Neoliberal Joe Poised To Walk Into Immigration Disaster

I’m not worried about this.

It has zero chance of passing a 50/50 Senate. These people have been trying to pass comprehensive immigration reform for 15 years and couldn’t get it done in a much more favorable political environment. The resorting of the electorate and polarization has made this a non-starter.

The Trump base is also on fire right now: 65% want to reduce immigration, 62% want to deport illegal aliens, 89% want a federal E-Verify system and 86% want to build a wall. The suburbanites who would have supported this shit in the past are Democrats now. Anyone who votes for this in the House or Senate given the political temperature of the GOP base is asking to have their political head on a pike.


“Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.) will introduce Biden’s immigration bill Thursday, which includes an eight-year pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) will introduce the bill in the Senate next week.

Why it matters: The bill is unlikely to win needed Republican support, but represents the aggressive immigration priorities of President Biden. It will also kick off the immigration debate on Capitol Hill, which could lead to less sweeping immigration reforms.

What to watch: The bill introduction is likely to spark debate over other immigration bills that touch on parts of Biden’s plan, but are more palatable with a 50-50 split Senate. …”

There are other solid reasons to doubt the wisdom of Joe’s agenda.

Immigration isn’t even a top ten issue for “Latinx” voters and the people who are most affected by Joe’s open border policies are pushing back against it. Among Hispanic voters, strengthening the economy (83%), dealing with COVID (82%), improving the job situation (69%), addressing issues around race in this country (68%), improving education (66%), improving the political system (64%), dealing with the problems of poor people (64%), terrorism (63%), reducing health care costs (63%), reforming Social Security (59%), reducing crime (55%), addressing issues within the criminal justice system (52%) all rank higher than immigration (47%). There isn’t any demand for comprehensive amnesty given the state of the economy. Why on earth would unemployed Hispanic workers want more illegal immigration right now? Until COVID hit in 2020, the tighter labor market was benefiting people like them.


“Democrats in Texas and other states where immigration has been a lightning rod issue are growing increasingly uneasy that the White House is walking into a political buzz saw in its zeal to unwind hard-line Trump administration policies.

Biden has not yet implemented expansive policy changes. The vast majority of migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border are still being turned away. Deportations are still taking place and there’s still no pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

But the softer rhetoric and modest changes announced so far by the Biden administration — such as admitting some migrants who have waited in Mexico for months and announcing he would halt deportations — raise the prospects of a new influx of migrants entering the country. There’s already an uptick in migrants heading to the border and some have crossed and been released in some communities already grappling with the pandemic, a strained health care system and high unemployment. …

With the White House and Congress set to release a broad immigration reform bill Thursday, some lawmakers fear the party’s messaging and policy proposals are too much, too soon.

“The way we’re doing it right now is catastrophic and is a recipe for disaster in the middle of a pandemic,” said Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, one of the three Texas Democrats who represents part of the border most affected by spikes in migrant arrests and arrivals. …

“Our party should be concerned. If we go off the rails, it’s going to be bad for us,” Gonzalez said. “Biden is going to be dealing with a minority in Congress if he continues down some of these paths.”

The worries are most acute along the Texas-Mexico border, which is ground zero for the decades long immigration debate. It’s also an increasingly contested battleground where Republicans are targeting three Democratic House incumbents who represent border districts. …”


“Congressional Democrats unveiled President Joe Biden’s expansive immigration reform bill Thursday, which would provide an eight-year pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants, but already faces dim prospects for becoming law with such narrow Democratic majorities in both chambers. …

In drafting a sweeping immigration bill early in his presidency, Biden is seeking to avoid what many Democrats viewed as a missed opportunity by former President Barack Obama to address the issue. As designed the bill has been praised widely by progressives and immigrant rights groups. But it’s unlikely to gain any Republican support. …

“This bill was not designed to get to 60,” said a person close to the White House who was briefed on the bill. “There’s no pathway to 60.” …”

Who wants comprehensive immigration reform? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has recently joined the Democratic Party, and liberal activist groups which have always supported them on the issue. Immigration isn’t anywhere close to being a priority for the public.

The least popular thing that Joe has done is raising the refugee cap.

The health and economy executive orders are popular because the public sees these two things as real crises. The woke, trans, climate and open borders stuff is much less popular.

Don’t forget why Democrats lost the 2016 election.

“In 2016, we didn’t lose because our get-out-the-vote lists were not sorted well enough. And it wasn’t that we had the wrong kind of digital targeting. We lost because, big picture, we ran a campaign that increased the salience of immigration at a time when marginal voters in swing states in the Midwest disagreed with us on immigration. That’s why we lost. Obviously, it was a close election, and maybe you could have done something different and gotten 0.4 points more in Wisconsin. But big picture, that is what happened. And I think it’s important to not miss the forest for the trees. There are reasonable debates people have about the cost-effectiveness of canvassing or how much we should be spending on digital ads, but ultimately, that’s not what determines elections.”

As David Shor has pointed out (he was cancelled), it is because they raised the salience of immigration in Obama’s second term, so much so that disaffected voters and a big chunk of the Democratic Leaning Working Class (DLWC) base broke off from the Democratic Party and became MAGA.

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  1. “immigration reform” just means opening the floodgates wider to muds. And deporting some White Europeans, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders, who’ve overstayed their visas a bit.

    That’s all it ever meant, or ever will mean.

  2. “Immigration isn’t even a top ten issue for “Latinx” voters ”

    Take note of this – reality is the exact opposite of what Democrats say.

    “addressing issues around race in this country (68%)”

    Democrats want you to believe that 68% of “Latinx” that say they want to “address issues around race” meaning they hate Whitey, or “white supremacism,” or the Ku Klux Klan, or “White privilege.”

    But in reality the majority of these “Latinx” think it’s Black Lives Matter causing all the racial problems.

    So much for the Anti-White coalition.

  3. If the Demon-KKKraps really wanted to push their shitty neoliberal agenda they should have found someone younger, smarter and more likable than Scumbag Joe. Queen Koonmala is younger but no smarter and even less likable.

  4. It is a progressive luxury position and they control the airwaves and comprise the blue checka. Their opinion will always seem 1000x stronger than it actually is which has been a real problem for decades and decades now. I dont know how aware many of you are about actual demographics but it is a mess. I just had a long convo with a few guys from the neighborhood I really like and it was strange as hell. The Hispanic man speaks broken English and the Indian has a comic Simpsons type accent. Not bad guys as individuals but as a whole I always have in the back of my mind how totally f#cked this situation is. It feels so artificial as we have no bonds outside of talking about taxes and me liking their little kids. I sometimes get guilt for my thoughts but the thought of being out breeded and looking around seeing me as the only paleface makes those fade away quick enough

  5. I forgot to mention of the few hundred Hispanics I know in the vicinity I dont think one has actual citizenship but many have been here for a decade. A large portion work off the books and a few have some arrangement where their checks get taxed but they dont have citizenship or even a work Visa. Not a serious country. Cheap lawnwork and businesses who need even cheaper bodies for construction and restaurants labor seem to take priority

  6. “””…. have their political head on a pike…..”””

    For some people, rapid Merkel style mass immigration is so important that they are ready to put everything under it.

    When those people open their wallets, who cares about political career anymore when they can cash in for example 100 million for vote and then retire to Switzerland.

    “””….given the political temperature of the GOP base…..”””

    And they have guns too. To put GOP base down, foreign fighters are desperately needed.

    “””…The least popular thing that Joe has done is raising the refugee cap…”””

    Immigration is the least popular issue in Europe too and despite it, EU managed to bring in at least 5 million strong Jihadi Army in with very little resistance.

    I am still Qtard and I think that Donald plan works. But when this plan does not work, then things go extremely ugly and foreign mercenaries have very important part in it.

    I have been in the in the army all my life. Born and grown up in the Soviet Union, learned in soviet military high school, later server 10 years in the Government army including 3 op tours in the Yugoslavia and later thanks to president Bush launched wars, working for the private military company.

    By my experience, there is very little chance that they will pull this stunt off but when they do then gun owners will be slaughtered like a pigs by third world warriors. Hand owners have very little chance against street fighters. Russian revolution was made this way.

  7. No, they will pass it. Simple solution the Democrats have is the mighty Budget Reconciliation: Simple 51 votes needed. Anyways, what difference is 11 million “non-whites” going to make for you guys here? The “mayocide” is still going to happen, and by 2043, it would’ve been completed. Give up on your delusions.

      • Budget Reconciliation can be used for any bill proposal that is “fiscal” or “spending”. The Democrats will make the argument that legalization will mean bringing more revenue to the government since now those immigrants will pay taxes upfront. Or they can also “Regular Order”. Assuming senators like Manchin won’t turncoat to the GOP on the issue, it will pass even with an attempted GOP obstruction.

  8. Democrats always win; they are the Harlem Globetrotters. Republicans always lose; they are the Washington Generals. This will be no different. I’m not sure what the mechanism of the Dem win will be, but it could be as simple as using “reconciliation”, the trick employed to pass Obamacare without Democrats having anywhere near 60 votes in the Senate. Another possibility is some dirt being dug on Joe Manchin and in light of it his deciding it’s okay for the filibuster to go, after all. Yet another is that Trump’s Supreme Court appointees will want to redeem themselves in the eyes of the Washington Swamp (and avert a court-packing scheme that would dilute their precious power) by handing down a decision that legalizes all the illegals. If they found sodomite marriage in the Constitution, they can find this as well.

  9. Cretins, both parties want mass migration. There are other First World countries with two party systems, but America will probably be the last one to fix it because so many Americans are ignorant and lazy dunces.

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