Poll: Republicans Discover Political Correctness Is The Ultimate Culture War Wedge Issue

No one likes these people.

Daily Wire:

“The survey also found that 64% of Americans oppose Disney’s decision to close down popular rides at its theme parks after activists said the rides have racist origins and messages; only 36% approved. Notably, Americans of color also oppose the decision, as well as 60% of Disney fans.

In the same vein, Americans were predictably displeased with the company’s “political correctness.”

“By a 65%-35% margin, Americans believe that companies like Disney have taken political correctness too far, including a majority of every age group tested, 90% of Republicans, 60% of Independents and 47% of Democrats,” the survey found.

By 54%-46%, Americans were also found to oppose Disney’s threat to cease doing business in Georgia after the state’s government passed pro-life legislation banning abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected. “This decision is opposed by 50% of women and a majority of Republicans and Independents as well as nearly one-third (31%) of Democrats,” the poll found. …”

The Federalist:

“Nearly 80 percent of respondents believe toymaker Hasbro’s changing “Mr. Potato Head” to “Potato Head” is “silly.”

When initially asked, 58 percent of respondents said they opposed Disney’s decision to fire Carano over social media posts. After being shown the actual post that resulted in her termination, however, 72 percent said they didn’t agree with the firing, including a majority of liberals and Democrats and 70 percent of Disney fans. …”

Imagine what would happen if some Republican stumbled upon the idea of explicitly defending White people from all of these malicious racial attacks and from cancel culture. All it would take to bait the brats who would immediately pounce is saying something innocuous like “we shouldn’t be giving White people such a hard time” or “it is okay to be White and really that is fine.” The media would go beserk with accusations of “racism” and “white supremacy,” but they are going to do that anyway.

Note: 64% to 87% of Trump voters have developed an explicit White racial consciousness. Blacks and Hispanics aren’t offended by it. They think White liberals are kind of weird and cringe on the issue. What is hating yourself and other White people for being White doing for me?

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  1. “Disney’s threat to cease doing business in Georgia after the state’s government passed pro-life legislation”

    Why in the world would the Disney corporation be involved in abortion politics?

  2. All it will take is one person willing to put up with 72 hours of screaming from the Left, and then it would be over .

  3. Yes, even nigs & spics have utter contempt for the “white” race traitors who lovingly massage their brown asses with their tonsils: such betrayal of their kind is anathema to them.

    Pale-pelted Cultural Marxist scum exist because Whites have been subjected to a unique campaign of brainwashing with baseless guilt by the kikes since their triumph in WWjew. They use their media control to start injecting their poison into the heads of the little tabulae rasae, continue in high skool, then apply the finishing touches in kollige; by then, most are irretrievably on the road to genocide, speading the neo-Red Guard (((gospel))) of death to other Whites, and forcing them to swallow it on pain of social & financial ruin.

    • Re: “speading the neo-Red Guard (((gospel))) of death”:

      You know without the Cultural Revolution and Red Guards of the revolution teaching the Chinese people to forsake bourgeois lifestyle ambitions, the new China would not exist. A new, egalitarian Confucianism, “socialism with Chinese characteristics,” was born from the death of the old, elite-centered Confucianism.

  4. Dan if only Ted Nugent was young enough to run the Republicans would assuredly win in 2024.

    Sadly Kid Rock is too Whiggerish to take up the mantle of opposing PC.

    There is still time to find a candidate though.

    • @ jeff in or, we just had an entertainer, i am very tired of the political whore’s also, how bout a dashing and brave military commander with vision, to lead our people, with a fire and brimstone preacher as his vp, to keep him focused on the straight and narrow. What say?

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