The End of America First?

Brad Griffin joins Richard Spencer for a discussion of the impeachment of Trump, the future of backlash politics within the GOP, and the strange story of Nicholas Fuentes, “America First,” and “Stop the Steal.” N.B.: This podcast was recorded before Trump avoided conviction in the Senate.

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  1. I would encourage you both to not bury your heads in the sand and decide without evidence that Trump is merely going to fade into history. All of the momentum and movement from him and his loudest proponents is totally to the contrary.

    This is an example, taken with a grain of salt since it comes from a known Irish drunk but:

    Even if just taking his recent messaging against McConnel, its clear he is at the head of the party still with significant support:

    It would be a mistake to proceed without taking Trump into continued consideration.

    Bottom line, I don’t know that Trumpism is done. If he is as much of a narcissist as you make him out to be, there’s zero reason he won’t take up as much of this free oxygen as he can, while he can. 2022 is a ways off, and anything could happen but, in the absence of an alternative, the default leader of the populist wing of the GOP is clearly Trump and nobody else is even close.

    • Skeptic 16,

      He sure did. Voted for senile Joe and Kabbalah Harris too.

      Take what Lord Spencer says with a grain of salt. He is only a legend in his own mind.

      Just when you think Spencer couldn’t be anymore arrogant, he creates the term “Spencerian” to describe his wind sock political philosophy.

      No wonder Spencer and Fuentes are heated rivals. Both of their egos are comparable in size to Jupiter and Saturn.

        • If Spencer had asked nicely, the chaps at The Lincoln Project would have let him into their clubhouse to grift and play at other games.

          Here’s hoping no one forgets the roles played by Dickey and by the ponces at TLP in helping to hand over our government and the country to Biden and the far left.

  2. Why don’t they get around to retroactively impeaching George Bush for War Crimes? Besides that he should be arrested for his crap portraits.

  3. Paul Craig Roberts ask the following question today over at Unz Review:”‘DOES AMERICA STILL HAVE AN ECONOMY?”

    Well, sure it does. There is full employment in a SLAVE ECONOMY………For this is multitrillionaire Jeff Bezos’s LABOR MARKET END GAME…….FOR…..THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY……This is surely coming down the road for White Workers…..Like a train with no brakes…..full speed…down a steep incline…..


    Why aren’t you and Richard talking about this? I had enough of Tom Brady Worship and endless reviews of Bond 0077 Movies……

  4. GOOD RIDDANCE FAT FUCK RUSH LIMBAUGH….take your anal warts with you…….you CHICKEN HAWK WAR HAWK COWARD!!!!……….well, where else would you go:STINKING RANCID FUCKING HELL!!!!!….He He…Ha…Ha…..There was nothing redeeming about you in life…….There wasn’t a Neo-con Zionist Jew war you weren’t a cheerleader for…..

    Father Patrick of Greenport’s Sermon at Rush Limbaugh’s Funeral Service…..

  5. For those of you who just heard the news about what happened today in Iraq:




    All you Trump Voters… voted for this…


    • “What happened to locking her up?! ”

      What happened? They showed Trump the video of him screwing an underage girl at Jeff Epstein’s mansion.

  6. A vote for Trump on Nov 3 2024=Is a vote to import millions of young CHINESE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and young HINDU LEGAL IMMIGRANTS onto AMERICAN SOIL….Trump said he would do this at all his fall Trump rallies….to the applause of the QANONS in the audience……MAGATARD FUCKTARDS……

  7. @Brad Luther, Calvin and Zwingli preached, and the Elector of Saxony, and then the King of Sweden listened.

  8. A vote for Trump on Nov 3 2023…is a vote to drop a tactical nuke on Iran exterminating thousand of Iranian Civilians…..immediately afterwards… thousand silver coffins containing the corpses of US Army Soldiers flown back to America… their crying mothers…

    Trump is a fucking piece of shit… Human Soul….just a pile of rancid warm shit with large green Horse Flies laying eggs in the rancid warm piece of shit….

  9. Two years after 1965


    LBJ was too busy to notice as he was having his cock sucked off by Doris Kearns Goodwin and Matilda Krim…..

  10. Richard Spencer is a disingenuous slimeball, and his reason for voting Democrat is being refuted with every new Biden gesture. If we get none of of the supposed economic benefits from Democrats for the little guy but instead get nothing but anti-white hatred 24/7, then how exactly does that qualify the Democrats as being “more competent” according to Spencer? How does that help whites? You would have to be a plain, old fashioned accelerationist to believe so but Spencer repeatedly mocked accelerationism in the past. So did you during the “atomwaffen” drama in 2018.

    Spencer is a drama queen and he will say or hold whatever position that gets his face in an interview with someone, anywhere. To use one of his own favorite sayings, there is no “there, there” with Spencer. He regularly contradicts himself because all he does is rotate around the fleeting headlines of news talk. He is always chasing the headlines to dispense another hot take so he can get noticed for saying “that” and get another interview. These are all auditions for his billionaire sugar daddy, but no one is going to touch him now and especially not after he is found guilty in the Sines vs Kessler case.

    • I’m not an accelerationist.

      I’ve never supported violence on this website. I didn’t vote for Trump because he was incompetent and didn’t do the things he said that he was going to do. Neither did all the Independent voters who he lost in the 2020 election.

  11. Hunter, why aren’t you defending your buddy Richard and why don’t you advocate what I suggested about voting Green or third parties that support replacing the two party system and Electoral College?

    • 1.) I don’t care what people think about Richard. I doubt I could change their minds.

      2.) I didn’t support Joe Biden. I just disengaged from politics.

      3.) I’m only writing about politics as an analyst now. Not in any rush to plunge back in atm.

  12. Richard Spencer is such a bitch. He lied about the zip ties. The protestors found them and took them so they couldn’t be used by pigs against protestors. Spencer owes an apology over that lie.

    I don’t see much a of future for Richard Spencer in pro-white politics. His arrogance and narcissism have alienated too many people. He handled the Trump problem very ineptly, letting his dislike of Trump cross over into unjustified attacks on well meaning white Trump supporters. He comes across as someone eager to throw grassroots white people under the bus for his own benefit.

    The alt-right had a long period where the focus was on learning to use media and producing media. Now we need a phase where we study organization and leadership. We are the worst organized movement in the world. We need better organizations that are lead by councils of experienced activists rather than the sole proprietorship/leader cult model that almost pro-white groups use.

    Being a leader is not being a radical truth teller. The leader is responsible for keeping up moral and inspiring the base. That’s where people like Spencer fail the hardest. His tone is consistently awful.
    We need better leadership.

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