Gov. Greg Abbott: Gab Has No Place In Texas

I would love to see what Texas voters think.

Do they care as much about anti-Semitism as Greg Abbott? I’m guessing they don’t because I see no evidence of it in polling and “anti-Semitism” hasn’t stopped Texans from posting there since getting banned from Facebook and Twitter. It is also the ADL which is responsible for all the censorship. Most people are like f*** the ADL and SPLC who cares what they think.

Note: Texas has been overrun by illegal aliens because conservatives like Greg Abbott are worthless and owned by their donors and never did anything about the problem.

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  1. The obvious implication is that Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott is a child molesting friend of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and he has to suck up to Israeli Jews otherwise the ADL releases his Mossad kiddie rapist videos.

    I wonder if Greg Abbott rapes little boys like his former Republican colleague and personal friend, the leader of the GOP Dennis Hastert, or if Republican Governor Greg Abbott instead likes to rape little girls?

    With Republicans you never can tell what sort of gross perversion they are into, you just know they are and are being blackmailed by the Israeli Jews.

  2. No body cares what Abbot says. He would be better tho keep his mouth shut. At this time in history, the public’s concern about what public officials think about anything, is like -0 and going down. What’s amazing for me, I’ve that so many of them haven’t figured this out yet. His comment will get more people interested in Gab. It just gets more attention to them. Sheesh they are dumb

  3. Christ was the biggest anti-Semite there ever was. The biggest. And he was the son of God. To be anti-Semite is to be Christian as is to be a racist is ti be a Christian. Both are slurs against Christ and Christians. Greg Abbott can go to hell it is where he belongs.

    • Jesus was actually an Anti-Pharisee. Anti-Semites dislike Jews strictly on racial grounds. Since Christ himself was a Jew, he could hardly hate his own kind on racial grounds. No, it was their following the commandments of men, rather than the law of God that Jesus condemned them for, not race.

      • Christ was the son of God. He had all the power of God. If Christ was a Jew then why didn’t he meet the demands and expectations the Jews had for their messiah? Why did he choose to die instead? Anything professor?

        • Browning: Based on my repeated readings of the New Testament Jesus was obviously jewish. He went to Temple every Sabbath and read Scripture to the congregation. And his earthly parents were both jews. But he was rejected by most of his people because he had no intention of overthrowing the Romans and setting up a new jewish kingdom. That’s the kind of Messiah the jews were waiting for. And they were also upset with Jesus because he claimed to be God in human form, which they considered blasphemy. So after his death Jesus’s followers preached to the gentiles instead.

          Aren’t you embarrassed that a nonbeliever like me has to set you straight about what the Bible actually says? OK, I’m through with you for now. Bye.

  4. Texas passed anti-BDS law, an infringement on the First Amendment. Abbott is a coward who will support Leo Frank league assault on the First Amendment rights of Americans.

    • “Jesus” Torba attacked by Governor Abbot of Texas who needs to apologize, because GAB has no official position except free speech!

      Torba could tell Abbot that because his name ends in a vowel, he’s actually a Mexican.

  5. Greg Abbott is the perfect emissary of the whole anti-lockdown movement; either vociferously philo-semitic or ignorant to philo-semitism, and doubling down stupid “muh lockdowns”, “muh freedumbs” mantra.

    • IMO, Covid-19 is just another scam, like “climate change” and “Diversity”, that the psychopaths ruling the planet use to control us, dumb us down, ruin our economies and get richer at the same time. You really think Fucki and his crowd have any intention of letting up especially as he’s talking about a “worse” virus on the way?

  6. If Gov. Goy Shabbat had said Gab has no place in Texas because it’s a dumpster fire of retardation I would have agreed with him.

    • I used to be on GAB but they were more interested in talking about Jews than talking about White Genocide. I left. When I get banned from Twitter I really don’t know if it’s worth going back.

      • Twitter has around 330 million users. Telegram has 500 million users. Twitter’s growth has stalled, while Telegram is still growing fast. Sick a fork in it, Twitter is done.

      • Gab does (for the time being) still believes/allows free speech. Just choose your group affiliations carefully – Occidental Dissent and The Political Cesspool, Vdare and Amren should have their own groups and moderate members, comments to focus on productive education and activism. Unmoderated comments on the internet always falls down in to flame wars, trolls, hobby horse nonsense – just ask Hunter what happened here.

        We have to learn how to run a meeting, conference, twitter/gab group. We have to get better business models and get users to pay a modest fee.

        We can’t waste the next 25 years like we wasted the last 25 years.

  7. Texas has been overrun by illegal aliens because conservatives like Greg Abbott are worthless ……….

    Amen !

    • Arrian writes; “Texas has been overrun by illegal aliens because conservatives like Greg Abbott are worthless ……….

      Amen !”

      I respond: Yep. Texans like Greg Abbot and LBJ just LOVE that cheap, neo slave Mexican undocumented labor, gives lazy Texans more free time to worship the NFL Negro Felon League and oggle naked Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

      Look at all the worst ever White pols Texas has given us: LBJ, Jim Wright, the Bush family and the pathetic dead end alternatives like Ron Paul Constitutionalist Libertarian loons.

      Some of our folks should put giant road signs of stupid, grinning George Bush Jr as motorists enter Texas:

      “Warning you’re entering Texas, home of George Dubya Bush and 40 million other dumb as* Texans, drive defensively and watch out for Patriotard war Neo Con Zionist war mongers”.

      But, that’s probably too negative, I’m sure we have lots of good folks in Texas.

      I think Hungarian Nationalist style posters of George Soros and the ADL as puppeteers for their worst White slaves like Governor Abbott and the Bush family would work well in many parts of Texas.

      • Texas used to be a really nice place, the ppl were mostly good natured WHITE folks.

        (The weather sucks sht.)

      • Those detestable Bushes aren’t real Texans, they come from Connecticut. Was Gov. Ann Richards any good?

    • Their goal is to “give back” the whole Southwest to the Mexicans. I never understood our government pandering to Mexico.

  8. Free speech is dead in America, proving that a set of words in the Constitution can be overruled by other words like “racist”, “Nazi”, “White supremacist”, “anti-Semite”, “hate”, “xenophobe”, etc.

  9. A billion and half Hindus in India control US Immigration Policy=DONALD TRUMPS’ LEGAL IMMIGRANT POLICY…

  10. Sigh. I’m afraid that the poorly educated, get rich quick nouveau riche Texans like LBJ, Jim Wright, George Bush Jr and now this Texas governor have always been easy prey for the ADL, SPLC, NAACP, New York Times. When the powers that be disguise their program in patriotard wave the flag – Saddam was Hitler, Assad is Hitler, Putin is Hitler even David Duke, Pat Buchanan or Donald Trump are Hitler, :the 6 Million gassed Jews is sacred Biblical Truth same as that fairly tale of the parting of the Red Sea in the Old Testament Book of Exodus – too many Texans will swallow this hook, line and sinker; if there is an accompanying patriotard propaganda song cranked out by Toby Keith, Hank Williams Jr. or Ted Nugent it’s a done deal.

    I would like OD readers to become familiar with the term “nouveau riche” and boy does it apply to too many Texans especially lower middle class trucklers like LBJ, or legacy frat boys like George Bush Jr.

    The nouveau riche are ‘the newly rich” who acquired a lot of money but do not have any real education, culture, good taste – they do things like build $ billion NFL football stadiums with the largest TV in the world suspended over the field. If you go to a football game and you’re seeing the game live, why do you need to be also watching it on TV?

    Jews are infamous for using White Gentiles to front for their nefarious schemes and nouveau riche Texans have always been a favorite of theirs. Instead of trying to use effete East coast Libs like Bobby Kennedy or Mike Dukakis they get to use Texas cowboy “Yee haw” types. Just try to listen to those worst ever Neo Con/Zionist war propaganda songs by Toby Keith: ‘”Courtesy of the Red White and Blue”, “Amurikun Soldier” – was puking then, still am.

    So, so sad that one of the only sensible group of people in our Texas that even dared speak out against those terrible Neo Con/Zionist wars, regime changes in Iraq were the Dixie Chicks and they got banned from Country Music radio stations.

    And no White people are more addicted to 5 days a week of worshipping Negro felon Amurikun footballers than our White Texans.

    I don’t have a lot of good recommendations for our people in Texas other than maybe considering going for a pro White version of Amish – no TV, no Amurikun football, no pro ADL, no ZOG propaganda – stress classical music, classical Greece and Roman architecture – no “Yee Haw”, certainly no Bush family anything.

    • “If you go to a football game and you’re seeing the game live, why do you need to be also watching it on TV?”

      Because the seats you paid too much for are too far away….duh.

  11. Jewry fears those who criticize it.

    I fear those who live in America, yet seem not to understand, or respect, the values of our land – first among them Free Speech.

    To my mind, anyone, no matter where their ancestors wandered, who advocates against Free Speech is making a case why they ought be deported from the coming Dixie.

  12. Is it only me, or do others think the ultimate dumb as* White Texan George Dubya Bush Jr is a twin of “Jethro” from the Beverley Hillbillies? Uncle Jed was always trying to get Jethro a job, same as George Bush Sr. was always trying to get Jr to get a job during and after Jr dogged the Viet Nam War by being in the Texas Air National Guard. Bush Jr. couldn’t make a go of any private sector job so his family made him Governor of Texas then 2 term President of the United States. How f*#&$@ was that? Bush Jr. was at his best when he wasted his college years at Yale being a drunk Frat boy and a male cheerleader.

    That Jr was made governor of Texas and 2 term president of the United States, that’s as embarrassing to me as Jimmy Carter’s drunk White trash brother Billy Carter being hired by the government of Moammar Khadafy as an official representative of the Libyan Government.

    Remember when Saturday Night Live in the 1970s did Jimmy and Billy Carter comedy parodies where Billy Carter was getting drunk and peeing on the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem? Dan Ackroyd did an excellent interpretation of Jimmy Carter – that was SNL at its best.

    • One can only wonder how dumb, as Bill Clinton had his own act going on, but was probably ruthless behind closed doors. I think everyone was done with the Bush family and Jeb and his wife were just too much to take.

    • George Dubya Bush Jr is a twin of “Jethro” from the Beverley Hillbillies?

      It’s a disgrace, that a nation founded by geniuses , has degenerated to the level of a sitcom tard.

      The complacency of vast wealth has turned the average American into Eloi. Just waiting for the dinner bell to feed the (((morlocks))).

  13. Abbott like all politicians, left and right are owned and controlled by the jews. They are liberals masquerading as conservatives. They care more about Israel than they do their own nation and people.

    Jews feelings are more important than your rights.

  14. Texas is the world center of Christian Zionism. Many white Texans are very philosemitic and proudly subservient to Israel and Jews.

  15. The Abbott blackout has hurt the gov politically. He is so desperate he lifted his martial law, and that helped him some. Now he is begging the Jews to save him. Trump will come to his rescue. Trump always rescues the RINOs.

  16. While Dr. and Mrs. Dabney were in Louisville, they were generously entertained by many of their old friends and admirers. He richly repaid their hospitalities by high converse. At the solicitation of the Rev. J. S. Lyons, D. D., he, while there, repeated in the presence of a stenographer, who prepareda type-written copy of it, the following story:

    “In the year 1883, I moved to Texas. After a time, I there formed the acquaintance of ex-Governor Stockdale, of Texas, an eminent lawyer, and an old citizen, and a personal friend of Gen. Robert E. Lee before the war between the States, when he was Col. R. E. Lee, commanding a regiment of dragoons guarding the Texas frontier against the Comanches.

    “In the latter months of his life, and only a short while before his death, Governor Stockdale (who was, by the way, a native of Southern Kentucky) gave me the following narrative:

    “He was at the White Sulphur Springs, Virginia, in the summer of 1870, in the autumn of which year General Lee died. Here the two old friends met for the last time.

    “General Rosecrans, of the Northern army, was at the Springs, showing much attention to his former adversaries, and acting the magnanimous conqueror. He had been a war Democrat, and now a member of the Federal Congress, was acting again with the Northern Democratic party.

    “There was quite a galaxy of distinguished ex-Confederates at the Springs also—lieutenant-generals, major-generals, senators, etc.

    “One day Rosecrans approached General Lee, so: he said that everybody in the North knew General Lee was a representative Southerner, and everybody had perfect confidence in his truthfulness; and if he (Rosecrans) could be authorized by General Lee to say, on behalf of the Southern people, that they were now glad to be back in the Union, and loyal to the old flag, that that statement would do a great deal of good in Congress; that he (Rosecrans) could use it to assuage the bitterness of feeling among the coercion leaders, and make the Federal Government much more lenient towards the conquered States.

    “With his usual polite caution, General Lee replied that he did not think he had the right to speak for the Southern people; that he now held no office by their gift, except the very humble one of a teacher of youth; that he had not even the right of citizenship, and hence did not think he had a right to speak for the Southern people. But Rosecrans was quite urgent; thereupon, General Lee said that many distinguished ex-Confederates were now at the Springs, from various parts of the Southern States, and from these General Rosecrans could learn their impressions of Southern feelings and purposes.

    “Rosecrans caught at this, saying that he was not acquainted with most of these gentlemen, and he wished General Lee to bring him acquainted with them, in order that he might get their views. General Lee consented to invite a number of them to meet General Rosecrans at his parlor, on Paradise Row. Consequently, the next morning a species of small levee was convened there by General Lee’s invitation, and among them was ex-Governor Stockdale, of Texas.

    “General Lee was very silent and very polite, greeting everybody with scrupulous courtesy and seeing them well-seated. He himself took the last seat in a plain chair by the open door.

    “Rosecrans then began his catechism, asking each ex-Confederate the same questions he wished General Lee to answer.

    “Governor Stockdale said to me that many of the replies struck him as entirely too sycophantic and insincere, and he surmised from General Lee’s countenance that the old soldier felt the same way about them.

    “Governor Stockdale related the story thus: Doctor, I was perhaps the smallest man of the assemblage, both in personal stature and in political importance, being only an ex-Governor, and I had fallen into the corner down at the end of the row of distinguished Confederates, so the question came to me last.

    “Rosecrans said, in substance, ‘Now, Governor Stockdale, let us hear how your gallant Texans feel toward the old government and the old flag?’

    “I replied: ‘General Rosecrans, since that day in June, 1865, when General Merritt with his soldiers drove me from the Government House, I have held no office in Texas, and have not been authorized by the people of Texas to represent them in anything; but I know them well, and I am sure that you may say this: the people of Texas will remain quiet, and not again resort to forceful resistance against the Federal Government, whatever may be the measures of that government.’

    “General Rosecrans replied very unctuously, ‘Ah ! that is good news from our gallant Texas,’ etc.

    “Said Stockdale, I stopped him and said: ‘But, General Rosecrans, candor requires me to explain the attitude of my people. The people of Texas have made up their minds to remain quiet under all aggressions and to have peace; but they have none of the spaniel in their composition. No, sir, they are not in the least like the dog that seeks to lick the hand of the man that kicked him; but it is because they are a very sensible, practical, common-sense people, and understand their position. They know that they resisted the Federal Government as long as any means of resistance was left, and that any attempt at resistance now must be in vain; and they have no means, and would only make bad worse. This is the view of the matter which is going to keep Texas quiet.”

    “At this stage of the conference, General Lee rose from his chair; Rosecrans took the hint. He filed out, and the big Confederates, one behind the other, after him.

    “Said Stockdale, I, being the little man in the farther corner, was the last to approach the door. General Lee had given a very polite good-morning to each man as he passed out; as I said to him, ‘goodmorning,’ he gently closed the door before me, keeping the door-knob in his left hand, and said to me, as follows:

    ” ‘Governor Stockdale, before you leave, I wish to give you my thanks for brave, true words. You know, Governor, what my position is. Those people (his uniform term for the Yankees) choose, for what reason I know not, to hold me as a representative Southerner; hence, I know they watch my words, and if I should speak unadvisedly, what I say would be caught up by their speakers and newspapers, and magnified into a pretext for adding to the load of oppression they have placed upon our poor people; and God knows, Governor, that load is heavy enough now; but you can speak, for you are not under that restraint, and I want to thank you for your bold, candid words.’

    “Again, said Governor Stockdale, I thought he would dismiss me: but he still held the door closed, and after a time he resumed and uttered these words: ‘Governor, if I had foreseen the use those people designed to make of their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox Courthouse; no, sir, not by me.’ Then, with rising color, throwing back his head like an old war-horse, he added these words, ‘Had I foreseen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in this right hand.’ He then dropped his head, and, with a sad look, added: ‘This, of course, is for your ear only. My friend, good-morning;’ and with that he opened the door and I took my leave.
    The Life and Letters of Robert Lewis Dabney by Thomas Cary Johnson

    Hey, Abbott! One would think you to be such a tough guy who would dare defy the federal government just as the South once did for four bloody years. But no, you are just a coward who is actually an ally of Big Tech and the PC crowd and you triumphantly give your okay to crush Gab a defender of free-speech and you profit off their demise by virtue-signaling about your “superior morality” by defending a tiny minority as victims of hate as if there are no other victims of hate in the USA to be defended.

    So where is your concern for Southern white people? I can’t see it! I think you are piece of paid off white trash who relishes in seeing the history and heritage of the Old South destroyed by Maxists/Communists/BLMers/etc who hate the Confederacy and white Southerners a trillion times more than any other victim minority you can bring up to virtue signal with. May God intevene and raise up a real true leader for the Southern people.

    • “He was at the White Sulphur Springs, Virginia, in the summer of 1870, in the autumn of which year General Lee died. Here the two old friends met for the last time.

      It has been pointed out by others that this actually took place in 1868 instead of 1870.

      “General Rosecrans, of the Northern army, was at the Springs, showing much attention to his former adversaries, and acting the magnanimous conqueror. He had been a war Democrat, and now a member of the Federal Congress, was acting again with the Northern Democratic party.

      Rosecrans was in Congress from 1881-1885. He was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California’s 1st district.

    • @Banned…

      Thank you, Sir, for having included this important and interesting remark on this page.

      All the best to you and yours!

  17. Everyone in the pro-white sphere needs to get active on Gab now. It’s exploding with new users and really starting to attract boomer type conservatives and normie MAGA people in large numbers. We can engage them directly, with absolutely no censorship. I notice that a lot of the younger guys in our scene are on already on gab, but the old people are on all these other gay platforms that don’t have the same potential for red pilling normies. Gab is an uncensored twitter clone that will soon be the biggest conservative site on the internet, if it isn’t already.

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