Poll: “Defund The Police” Is Extremely Unpopular

Black Lives Matter has unleashed a massive crime wave.

USA Today:

“Support to redistribute police department funding has decreased among Americans since August after a summer of protests had erupted across the country against racial injustice and police brutality, a recent Ipsos/USA TODAY poll found.

The call to redistribute police budgets stemmed from Black Lives Matter activists and protesters who called to “defund the police” after the deaths of unarmed Black Americans who died at the hands of police, such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. …

Only 18% of respondents supported the movement known as “defund the police” and 58% said they opposed it. Though whites (67%) and Republicans (84%) were much more likely to oppose the movement, only 28% of Blacks and 34% of Democrats were in favor of it. …”

Only 38% of Americans now believe George Floyd was murdered.

Last summer, 60% of Americans trusted the Black Lives Matter movement to “promote justice and equal treatment of people” compared with 56% who trusted local police to do that. The numbers have since flipped with trust in Black Lives Matter falling to 50% and trust in local police and law enforcement rising to 69%. This comes after lots of big cities controlled by Democrats took action to condemn the police and cut their budgets while unleashing criminals in the name of fighting systematic racism. Evidently, the police said “f*** it” after all the abuse and made good on their threat to step aside.

Charles Blow, the professional black who writes the racial grievance column for the New York Times, is accusing the White allies of virtue signaling and betraying the Black Lives Matter movement even though black support for the movement has dried up by a more substantial margin.

New York Times:

“Something happened this summer in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, and maybe only history will be able to fully explain what it was.

Millions of Americans — many of them white — poured into the streets to demand justice and assert that Black Lives Matter. It’s clear now that the summer protests, which took place during a pandemic during which congregation was discouraged, were for some participants less a sincere demand for justice than they were a social outlet.

As some semblance of normal life began to inch back, enthusiasm for the cause among whites quickly grew soft, like a rotting spot on a piece of fruit. …

In every arena it feels that many of the people who performed allyship during the summer protests are regressing to familiar tribalism that doesn’t protect Black life and excuses Black death. …”

3 out of 4 White people trust the police.

2 out of 3 White people do not believe George Floyd was murdered.

Some number of White people are lying to pollsters about supporting Black Lives Matter and believing George Floyd was murdered because that is the politically correct answer. Lots of White people don’t say what they really think like I do because they are afraid of being accused of “racism.”

The Democrats discovered this much to their horror when Republicans won all of their House races and eroded their majority in 2020. Charles Blow is extremely disappointed with the White allies. The shift in poll numbers has revealed “the bottomless American capacity to countenance cruelty.”

Note: I don’t think Charles Blow has seen this latest poll which shows only 28% of blacks and 34% of Democrats support “defund the police.” It is an even more staggering blow.

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  1. Now that Blumph is out of office and after the “insurrection” at the capital, defund the pooolice has done a complete 180. Now the ones that wanted the police de funded are all supporting the cop that shot the unarmed White woman at the capital.. The hypocrisy is sickening.


      (WHERE’S the name and the photo of the TERRORIST cop who shot ASHLI BOBBITT ?
      Try to find it.)

    • Charles blow………plz……haha haha *tears of laughter*

      What a joke, what a shill……we know (((who))) writes his copy.

  2. Big Tech must be punished for censorship.

    Urban Dictionary Bans “Blue Anon” Entry Defining Liberal Conspiracy Theorists; Google Censors Search

    The Urban Dictionary, which allows users to submit virtually any phrase with any definition, has removed a reference to “Blue Anon” – a new phrase mocking leftists for their belief in right-wing conspiracy theories, “such as the Russia Hoax, Jussie Smollett hoax, Ukraine hoax, Covington Kids hoax, and Brett Kavanaugh hoax.”


      • @November
        Please forgive my ignorance. I’m not really up with it.
        I’m a huge fan of Blair and agree with much of what he says and does. I’ll look into it and tune myself in.
        In recent times I’ve been focusing on other things.
        I will say this:- anyone at odds with Blair is probably a knob.

  3. Here is a glimpse of the future, regardless of what happens to the “defund the police” nonsense.

    Last night, at the George Floyd Memorial in Minneapolis, a black man shot another black man to death.

    When the police “shot-spotters” picked up the gunfire and dispatched the Minneapolis police, they were met by a large crowd of between 200 to 300 people who had witnessed the shooting. They blocked the police cars and provided cover for the shooter to get away and destroyed evidence at the crime scene.

    The witnesses were “uncooperative.”

    They wanted to make sure the shooter got away and that there was little evidence for the police to find so the shooter could not be prosecuted.

    This is the future.

    Mobs of anti-police, making sure that murderers get away scott-free in the name of “justice.”

    The police still have no idea who the shooter was, or where to find him.

  4. I’ve known a fair number of cops of various levels, county sheriffs, city cops and state police.

    The police aren’t in any way monolithic. Any classification of them in general one way or another as a whole is dumb. My observations to follow. Typical but not always so.

    A county Sheriff from a White rural county is going to be a good ole boy you can count on for help. You likely went to school with people just like them. They tend to be Christian salt of the earth types, ex military and grounded in hard reality. Most are race realists and have their own family in the community.

    A big city cop should never be trusted to uphold law only policy of the current mayor. Law is just the tool used to accomplish policy. These are college cops with CJ degrees from liberal universities. Diversity quotas dictate hiring, not merit. This is the group of cops most likely to display the pension pig mentality. They aren’t going to do anything but go with the flow. Right now that means persecuting whitey and watching businesses be burned by communist thugs because the mayor issued a stand down order. Don’t trust these cops.

    State troopers vary by how rural the state is and generally draw heavily from county and city forces.

    Never expect any cop to let you do something you aren’t supposed to. Never give them an excuse to search you or your stuff. Never talk to them on duty if it can be avoided. Always carry concealed. Even your knives.

    The best approach to avoiding trouble with cops is to never have contact with them. They aren’t your friends. They are guard dogs, rescue dogs. Trust them to be what they are and stay under their radar.

  5. Unleash anarchy and violence on Whites. That’s the bottom line. Anti-Whites couldn’t care less about what it does to non Whites.

    • “Unleash anarchy and violence on Whites.”

      Include taxes and hard work.

      You are very right. That’s been the agenda , since the 60s.

    • If enough whites stopped paying their taxes – or even simply stopped borrowing the fake-money issued by the Banksteins – the rotten system would collapse under the weight of its own incompetence and corruption. It’s not as if any whites apart from woke traitors have any representation in the rigged system. We need to come up with new ways to facilitate the great cookie crumble.

      • Re: “If enough whites stopped”:

        But the White (European-descended) members of the U.S. population have extremely low political IQ, lower political IQ than almost any other human group, and are simply unable to conceive on their own of the necessity of a peaceful nonviolent general strike. The understanding of resistance comes naturally to foreign nations being oppressed although the Empire is usualy too strong for them.

  6. “Poll: “Defund The Police” Is Extremely Unpopular”


    It is entirely a media generated concept, artificial as plastic flowers.

  7. What did these same police do last summer when BLM and Antifa were burning everything down? Nothing. Fuck them they are part of the problem. We would be better off with volunteers.

  8. The featured statistic: “Only 18% want to defund police” does not prove anyone actually supports the police. Nor does a position being “very unpopular” make it wrong. A much smaller percentage of the U.S. population supports de-funding Zionism/Israel, so greater numbers do not make right. Speaking of Zionism, look at these U.S. long range nuclear bombers accompanied by sraeli fighter jets flying provocatively over Iranian airspace: https://www.rt.com/news/517480-israel-us-bombers-fly-by/

  9. A true story of two kinds of police: In Nicaragua the people generally love their community-based police, illegal drug trade barely exists, and the people are NOT fleeing in caravans. In Honduras, police are corrupt and brutal, illegal drug gangs flourish and the people are fleeing. The U.S. is working hard to overthrow Nicaragua’s democratically elected government, and the U.S. essentially installed the puppet regime that administers Honduras on behalf of the corporations.

  10. The police serve the political establishment and are no friend of pro-whites.

    For all their patriotic talk, the police will happily red flag (or arrest) people for their racist internet posts. They only care about themselves and their paychecks / benefits. Those benefits come from following the establishment’s orders.

    Neo-liberal centrist puppet Joe Biden does not support defunding the police… he wants to use them against domestic political dissidents…in a way which is compatible with neo-liberal values… which was the plan all along.

    The police were never in danger of being defunded, outside of a few silly jurisdictions.

    The BLM riots were a psy op, like the ones the regime conducts overseas, where disposable golems are stirred up to do bad stuff, in order to discredit certain political factions and boost others.

    Everyone thought it was just an attempt to discredit Blumph, but it’s apparent that it also discredited elements of the left and boosted neoliberal centrism. In the end, Biden won due to black voters and Latinos moved towards Trump… to an extent.

    Elements of the left were given an opportunity to overeach and discredit themselves and they took it and did in fact end up discrediting themselves. Neoliberal centrism looks sane in comparison to the tard-left (and tard-right).

    It also instilled a false consciousness in White right wingers, where they praise and identify with the system pigs who will happily arrest them for racism.

    Every single faction in American politics is deeply owned by regime propaganda at this point.

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