Poll: The Post-Trump Foreign Policy Landscape

Editor’s Note: As we enter the Biden presidency, the typical Republican voter now has far more in common with us than Liz Cheney. The “mainstream” and “extremists” have switched places in the polls. Oddly enough, Trump’s defeat has only strengthened nationalism and populism. It has been a rough few years for online influencers, but ordinary people have closed the gap. It is clear that the extreme measures used to deplatform the Alt-Right and defeat Trump have radicalized a far larger group of people.

Are we going back to business as usual?

Liz Cheney has rejected America First as dangerous isolationism and compared it Charles Lindbergh’s appeasement of the Nazis. The future looks bleak for Cheneyism though.

Pew Research Center:

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  1. A poll asking the right questions could reveal that the public wants imperialism, because they believe some of the plunder, as other countries are looted and enslaved, trickles down to us. We know there is really no real danger to us, no military power comes close to threatening us, so we have nothing to lose and much to gain by continuing the present system of endless global hybrid warfare.

    • A lot of people no longer respond to pollsters, including myself. So how can they hope to get an accurate reading of public opinion?

  2. Focusing on foreign policy is easy target. Entire planet Earth want to get rid from Empire including Americans themselves.

    Yemen does not like bombing, Nigeria does not like forcing homosexuality, Eastern Europe does not like provoking war with Russia and American taxpayer does not like pay for things listed above.

    So pressing on the American taxpayer money waisted abroad is good populist issue. Very few opponents and a lot of supporters.

    “” The Post-Trump ….. Landscape “”

    Is the thing what will never arrive. Donald is here to stay. Like Germany can`t never get rid from the Hitler and Russia can`t never get rid from Stalin, you will never get rid from Donald.

    Like Hitler and Stalin, Donald is in command until his death and will haunting your people 100 years after his death.

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