Nick Fuentes Brought Up In Trump’s Impeachment Trial


Listen to Patrick.


The only reason you want to go is to socialize with other people. You don’t have to go to a public event to do that right now. It’s not smart.

Nick Fuentes should cancel AFPAC.

I don’t care which side you were on in the wignat vs. AmNat feud. It is not smart to go to an event like this right now which will be crawling with feds. The Eye of Sauron is on the America First movement.

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  1. This country really is at a turning point. It could have turned with President Trump in office. However we already know what happens with that. Was he the end of the America First Movement? No and that’s a good thing. We need a future for America…however Violence will never accomplish anything but get Nationalists and Right Wingers arrested. What abut the Left Wing extremists? Guess they can do anything and get away with it….2020 being a perfect example of that. We should stay Legal more than ever because we already know….”ZOG” is no friend of the White Race. Deo Vindice !

    • All wars are fought with violence otherwise they wouldn’t be called wars. We are at war but we act like we can win without the logistics of war. Unfortunately, that’s not reality.

      • “All wars are fought with violence”:

        However, drone and long-distance missile technology, and advanced hybrid warfare tactics keep the violence very, very far away. We never see it.

        • Then you adopt guerrilla tactics, and engage the one thing the Evil never have- the power of prayer and having the Church behind you. At least the Russians, with their Orthodox blessing cannon gifs, understand that. Without God/Christ, you’re correct. The West will fail, minus her King.

          • Yes, John, only true Christian revival extending from the peasantry to even some “nobility” (though “not many noble are called”) is the only way to bring class-less paradise to earth, with Christ the only king, our brother and friend, a humble servant at heart. Dostoevsky said “Beauty will save the world.”

            By the way, you misunderstood my comment on another thread about Russia’s restriction on anti-marriage fornication speech. I am not against that kind of restriction at all!

    • The only suitable future for the USA is balkanized into powerless rump states. America’s global influence needs to be reduced greatly.

  2. The Democratic Party=The Homosexual Pederast Anal Sex Party that wants to exterminate anti-pederast Russia and the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority….




  3. “Im a serious guy. It is all about optics my fellow frog meme spewing teenage MAGA groypers”.
    This kid is such a buffoon and age is not an excuse. Nome of us in his 20s would have said the idiotic shit he does although he is more useful to them a glowie joining the ranks of the Proud Boys, Milo, Cantwell, Heimbach, 3%ers, and the JO guy from TRS. Spencer might be the only one everyone knows not Fed’ed up. And HW of course

  4. It’s weird that none of the big organizers have been arrested yet, but it most likely means the feds are working on a big case for them, not that they are off the hook. The feds are rounding up all of the low level guys and seeing who they can flip before going after the big fish like Fuentes, Ali, Alex Jones, etc.

    • Yes, let’s throw Fuentes and everyone else under the bus…because infighting on the Right is so successful!

      • @Mainz Mothmann Agree. Fuentes has done nothing to betray us, he speaks truth, and yet, they just don’t like him because he is young and goes public. But the whites who write books and have radio shows are such great leaders…millenials KNOW they cannot rely on the boomer Paleo-conservatives to dig us out of this mess.

        • Right on. Ben Shapiro is afraid to debate Fuentes and give him a platform. Congress may just be arrogant and dim-witted enough.

          I do make an exception for Richard Spencer. I think he’s a vain dupe who has done much damage to our cause since 2016. He can go away – maybe be Biden’s Special Envoy to Emanuel Macron?

  5. When Beaner Manlet ZOGbots Cry . . .

    What difference does it make when ZOGling Whigger & Mamzer ZOGbots betray each other? It’s what ZOGbots do. And the Beaner Ben Shapiro is yet another Mamzer Manlet whupping up ZOGling whigger ass-clown ZOGtards to do . . . what? ZOGtarded shit?

    Whigger Nutsionalism 2.0 is as pointless and dead-end as Baal Cuckley Cuckservantism and LibberToonitarianism. It is all Internuts and accomplishes nothing. Has no political aims other than running wild doing Internuts theater.

    Eventually the Mighty Evil Empire will go the way of previous mighty evil empires and the ZOGlings will fight and claw and kill to survive and be replaced by local theocratic military dictatorships, called The Ten Thousand Warlords.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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