Ruy Teixeira: Democrats Misread “Latinx” Voters

America is bitterly polarized.

It is White people who are the most bitterly polarized though. This is why White identity politics is such a non-starter. The most ferocious opposition to White identity politics comes from other White people. Specifically, it comes from White liberals who have a negative sense of racial identity.

The big fault line in America is between White people.

There are normal people of all races who are mildly ethnocentric and have a positive sense of racial identity. Then there are White liberals who are anti-White. These people are overwhelmingly affluent, college educated White professionals and their offspring. The anti-whiteness gets worse the further up the education scale you go with post-graduates being the most deranged.

Yes, it is true that Jews are anti-White, but they are concentrated in this larger group of affluent, highly educated professionals. You could say that the White people who are most exposed to them, work in the closest proximity to them and who are most immersed in this cultural poison are our worst political enemies. They have soaked up the most political correctness or wokeness like a sponge.

The polls are picking up something real and reflect my own personal experience with this issue. When I was an activist, I would notice that the people who were the most opposed to us were other White people. It was the White middle class brats who are obsessed with “fighting racism,” stalking people, censoring the internet, destroying monuments, etc. These people are more anti-White than non-Whites. They would go out and riot and burn down entire neighborhoods and scream mindless slogans and attack the police and nothing would happen because their parents tend to be White upper middle class professionals.

White conservatives are aligned with Republicans. White liberals are aligned with the Democrats. This mutual animosity is the source of the polarization. The rightwing pole has been dominated since the Reagan era by the True Cons. The leftwing pole has been dominated by Solid Liberals or woke progressives since the Clinton era. White moderates who are socially conservative and economically populist are dealigned and stuck in the middle between the two camps. The same is true of lots of black and “Latinx” voters who identify as conservatives or moderates and not as libs.

Rich White people are polarized. The rest of the country is much less so. The Free Marketeers on the Right and the Solid Liberals on the Left are the cause of the problem. Ruy Teixeira, the “demographics is destiny” or “Coalition of the Ascendant” guy, is now backpeddling on his Substack:


“Did the Democrats misread Hispanic voters in 2020? Judging from the election results, it certainly seems so. Data from exit polls and postelection surveys all suggest that there was a very substantial swing away from the Democrats relative to 2016 and it was not confined to Florida. Further work on voting patterns utilizing fine grained geographic election results and area demographics also indicates large swings, as much as 16 margin points nationally.

That’s a very large change. How did the Democrats miss the mark so badly on one of their key constituencies? One possibility is that they fundamentally misunderstood the nature of this voter group and what they really care about. Hispanics were lumped in with “people of color” and were assumed to embrace the activism around racial issues that dominated so much of the political scene in 2020, particularly in the summer. This was a flawed assumption. The reality of the Hispanic population is that they are, broadly speaking, an overwhelmingly working class, economically progressive, socially moderate constituency that cares above all, about jobs, the economy and health care.

For example, in the post-election wave of the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group (VSG) panel survey, well over 70 percent of Hispanic voters rated jobs, the economy, health care and the coronavirus as issues that were “very important” to them. No other issues even came close to this level. Crime as an issue rated higher with these voters than immigration or racial equality, two issues that Democrats assumed would clear the path to big gains among Hispanic voters.

In this context, it is interesting to note that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement did not rate very highly among Hispanics. In the national exit poll, Hispanic voters were split close to evenly about BLM, 47 percent unfavorable to 49 percent favorable. This significantly trails not just black voters, but also white college graduates, who rated BLM 61 percent favorable to 35 percent unfavorable. …”

I’ve repeatedly made many of these same points.

The polls show that “Latinx” voters aren’t voting on the basis of immigration. It is not one of their top ten issues. The issue that keeps them attached to the Democrats is health care. Aside from health care, the Democrats are really two parties with two different agendas.

The White professional wing of the party which is the governing wing cares deeply about woke, trans, equity and climate issues. Working class Democrats are much more skeptical of these people trying to turn their sons into faggots and their daughters into sluts. They aren’t the people who read BuzzFeed and Vox and who cheer on Greta Thunberg. They care more about the $2,000 stimmy.

I’m not a Republican either. I’m a White moderate whose politics doesn’t fit into either party. I’m in the middle. The thing is, a lot of the “Latinx” voters are also in the middle and have the same perception of the GOP. The thing that they don’t like about the GOP is the True Cons wing and their policy agenda. At the end of the day, the Republican policy agenda isn’t geared toward working class families. Pretty much the same things that repulse White moderates also repulse the “Latinx” moderates.

Note: Looking at what people believe like their values, interests, issues and priorities is more predictive of how they vote than their identity. Just look at all the White people who hate other White people. They now believe that blacks are more oppressed by racism than blacks do.

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  1. It’s funny that the liberal blacks and latinos have higher in-group bias than the conservative ones. That supports the typical view among blacks that conservative blacks are Uncle Toms and race traitors.

    And “moderates” of all races have the highest in-group favoritism. I’m guessing these “moderates” have a lot of overlap with the disenfranchised populist center of the electorate.

  2. “Wokeness” is a luxury of the financially comfortable and complacent.

    They say there are no atheists in foxholes…we can add, there are no woketards in the unemployment line.

  3. Having grown up in AZ and having worked and lived around Mexicans most of my adult life, I can tell you that both Republicans and Democrats misread and misunderstand Mexicans due to having never really worked or lived among them.

    Like many things in life: it’s not simple, it’s complicated.

    Many Mexicans I worked with in AZ opposed more immigration from Mexico, with this one exception: unless it was a family member or friend back in Mexico. They didn’t want more competition for jobs, but if it was family trying to come in, then they were all for it. But for other Mexicans they didn’t personally know, they were in full support of building a wall and more deportations.

    And then you have the explosive issue of race, within Mexican communities, which is different on each side of the border.

    Within Mexico, White (Spanish) Mexicans are in full favor of massive immigration to the US of the lower caste Mestizos. These upper-class White Mexicans are Woke in the extreme.

    For elite White Mexicans in Mexico, massive immigration of brown Mestizos into the US gets rid of a potential source of lower-class revolutionary ferment that White Mexicans view as destabilizing. And they (Mestizos) support the economy of Mexico with remittances they send back home.

    Within the US, brown Mestizos (the majority of those who immigrate here) view Hondurans, Salvadorans, and Guatemalans as “lower-class scum.” They might all speak Spanish, and are all brown, and are all “Americans” when they get here (or soon to be) they nevertheless view each other with disdain and suspicion.

    Like I said, it’s complicated.

  4. Democrats Misread “Latinx” Voters

    They still won two-thirds of “Latinx” voters.

    For all this hoo-ha about Latinos voting for Trump, he only got 34% of the Latino votes. For comparison, Dubya won 45% of them in 2004.

    Don’t kid yourself. Hispanics, like all other non-whites, are the base of the Democratic Party. That’s not going to change anytime soon.

  5. > Yes, it is true that Jews are anti-White, but they are concentrated in this larger group of affluent, highly educated professionals.

    It is precisely this group of people racialized as “white but not Jewish” who have been expelled for wrong-think since Jews started taking over academia in the 1960’s.

    Before the 1960’s academia had a wide range of political opinions and maybe half were “conservative” or “right wing” in some way. You can tell it is not about “right vs. left” because any progressives who are too sympathetic to Palestinians get purged too.

    This negative sense of anti-whiteness is mostly coming from academics that would be canceled, smeared, and fired if they did not ape the “anti-whitness” of Jews.

    • There were openly white nationalist Harvard faculty members into the 1960’s. They were old WASP guys.

  6. I read somewhere that hispanics identify/”assimilate” in thirds. 1/3 with whites 1/3 with blacks and 1/3 maintain unassimilated identities like if they were back home.

  7. Demographics may not be political destiny, but it sure is racial destiny. It won’t really matter what our dominant politics is when our nation has the demographic, and racial, make up of Brazil.

  8. White identity politics (WIP) will make inroads with non-upper-class-liberal White because the attacks by the upper class on ‘whiteness’ creates the conditions for WIP.

    WIP is pro-White politics. A non-White can be an ally to WIP (just like non-trans are allies to trans).

    The whole ‘WIP won’t work because some Whites hate themselves’ is an argument that could be used against any identity politics which has already worked.

    Pro-White Whites and those find in WIP defenders of White things they love will become part of WIP.

    The alternative to WIP is White annihilation.

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