DSA Takes Over Nevada Democratic Party

You’re laughing.

Shitlibs don’t believe in solidarity with socialists … and you’re laughing.


“Shortly after a slate of insurgent progressives endorsed by the Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America pulled off a clean sweep in Nevada State Democratic Party elections over the weekend, the party’s executive director notified newly elected chair Judith Whitmer that the entire staff, as well as every consultant, was quitting.

The “mass exodus” of party staffers following the progressive takeover of the Nevada Democratic Party leadership, as well as the establishment’s funneling of hundreds of thousands of dollars out of party coffers in anticipation of the results, is detailed in new reporting by The Intercept, which described the election outcome as the culmination of a years-long “battle between the insurgent progressive wing of the party and what’s known in Nevada as the Reid machine — a tightly run operation still guided by former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.”

That fight, The Intercept’s Akela Lacy and Ryan Grim explain, “began five years ago, when Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders organized support for his 2016 presidential primary run, while Reid was working behind the scenes to help his opponent, Hillary Clinton.” …

The Intercept reported Monday that the Nevada Democratic Party establishment “had prepared for the loss, having recently moved $450,000 out of the party’s coffers and into the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s account.” …”

The Democratic Party is a one way street … and you’re laughing.

Note: Where is your $15 minimum wage, Medicare for All or $50,000 in student loan debt forgiveness? A deal is a deal, right?

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  1. The DSA are even bigger shitlibs, everything that’s wrong with the mainstream Dems on wokeness is amplified by the Rose twitter woke type.

  2. Do you see. Despite of all hysteria, Donald supporters seem to be alive and well down there. So the Nazis got not slaughtered, but The Swamp Things.

  3. It’s the other way around. DSA has been taken over by democrat shitlibs. It was always controlled opposition, but now it doesn’t even effectively serve that purpose. Now they oppose “class reductionism” and prioritize things like trans rights over economic policy. They just believe the Dems don’t go far enough on their toxic cosmopolitan culture war issues. DSA went from useful idiots to useless idiots.

    • yeah, I thought this was well known. Just watch a video of a DSA meeting, they are extremely left wing on both economic and cultural issues. It is very cringy and the epitome of “shitlib”

  4. Good – the more time they spend arguing about their pronouns and which bathrooms to use, they less time they spend attacking people they racialize as “white but not Jewish.”

    What is their position on Palestine? If they are not sponsoring a BDS law for Nevada, clearly they have a lot of anti-racist work to do on that.

    The Nevada state government needs to boycott Israeli apartheid until they learn to stop being so racist.

  5. The DSA is a fake and gay organization infested by radical liberals that care more about pronouns and non-white grievance than any semblance of “worker’s solidarity”. Still funny though

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