” as “agreeing with Chris Hayes” reveals the reason everyone else loathes his group.

  6. The Democrats vs the Republicans always getting into it about Capitalism vs Socialism is really a joke. I think everybody can understand that Capitalism has some good things in mind and sometimes Socialism has some very important things in mind. We can look at the Moderates, Independents, Centrists, and others as people who Vote basic on being practical and find practical solutions. Take the good sides of all the above and go forward in more of a Moderate solutions focused way. We could even call it “Third Position” but that’s another topic for another day. Deo Vindice !

  7. Well, here we go again with the big question, who decides what the words mean.

    Greatest threat to democracy are the mentally healthy people opinion against genetic white liberals. Also greatest threat to Ukrainian Nationalism is the average Joe opinion, that lunatics got away the lunacy acylium.

    “””….Donald Trump lost the 2020 election…”””

    Kutuzov never won Russian or France elections. He just lured Napoleon into trap and let him go self destruction.

    When you are against death penalty, don`t scream on the street. Just make sure that all people against death penalty are shot or hanged .

  8. Next stop, civil war then crushing totalitarianism. Replete with gulags and killing fields for dissidents.

  9. This is true though

    Chris Hayes said:
    >This produces a weird dynamic where the GOP is moderating on policy as the Left wins many of the biggest ideological battles (marriage equality, starting new foreign wars, direct cash relief), but also, because it’s being defeated, the right is radicalizing against democracy.

    By the end, MAGA was effectively turned socially liberal, pro-gay, pro-gay marriage, pro-legal immigration, tolerant of based transsexuals, anti-racist, fine with interracial marriage, etc. This in some ways a contrast to earlier, more Christian influenced forms of conservatism. Social conservatism was quietly eliminated, even as MAGA grew more fanatical about… something.

    MAGAs were also completely fine with globohomo and neoliberalism, as long as the people in charge of it pandered to them with the right patriotic spin.

    The fact is that, (unfortunately) Americans in the political mainstream AGREE with each other on a lot of the big issues, far more than they disagree.

    They share the same socially liberal, economically neo-liberal views, they accept mass legal immigration and gay stuff, they mostly just disagree on tone. Patriotic race replacement and globohomo vs lecturing, moralistic race replacement and globohomo.

    They’re effectively arguing about nothing; they aren’t allowed to argue or even think about the real issues, those issues are off limits and taboo to them.

    It’s wrong to say that “middle class people … are responsible for the polarization”.

    Ultimately, the elites are responsible for the polarization and it’s an effective tool for reinforcing the status quo. (Admittedly, they do task the more capable people with “going on the offense” and providing new fake-left issues for MAGAs to react against, even as the MAGAs drift further and further “left”. But it’s wrong to ignore that the MAGAs also behave in ways that help to create polarization)

    It’s a big mistake to identify with either the slow liberals or the fast liberals. And it’s an even bigger mistake to believe that the slow liberals can ignore the elites and simply win by overthrowing the fast liberals. That gets you… another four years of MIGA.

  10. The (((Cultural Marxist))) scum are a unique curse only the White race suffers from. Why? Because goddam kikes were allowed to infest & usurp the propaganda machinery, the universities, the media & Hymiewood: they used them to systematically brainwash & organize all the pale-pelted weaklings – the Adam’s appled dweebs, the effeminate faggots, the fat feminist sows & all the other resentful botches – with hatred of their Racist White Male betters, past & present.

    The social status-obsessed vermin need an ultimate scapegoat to feel superior to, distance themselves from & denounce, and powerless working class Whites – with their generic cigarettes, cheap beer, Confederate flags & rusty trailers – fit the bill far better than the private jetting, cosmopolitan billionaire mega-theives they worship and fantasize about becoming.

    In spite of (hell – BECAUSE of) their endlessly vaunted college edjewcations, these slimy race traitor bastards are oblivious to the fact that if they’d lived before Hymie’s triumph in WW2, they’d be on the side of the oppressed White poor they’ve been taught to despise, and totally against the oligarchs & the kikes who molded the lumps of steamy dog shit in their soft, fugly heads.

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