Poll: Most Alabamians, Including Half of GOP, Support Medicaid Expansion

There is no such thing as “Right Populism.”

Right Populist voters are culturally conservative, economically moderate. Their cultural views absorb all the attention of the mainstream media, but these people are actually just populist voters.


“Most Alabama voters now support expanding Medicaid to cover low-income adults under the Affordable Care Act, including 50.6 percent of Republicans, according to a poll released Wednesday by Cover Alabama.

Cover Alabama is a coalition of 90 organizations that support Medicaid expansion. The poll included 700 likely 2022 voters, and 69 percent said they strongly or somewhat supported expansion. Jane Adams, director of Cover Alabama, said the organization conducted the poll to measure support for different sources of funding for Medicaid expansion.

Under the Affordable Care Act, the federal government pays for 90 percent of the costs of offering health coverage to low-income adults, leaving states responsible for 10 percent of the bill. Alabama is one of 12 states that have not expanded Medicaid.

“There is broad support from Republicans and conservative across the state not only for Medicaid expansion but also for a myriad of potential pay for options,” Adams said. “Republicans support using a portion of gambling fund for Medicaid expansion. They support a portion of any potential medical marijuana legalization funds for Medicaid expansion.” …”


“I’m looking through my old files, and there it is — my column from last year on why Alabama should expand Medicaid. I wrote two, actually.

And there’s my column from the year before that.

And another the year before that.

“Don’t harbor any hope of an epiphany or some sort of about-face,” I said of Gov. Kay Ivey’s refusal to expand the federal program ahead of her reelection. “The road to Damascus, this ain’t.” …”

Half of Republicans in Alabama support Medicaid expansion. In Georgia, something like 75% of the voters supported the $2,000 stimulus checks. Mitch McConnell lost both Senate seats.

Sooner or later, “Left Populists” will figure out that it is time to jump ship. They can moderate on cultural issues, run as Republicans and win because there is no difference with MAGA voters on economics.

It is possible to imagine a candidate winning here that wants to leave guns alone, close the border, leave monuments alone and not fight the old polarizing culture war battles, but also supports stimulus checks, wants to expand Medicaid and raise the minimum wage. Republican voters are not wedded to free market orthodoxy anymore. Mitch McConnell represents a fading, retreating rump in the GOP.

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  1. How about instead of the Federal Reserve printing up trillions of dollars and giving it to Wall Street bankers – and Israel – they print up trillions of dollars and pay for everyone’s doctors.

    The doctors make out like bandits. Americans get free check ups. The only people who lose are Wall Street bankers – and Israel.

    But, you know, f— them.

    American Doctors and Patients First!

    * This was proposed by Barlett and Steele 15 years ago. 15 years ago this was considered a slightly left-of-center mainstream Democratic proposal. They called it the Medical Reserve.

    Some states already do it for car insurance. It’s a pretty easy reform.

  2. Medicaid is shit.

    Not good enough. Even socialized heatlhcare is not good enough.

    We need a rebirth and a new organic living healthcare system that focuses on creating healthier people. Not just a reactionary system that takes care of people.

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