House Passes The PRO Act

What do you think?

This isn’t going anywhere because the “party of the working class” will unanimously oppose it like the $15 minimum wage or the $1,400 stimulus checks in the Senate.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce opposes the bill and elected Republicans out of instinct or habit or both seem to defer to the Chamber even though it has gone over to the Democrats. The wealthy upper middle class suburban voters who used to oppose stuff like this because of “conservative principles” are also Democrats now. The Koch Network is also supporting the Democrats now.


“The House voted 225-206 Wednesday evening to pass a sweeping labor rights bill aimed at making it easier for workers to unionize and provide them increased collective bargaining rights in workplace disputes. …

Details: The legislation would also diminish so-called “right-to-work” laws in over two dozen states that let employees forgo participating in and paying union dues. …

The big picture: The PRO Act would restrict companies like Uber and Lyft from classifying workers as independent contractors and improve protections for workers’ right to strike, according to the Economic Policy Institute. …”

Wall Street Journal:

“WASHINGTON—The House late Tuesday passed legislation that would represent the most significant change to labor law in decades, advancing a priority for unions that are pressuring President Bidenand Democrats to deliver legislative victories.

The Protecting the Right to Organize Act, or PRO Act, was approved by the House 225-206, with the support of nearly all Democrats and five Republicans. Backers say the legislation would be a major advancement in employee rights following recent setbacks for organized labor and diminished union membership.

Business groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the App-Based Work Alliance, which includes Uber Technologies Inc., Lyft Inc. and DoorDash Inc., assailed the bill, saying it would trample on state laws and endanger the flexibility that ride-share and delivery drivers enjoy. …”

I don’t have an opinion on this yet.

I would have to study the issue and learn more about the bill. I strongly agree that Uber and Lyft are screwing the hell out of their workers though.

Note: The socialists are supporting it.

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    So what exactly is the very great benefit of a severe labor scarcity? ANSWER:A VERY HIGH REAL WAGE….FOR….THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY

    This is why Alan Greenspan supports flooding America with China’s and India’s Youth Population=NONWHITE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS=NONWHITE SCAB LABOR..


    • Noam Chomsky is an enthusiast for flooding OUR AMERICA WITH CHINESE AND INDIAN LEGAL IMMIGRANTS because he wants OUR PEOPLE DEAD……Noam also supports Kurdish nationalism in Syria because he wants Syrian Arabs and Syrian Christians DEAD…


  2. Neither party supports the working class unless you count Israel,,special interests, and .monopolies “working “class.

  3. This is a massive improvement over Obama who signed a free trade deal with South Korea sending even more American jobs overs seas.

    So far Biden has done some things right like keeping tariffs on China and actually raising tariffs on the UAE.

    If this Pro Act helps the union movement just a little in the end then that is good enough for me. (I actually think some of it may get struck down in courts due to AFSCME v Janus)

    Additionally Biden is closing to securing the bag with the $1400. Dude has done some things right.

  4. AFAIC, the Usual Suspects are going to play identity politics no matter what.

    Before the Civil Rights Acts were passed, Blacks had to deal with discrimination, let’s be honest. However, they sucked it up, didn’t chimp out (at the time) when they were called the N word. They focused strictly on what was in their best interests (and many things that benefits Whites at the time also benefited) them. In the meantime, they organized, organized, organized and used the Usual Suspects who were helping them until they became a powerful voters’ bloc who then wrested control from the Usual Suspects and now have both the Democrats AND the Republicans AND powerful corporations pandering to them.

    And after that, ALL petty insults and slights were avenged like Clinton versus Brazile.

    When a tough question about Hillary Clinton’s emails put her on the spot, I fully believe the reports that she insulted Donna Brazile by comparing her to a stupid water buffalo, but Brazile didn’t resign her Democratic membership then and there or stop supporting the Democrat Party.

    I’ll bet dollars to donuts Donna Brazile was one of the driving forces encourage BLM to force Joe Biden to name a BLACK woman as his running mate. Assuming Biden is taken out (and he probably will not finish his first term – he’ll die or resign or be deemed too incapacitated to continue), it won’t be CLINTON who will be the first woman president, it will be KAMALA HARRIS, a BLACK woman who will beat her to the punch.

    So, let’s ignore the Anti-White rhetoric from the Democrats. Let’s not fall for the okie-dokie when the Republiscum try to exploit it with their dog-whistles only to scatter and grovel and disavow like scalded dogs when the media calls them on it.

    Stay focused on getting what we can and maximizing any benefits. Organize, organize, organize as a our OWN racial voting bloc. That’s what’s proven successful. Pay NO attention to what they SAY and close attention to what they offer you. That’s the way I intend to proceed.

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