Would a “Russian Dissident” Do Better in the “Free World?”

Alexei Navalny

Most Western media call Russian dissident Alexei Navalny a hero. Mr. Navalny is now in a Russian prison, and our most prestigious newspapers are cheering his anti-Putin crusade. These are official editorial statements from leading publications.

However, what’s most remarkable about the media campaign is its hypocrisy. It’s doubtful Alexei Navalny would be a hero — maybe not even a free man — in the “Free World.”

In 2007 Mr. Navalny made a video that compared people from the Caucasus to insects. To fight “infestation,” Mr. Navalny recommended not a “fly swatter,” but a handgun.

Mr. Navalny supported nationalist marches in the past (such as the 2006 “Russian March.”) He has called for stopping subsidies to the North Caucasus republics. The New York Times reported that he had spoken alongside “neo-Nazis and skinheads.” He’s called immigration far more important than Russia’s conflict with Ukraine.

Even on foreign policy — the reason the West gives for opposing Russia — he’s no Euro-toady. “Crimea is ours,” he said in 2014. He would hold another referendum in the territory to determine whether Crimea belongs to Ukraine or Russia, but he also said that he doesn’t see Crimea returning to Ukraine in the “foreseeable future.”

Mr. Navalny might be a more “nationalist” leader than Mr. Putin. He wants to control immigration, cut loose non-Russians from the Russian Federation, allow firearm ownership, and promote free speech. In the West, media demonize men who talk like that.

Whether Mr. Navalny would act like a nationalist in power is another question. What would probably happen is what happened to Ukraine after the “Maidan Revolution.” (That was a real insurrection. In 2014, Ukrainian protesters overthrew the pro-Russian government in Kiev. Democrats pretend that the tragic farce at the Capitol was an insurrection.)

Right-wing nationalists led the fight against Russia in Ukraine. One group was Right Sector, which saw the Maidan as just the first step towards a greater “European Reconquista” of the whole continent. Nationalists from around the world fought in the Azov Battalion, a once quasi-independent militia active in the fratricidal conflict in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine.

The nationalist Right is not in power in Ukraine today. The president is a pro-EU former comedian. The Biden Administration is expected to give more aid to Ukraine than Barack Obama did, including lethal weapons. In response, Russia could move to annex eastern Ukraine. That could start another white civil war, which would benefit no one except our opponents. Washington and Brussels would exploit Ukrainian and pro-white patriotism to serve their own interests.

I am not convinced Russia is fundamentally different. I’ve been to the Donbass People’s Republic. A pro-Russian team took me around some of the areas that suffered during the conflict in 2015. I knew it was a propaganda tour, but what was most surprising was that Russian propaganda is essentially no different from the West’s.

Paramilitaries told me they were fighting “Nazis” and “fascists.” They described marginal elements in the Ukrainian government (such as the Azov Battalion) as sinister threats. Barack Obama’s America was something akin to the Fourth Reich. Soldiers in the field really believed they were fighting the reincarnation of the SS, not surprising given the ongoing celebration of the USSR’s victory in the Great Patriotic War. I then came home to a country where a once-serious magazine, The Atlantic, was claiming that Russia heads an “Alt-Right International” that is more effective than the Comintern.

The truth is that both countries act like Republicans and Democrats in the United States, each claiming their opponents are the “real racist.” Still, I hope Donbass and eastern Ukraine remain free of the “Western” orbit. “Our” leaders are the greatest threats whites face. The liberal world order sustained by American power might liberate Ukraine from Russian domination, but it would then make sure that the “last bastion of whiteness” would be no more.

National leaders always fight over economic and territorial interests. However, in modern democracies, leaders drape these squalid fights in moralistic and idealistic terms. Thus, we have Western media telling us Mr. Navalny is a freedom fighter — so long as he stays in Russia.

Mr. Navalny allegedly incited violence with his “infestation” video. Emmanuel Macron’s French government is putting Marine Le Pen on trial for the alleged crime of posting pictures of Islamic State atrocities. The prosecution says she incited violence. What would the Republic do to someone who posted a video comparing Muslims to cockroaches and then brandished a gun?

The United KingdomGermany, and France do not have free speech. In the United States, we have a legal right to free speech, but can lose basic financial services if we say the “wrong” things. In practical terms, we have a “Social Credit System” that is worse than China’s.

Mr. Navalny may face repression from the state, but he enjoys support from Big Tech. His followers can spread his message on YouTube and TikTok. Nationalist dissidents including Nick Fuentes and Patrick Casey cannot. It’s true that Russian police are arresting protesters, but I have yet to hear that Russian police shot an unarmed woman in the neck. President Putin also isn’t calling his political opponents “insurrectionists” or traitors to the state.

The Washington Post reported in 2018 that videos from Russia showed blatant ballot-stuffing. The Associated Press identified “ballot stuffing, coercion, and gimmicks” as problems in Russian elections. In America, the Associated Press tells us suspicious videos are breeding “false claims” about voter fraud. The Washington Post cheered the decline of “misinformation” after Twitter banned President Trump.

Perhaps there was no ballot fraud in the 2020 election. I think President Trump lost the election because he didn’t do enough for white working-class voters. However, anyone should have the right to question the election. I also have good reasons to distrust the AP or Washington Post’s reporting about America, let alone Russia.

Even if there wasn’t voter fraud, the American election was “rigged” in a different way. Time magazine just published a story called “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.” This was a coordinated effort to change voting laws, create alliances between powerful groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO, and secure “hundreds of millions in public and private funding.”

That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream – a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.

This isn’t much different from the way the Chinese Communist Party and Vladimir Putin’s United Russia stay in power. How would Time report it if Vladimir Putin said he was just “fortifying” democracy? Or if it uncovered a “well-funded right-wing cabal” that “fortified democracy” by pushing Mr. Trump across the finish line. “In a way,” Time said, “Trump was right” about a “conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes.” It’s like the Great Replacement, either a paranoid conspiracy theory or an obviously good thing, depending on who is talking about it.

Since the 2016 election, many journalists have called for more restrictions on free speech. The New York Times published a column entitled “Free Speech is Killing Us” and recently called for a “Reality Czar” appointed by the government to stop “misinformation.” With no sense of irony, the Times also praises the Chinese social media platform Clubhouse because it allowed “cross-border dialogue on contentious topics free from the country’s usual tight controls.” This, from the same paper that reported the pro-Trump social media company Parler was briefly able to return to the net because of help from a “Russian company,” warning that all Parler content could be copied and sent to Russian authorities.

Here is what the papers cheering Mr. Navalny have to say about “misinformation,” that is to say, anything with which they disagree:

I see no reason to trust Western governments or journalists over Russians or Chinese. The Russians and Chinese aren’t trying to take away my rights. I’d rather take my chances and be exposed to Russian “misinformation” than be “protected” by the Biden/Harris Regime. If Mr. Navalny thinks the West is a true alternative, he should tell the Germans what he thinks about Syrian immigrants. Angela Merkel can lock up dissidents just like Vladimir Putin.

Who determines truth? The myth of racial equality is arguably the most destructive “misinformation” ever spread. Our cities, schools, and public institutions have been ruined because our rulers keep trying to force reality to fit egalitarian fantasy. We race realists provide facts and evidence to combat this fantasy. Our opponents use repression or physical force to stop us and create increasingly fantastic theories to explain away inequality. That’s the tyranny I’m fighting, not Vladimir Putin.

Egalitarianism and the “white privilege” conspiracy theory are far more dangerous to America’s survival than whether powerless whites think there was election fraud or that “QAnon” has a secret plan to save us. Mr. Navalny’s crusade is not our fight. Those who threaten our liberties aren’t in Moscow or Beijing; they’re in Washington and New York. If America’s rulers want to pick a fight overseas, draft the journalists and let them fight. If we must launch a foreign crusade to save civil liberties, let’s start with the EU rather than the former USSR.

First published by American Renaissance on February 11, 2021.

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Gregory Hood has been active in conservative groups in the US. He is a staff writer for American Renaissance. His work is syndicated on the Unz Review and here at Occidental Dissent.


  1. The Psychopathic Zionist Jews control America and America’s Foreign Policy. Therefore….America’s Foreign Policy is Jewish Foreign Policy…..And Jewish Foreign Policy is to gang rape Christian Russia…..then mass murder Christian Russia off………Alexi Nevalany works for the Jews…..Never never have any doubt about this…………

    Alexie Nevalany works for the Jews Victoria Nuland and Anthony Blinken…….the Jewish Spirit of Leo Frank is alive and well in 2021…….Victoria Nuland and Anthony Blinken will do to Christian Russia what (((Leo Frank))) did to 13 year old Irish Girl Mary Phagan….BRUTAL RAPE…and then SLIT THE THROAT afterwards…….

    .Go Google the autopsy photos of the the corpse of 13 year old Mary Phagan………….This is what Alexei Nevalany’s Jewish benefactors…..Victoria Newland and Anthony Blinken-want to do to Christian Russia……..

    Alexie Nevalany is a filthy fucking cockroach….just like Hillary Clinton’s very good friends PUSSY RIOT….”wholesome” Family Values…don’t you think so?

    • Tom Watson never described Mary Phagan as “Irish”. Neither did anyone else connected with the case that I am aware of describe Mary Phagan as anything other than a young Georgia girl from a good family who took a job in a pencil factory while waiting for the next school year to start.

      Also, Mary Phagan’s throat wasn’t slit, Mary Phagan was strangled with a cord.

    • Re: “Alexie Nevalany works for”:

      Notice how cleverly the author (Hood) white-washes the U.S.’s latest star regime change asset Alex Navalny and the U.S.’s, Vatican’s and Israel’s Uniate (Catholicized “Orthodox”) Neo-Nazi proxies, who are attacking and dismembering Russia beginning with Ukraine and Donbass. So Navalny claims to be democratic, wants ANOTHER referendum in Crimea! How obvious. If one electiion doesn’t give the desired result, the U.S. will demand a repeat, with full interference, until the desired outcome. This hybrid war psychological operation is so obvious, but Hood pretends not to see it.

      • Obviously…..Hood is doing that…..And by extension whitewashes (((VICTORIA NULAND)))….A POX ON HOOD….

    • What, HW? Have you descended to the level of AmRen, where Disqus is now actively censoring any and all comments there, and have either copied them verbatim; and/or brought Gregory Hood as a ‘staff writer,’ here on OD?

      As someone said over at AmRen, I’ll copy and repeat it, here:
      “Only a fool would trade one CIA plant, for two FBI plants….

      ‘So, let me just repeat this back to you: Two groups have been charged with conspiracy to storm the Capitol. The leaders of both groups are admitted FBI agents.’ cf. Daily Stormer, “Twilight of the Snitches.’ “

  2. “””….Right-wing nationalists led the fight against Russia in Ukraine. One group was Right Sector, which saw the Maidan as just the first step towards a greater “European Reconquista”….”””

    Do you see what happens when you ignore the genetic white liberals. Antifa just changing clothes, becomes white nationalist and turn white nationalism into absurd.

    “”…Soldiers in the field really believed they were fighting the reincarnation of the SS….””

    Theoretically they do. When Antifa decides to become Nazi, they will look and behave like Hollywood description of the Nazis. LARPing at it`s best. Including atrocities. I will not wonder when they build one gas chamber also.

    All Eastern European nationalist movements have this problem. Nationalists have meeting and then some weird people arrive. The wear exactly the same clothes as in Hollywood movie Neo Nazis and when you ask why you want to be members of nationalist movement they answer that they want to beat people with different skin color and sexual orientation and of course they hate Russia because Hitler did it.

    Because liberals use Newspeak, it is relatively easy for us kick those infiltrators out but in Ukraine they succeeded.

    This is the reason why we must not make the Hitler mistake. Hitler united Germany, so that German liberals joined army and committed all the horrors what really happened in Eastern Europe. When we make white nationalism, then Antifa jumps on board and turn white nationalism exactly as bad as in the Hollywood movie.

    “”…most surprising was that Russian propaganda is essentially no different from the West’s…””

    Because this propaganda is directed to the West. When they say that Russia fighting with communists, then every last college student and Hollywood actor has noble cause donate to the Right Sector .

    • Agent Juri always plays same boring old song:
      1) Don’t blame jews, blame white people.
      2) Support ZOG puppet Trump.
      3) WN evil.
      4) Communist evil
      Add it all up and you get what Juri wants:
      A right wing, capitalist, multi-racial country ruled by Jews.

      I don’t trust “right wingers”, because they are multi-racial, and always accept jewish money and leadership. Right Sector was a scam, because they were led by jews. It was reported on, while the fighting was still going on, and Jews were put in power when the government was toppled.

      Juri: “Don’t blame jews!”

      • When you do not like Jews, why you do not kick them out ??? .

        Proper answer is that you can`t because your fellow white people defending them.

        There is no Right Sector in Hungary because they dealt with white liberals and thanks to this, all world Jewry money and influence is useless.

        “””….Right Sector was a scam, because they were led by jews…..”””

        Maybe. But similar to your Antifa, fighting is done by white liberals. Why those good high IQ white people keep fighting ? Why they just don`t go home ???

        Now you scream about “brainwashing” or public education or TV.

        And I must explain again that in the Medieval witch hunt there was no public education or TV.

  3. Navalny is a CIA regime change asset. Same as Assange. Same as Snowden. Dissidents do not get the kind of free media that these CIA regime change assets get, that is how you know what they are.

    • Bravo, you are 100% correct … all three were pumped and made famous by CIA-tied media sources … it is funny how people will go along with official ‘heroes’ like the fanatically pro-Israel, Rothschild-family-lawyered Assange, not noticing so much that is screwy about these stories – see link at bottom

      With Alexei Navalny, he does have a curious history, founding a Russian ethnic nationalist movement, and also being a part of movements active against Russian corruption. But …

      Amongst other charges and jailings, Navalny has gone through two major criminal convictions, one for joining in illegally cutting down trees on public land in order to sell the timber, in 2013, and another for major embezzlement, fraud and money laundering in 2014, involving the Russian subsidiary of French cosmetics giant Yves Rocher where Navalny and his brother Oleg were working.

      In both cases, each involving hundreds of thousands of dollars worth’ of alleged illegal profit from flat-out plain sleazy business dealings, the European Court of Human Rights intervened after appeals from Navalny. The first conviction was set aside in Russia and not pursued, but the second continues to haunt Navalny whose prison sentence was suspended.

      Yves Rocher now faces a boycott due to this history, but denies initiating the charges or seeking to be involved in Russian politics. However, they seem to not deny that a crime was committed by Navalny. In both of these cases many think there was some sound basis for the charges, even if Navalny was made a target due to his other political work.

      ‘Closer Look at Navalny Case’

      ‘Assange & Snowden are CIA ‘Rat Traps’

      • Also according to the Kamala-and-Joe administration, the equally criminal (as bad as Navalny) Juan Guaido is the President of Venezuela!

        I have read the full history of Navalny and I think it is possible he was not always a tool of the U.S., but he was always power-hungry and unscrupulous. However I do not accept your Henry Makow conspiracy theory that Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are CIA assets.

  4. Would not want to be a sailor in the black sea at the mo. Few recall that Putin launched his attack on the oligarchs when the Kursk was deep under water. The rust bucket was the excuse to demand the billionaires there were liquidated to fund a new Russian military.

  5. This blog would be much better without comments. If they are going to be allowed, there needs to be a real moderation policy that removes posts like the ones from “Patrick of Greenport” and all droppings from longtime trolls like KraftyWurker/TomWatson.

    Notice how the very first two comments on this piece were from trolls and they worked together to start a derailing argument in the first two damn posts.

    The current “moderation” is a joke.

    I think the toxic comment culture that has followed Hunter’s blog for many years has held this blog back from wider readership and influence. The comments here are absolutely awful. Please do something about this. I feel that I can not show this site to people I know IRL because of the crazy garbage in all of these ranting and trolling comments.

    Who the hell moderates this place? The first comment posted has incorrect syntax, grammar, punctuation and construction. The content is just as bad. It’s rambling gibberish, like the pressured speech of a schizophrenic and it is clearly meant to derail the discussion. No normal blog that is moderated posts comments like this. Please change the moderation policy to one that is sane.

    • “The comments here are absolutely awful. Please do something (…) I can not show this site to people I know”:

      Bring on the moderation.

    • What? Are you the “Disqus Free Speech silencer,” assigned to this site, in order to ‘pressure’ HW to remove THIS comment board, as well? I started coming here around the time of the Yang debacle, and, while many of the comments are utterly foolish, it’s better to hear fools prate on, than to demand ‘moderation’ when there is no reason for doing so- except to help their Fraudulencies shut down all opposition. Take your ‘comment moderation’ and go back to Twatter, jackass.

    • Cry more. The comments are the most interesting thing here. Even the inane ones are entertaining. So like the above says, you have insidious intention, or you are just weak-minded.

  6. A terrible article. White-washing crooked Alex Navalny and the mass-murderous Uniate Zio-Neo-Nazi proxies of the U.S., Israel and the Vatican! Shame! Shame!

  7. The west supports Navalny precisely because he is a nationalist. His plans would turn Russia into a powerless rump state. He isn’t really popular in Russia, though. The media acts like he is neck and neck competing with Putin when he isn’t even in the top five most popular.

    Meanwhile, the western media cheered when Greece imprisoned the Golden Dawn leadership and called their political party a criminal organization.

    • Putin has by any objective standard done well for the Russian Middle Class. Yeltsin was a disastrous figure and Gorbachev was just weak. They’ve finally found a stabilising leader and naturally we have our intelligence agencies send in assets to push the place into disintegration again. Last thing we need is Russia disingegrating as China becomes a superpower.

      • “Last thing we need is Russia disingegrating as China becomes a superpower”:

        You are thinking almost like a real Neocon’neoliberal, Captain. A free, prosperous China is “the greatest danger” to the world order run by the “only indispensable, exceptional nation.”

        They want to subvert Russia and use it against China, so Russia must not be fully disintegrated, to be useful as a weapon against China.

        • Russia disintegrating simply leads to the physical colonisation of the area by Chinese. Territorial loss.

          • A small loss to China in the Far East, bordering Manchuria, might happen, but the major and most certain loss of territory would be to Transcaucasian and central Asian Muslim peoples – Turkic, Kazakh, Mongol, etc.

      • Gorbachev wasn’t just weak. He was a traitor who sold out to the west. That’s why he’s welcome in all of the globalist and UN organizations today.

  8. Gregory Hood’s “fair and balanced” description of Navalny is not supported by the evidence. We are Anonymous. Big new leaked data dumps with information on the U.S.’s (and U.K. assisted) NAVALNY PSYOP, in the U.S.’s hybrid war to remove Putin and install a puppet regime to rule Russia can be accessed here:


    Moon of Alabama blog with its excellent commenters discussed the Navalny psyop yesterday: https://www.moonofalabama.org/2021/02/new-documents-reveal-more-british-efforts-to-undermine-russia.html

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