Poll: Voter Priorities

The Biden administration has framed its agenda as responding to the “four converging crises” of COVID, the economy, climate change and racism.

In previous polls, we have seen that the spread of COVID and the economic fallout are far and away the biggest issues in the country because there is widespread agreement that these are legitimate crises. There is more agreement between Republicans and Democrats on the economy. Republicans are less worried about the spread of COVID and tend to believe the threat has been exaggerated. Climate change and racism are Democrat base issues with significantly less appeal in the wider electorate.

Unlike Republicans, Democrats are most concerned about virtue signaling about Donald Trump supporters, White Nationalism, systemic racism, gun violence, domestic terrorism, police brutality, LGBTQ discrimination, sexism and voter suppression. Only 39% of Democrats are extremely concerned about capitalism now while 82% are extremely concerned about Trump supporters and 79% are extremely concerned about White Nationalism. The Democratic Party is becoming the party of Woke professionals and managers who are college graduates and who live in wealthy metropolitan suburbs and who have cosmopolitan and modernist values. The Democrats have been steadily alienating working class Democratic and Independent voters by focusing on extreme culture war issues while attracting more affluent Republican establishment voters for a decade now. As we have previously noted, it is PMCs who skew toward post-graduates and college graduates who are the CNN and MSNBC audience.

Among Republicans, the most important issues are fighting back against Democrats, supporting the MAGA agenda, working in a bipartisan way to solve problems and opposing wokeness and cancel culture. Supporting Donald Trump and mainstream conservatism is less important than Trumpism. It isn’t race that motivates Trump voters. It is class and culture and specifically animosity toward the White upper middle class woke professional wing of the Democratic Party. Even in the YouGov poll which showed a massive spike in White identity, Trump voters have warm feelings toward non-Whites.

I’ve explained how the Democratic Party is two different parties:

“The 2017 VOTER Survey data reveal stark demographic differences behind these issue preferences. DILEs (13 percent of the electorate) are heavily Democratic (67 percent) and liberal (77 percent), and are less than 1 percent Republican or conservative. They are also the youngest group, with 51 percent under 45 years old. The DILE cluster has the second-highest percentage of white voters (75 percent), behind only the CY cluster (79 percent). Their educational attainment is the highest of all the groups, as 86 percent have some college/an associate’s degree or more, with 48 percent having graduated college, and 22 percent having done post-graduate work. Finally, they have the highest income — with 26 percent making $100,000 or more, and only 10 percent making $30,000 or less.

In contrast, the DLWC cluster (27 percent of the electorate) is the group with the largest non-white population; 39 percent of voters in this cluster identify as non-white. The majority of this group identifies as Democratic (52 percent), and a high proportion identifies as independent (32 percent). Ideologically, moderates make up the largest share (50 percent) of this group, though liberals outnumber conservatives 34 percent to 17 percent. This is the second-oldest group, with 53 percent age 55 or older, and only 4 percent under age 30. Significantly more people within this group are female (66 percent). In terms of education, only 24 percent have a college degree or more, while 45 percent have a high school diploma or less. DLWCs also have the lowest average income; over half of this group (52 percent) makes $50,000 or less. …”

Trump voters are reacting against the Woke professionals who are the DILE cluster. MAGA voters were weakly attached Obama voters in 2014. The most helpful way to think about what is going on is that DLWC voters are being steadily alienated from the PMCs or governing wing of the Democratic Party and have responded by becoming Trump voters. In order to counter this, Democratic elites have labeled them “white supremacists” and have been courting Republican establishment voters in the suburbs. Neoliberal Joe built on the gains made by Hillary Clinton in this respect.

We need to make an important distinction here. Aside from the Jews, the Democratic voters who are the most concerned about White Nationalism and “racism” … are Woke professionals who live in wealthy blue suburbs like Chevy Chase, MD. Strangely enough, these are the same people who are least affected by the issue as “white supremacists” tend to identify with them on the basis of their shared whiteness. They have a negative sense of White identity and hostile feelings toward their own ethnic group which is reflected in their commitment to political correctness and censorship.

Trump voters report warm feelings toward non-Whites.

The corporate media has a vested interest in stirring up racial conflict though for their owners and misrepresent what is reaction against political correctness as “white supremacy”:

Imagine being a Trump voter.

You go to work and can barely make ends meet. When you get home, Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter are on CNN accusing you of systematic racism and domestic extremism. These people didn’t listen to your views for thirty years before Trump and now dismiss you as a racist when you get defensive because the media is attacking you 24 hours a day on the basis of your race.

Note: Modernist elites have always had a profound distrust and dislike of the masses. They are the opposite of the Romantics in this respect who defined the dominant elite sensibility of the 19th century. Populism has always been the nemesis of modernism.

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  1. I was hoping you made a post about this.

    The polls show that the GOP base is largely anti socialist/anti high taxes still.

      • In all of this, the Southern People are cast aside and cast adrift. So are the states west of Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, and to the north and west of Texas and Oklahoma.

        Yet our rights and liberty are subject to the socio-political arguments between Yankees, Jews, and their coloured auxiliaries.

        They just need to go.

        • Your “borders” are very arbitrary and non-sensical. There are millions of people in those states and beyond who have been cast aside.

  2. The agenda of both parties is to dazzle the sheep with empty promises and than stab them in the back once in office.

  3. Academic credentialism and intelligence are not correlated. It would be interesting to know how many of the post-grad type PMC White hypocrites in wealthy suburbs have degrees in natural sciences or engineering. Most of their graduate degrees are in worthless bullshit like “management”, HR, sociology, economics, “international relations” or anything ending in the word “studies” i.e. women’s “studies”, black “studies”, chicano “studies” etc.

    All of the fields ending in the word “studies” should be consolidated into one discipline called wog “studies” with subject areas in twerking, graffiti, robbery, looting, hip-hop etc.

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