The GOP Should Start Acting Like a Working Class Party

This is also my take.

There has been a dramatic resorting of the electorate. Some White working class Independents and Democrats are now Republicans. Meanwhile, some suburban Republicans have now gone over to the Democrats. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce was part of the conspiracy against Trump. The PMC ratio in the Republican Party isn’t what it used to be just a decade ago.

The voters have changed. The rhetoric and messaging is changing. Geriatric Republican politicians and donors haven’t changed. Conservatism, Inc. hasn’t changed even though it now reflects the views and sentiments of less than 30% of the Republican Party. The policy agenda hasn’t changed. How long can you possibly go on like this though before reality catches up with you in the primaries?

Donald Trump is gone. Trump voters are still in charge of the Republican Party. They have the power to elect new Trumps to Congress in much the same way that everyone in the GOP became a little Reagan. The demographic base of True Conservatism has eroded and the entire edifice built upon it is going to come tumbling down over the next few years. Sheer generational turnover will do it.

Note: We will be monitoring the situation. The next few election cycles should be much more interesting than usual because the electorate is so different now.

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  1. NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS HISTORIC MAJORITY Working Class Party…..If this provokes the Democratic into making GENOCIAL…WHITE GENOCIDAL threats to White Working Class People….Lots of red pilling on the way…..Let’s call the Party…….THE RACE!!!!!!!

  2. Donald Trump governed as a Reagan Republican (but even less conservative) and still has full support of the GOP base.

    Loyalty to Trump is what matters to them and nothing else.

  3. Most Dump nut-huggers have IQs below 100; empty words are sufficient to make idol-worshiping zombies out of that type.

  4. They would need to get funding handled because as soon as anyone tries to turn the GOP into a working class party, the financing would be withdrawn. If republicans aren’t offering tax cuts and deregulations, then the moneyed interests no longer have any reason to back them over the Dems. And the establishment would work to prevent crowd-funding through the usual methods: tech and crowdfunding sites shutting them down and mastercard/visa blacklisting them.

    The total monopoly control of internet and finance are the biggest hindrance for us. If those two issues are solved, then a working class party could at least have a chance. But that’s tough because these monopoly systems were designed by intelligence agencies to act as a tool of American imperialism, so they can enforce sanctions on actual states. The process of enforcing sanctions on Iran or Venezuela is basically the same process they employ against internal dissident organization.

  5. “You wanna resist the forces behind cancellation, woke-ism, etc.? Hit where it hurts:

    1. Support unionization at Amazon and the like.
    2. Win back labor unions.
    3. Tax large university endowments.
    4. Use existing monopoly laws against Big Tech.
    5. Class analysis is your friend.”

    No it doesn’t but okay. The focus of class isn’t going to stop the people you hate. Just feeding into reactionary resentment and funneling it into simple class reductionism.

  6. “The GOP Should Start Acting Like a Working Class Party”

    No. The last thing you guys want is a bastardization of Conservatization and working class politics sprinkled in. You should want a clean ideological break.

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