Progressives Sell Out Workers On $15 Minimum Wage

Sorry, folks!

There is nothing we can do.

The parliamentarian has ruled and our current coalition of woke professionals with cosmopolitan values is too culturally toxic and concentrated in large metropolitan areas for a $15 minimum wage to ever pass the Senate even though a majority of voters support it.


Morning Consult:

Why aren’t these people working on at least raising it to $11 in the COVID relief bill? 2/3rds of the public supports an $11 minimum wage.

Look at those GOP numbers.

The GOP is due for even more populist turmoil.

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  1. The way they beat us is to keep us divided. The Republicans promise as do the democrats, but at the end of the day, they all lie and stab their voters in the back. Trump and Biden are no different as the ones before them , they just work different sides of the street.

  2. How many of those demanding $15 are also demanding massive, endless 3rd world immigration (“legal” and illegal) but can’t or won’t see the contradiction?

    • Read my comment below, about how some Dems were calling 15/hour racist because at that wage employers would only hire whites. This shows what diversity really is, alongside the antiwhite conspiracy there is also the financial motive of corps and biz having carte blanche choice of workers willing to work for peanuts. It’s so bad that these workers are now saving the money with plans to move back and retire, build a house. Eastern European migrants who worked minimum wage jobs have long since left back home unless they were provided a well paying job.

  3. I remember Democrats arguing against the 15/hour because they claimed it was racist, that if the min wage was raised the employers would only hire white people at that wage. There is no depth to depravity the Neo Liberal Satanic DNC won’t stoop to.

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