Donald Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial

I don’t have anything to add to Catturd’s take.

This is more performance art politics and a complete waste of time. Donald Trump’s acquittal is a foregone conclusion. The man isn’t even the president anymore. Move on.

NBC News:

“WASHINGTON — The second impeachment trial of Donald Trump offers a clarifying moment for the GOP.

As the trial began Tuesday, Republican senators remained deeply — though not evenly — divided over whether to convict the party’s most powerful figure and prohibit the former president from seeking office again. Six Republicans joined all 50 Democrats on the first day in voting to affirm the Senate’s right to try a former president.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., the lead House impeachment manager, showed them video of the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol and recalled in emotional terms and vivid detail his effort to keep himself and his family members safe during it.

“This cannot be the future,” Raskin said, his voice cracking.

With Democrats united in their judgment of Trump, it will be up to Republicans to determine whether the Senate punishes him for his role in the riot. Collectively, their individual decisions will bring into relief not just the future of the Republican Party for the next two years ahead of the 2022 midterm election, but also perhaps far beyond that.

Not only will they decide whether Trump remains their party’s standard-bearer until the next presidential primary — as a possible candidate for the office he just lost — but also whether the GOP establishment wants to continue to be defined by the type of populism on which he built his political empire and then weaponized with an aim on the Capitol. …”

I brought up William Jennings Bryan today for a reason.

Bryan was the Democratic nominee for president in 1896, 1900 and 1908. He remained the kingmaker in the Democratic Party for decades as Trump will be in the future. Most of the journos and “extremism” hall monitors who read this website aren’t smart and educated enough to know things like this.

Note: If you have hours of time to waste watching this or want to comment on this farce, you can do so below. Pastor Lindstedt requested a thread.

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  1. I can do quite nicely without any of Cat Turd’s litter box temperature “takes”. The main purpose of Blormp’s second impeachment trial is to kick him in the ass one last time before slamming the door shut, as if to say “And stay out!”

  2. Similar vibe to King Charles II digging up Cromwell to put his head on a pike on London Bridge.

    Wtf are these fakers bothering with this for?

  3. Trump is not president anymore, the fact that Pelosi, Shumer, and a bunch of other scumbag liberals are wasting their time on this show that they are contemporary versions of Captain Ahab gone mad in their destructive quest to get the white whale.

  4. Re: “Bryan was the Democratic nominee for president in 1896, 1900 and 1908. He remained the kingmaker in the Democratic Party for decades as Trump will be in the future”:

    LIKE Trump: Bryan could be a kingmaker, but he could not be allowed to really be king. A strong Anti-populist strategy/reaction developed immediately to prevent that from happening. Part of the strategy, or actually just the way plutocracy naturally works, or reacts, was allowing him be the populist symbol of the “Democratic” party, and inspire, even lead, some populist/progressivist surface reforms to distract the people from noticing that the rotten system, underneath the reforms, remains unaltered.

    UNLIKE Trump: Bryan was more sincerely and thoroughly populist, a better orator, and a more skilled politician. I do not think Trump will be a kingmaker in the Republican party for decades.

    I agree that watching or even reading about the impeachment proceedings would be a complete waste of time. Who CARES what ridiculous dramas the two fake parties (the two right wings of the same capitalist-imperialist Beast) put on to distract the masses!

    • Trump is like a boxer who is paid by the Mafia to put on a good show, before taking a dive.

      You should have known Trump was dirty way back in 2016, when you saw he was surrounded by all those jews. They own him.

  5. I think the Dems are over playing their hand with this show trial. It may come back to bit them in the ass in 2022. Any Republicans voting for conviction may blow a fragile GOP to bits and that’s not a bad thing.

  6. I did not watch it just like I did not watch the Super Bowl. Nothing but drama! More drama than a teenaged stripper! I’m done with the Republicans and Trumpers who believe Q-Anon that Trump will be put in office by March. Trust the plan! What plan? The only plan Trump had in office was what Ivanka and Jared told him to do. History will note that when we needed a Statesman we got a carnival barker and we are that much worse off because of it!.

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