Jimmy Dore Responds To The Daily Beast Hit Piece

Alexander Reid Ross is an “anarchist” and “anti-fascist” who works for some Soros and Koch funded astroturf operation called the “National Contagion Research Institute.”

Note: Obviously, I largely agree with people like Jimmy Dore, Michael Tracey and Tulsi on economics and foreign policy because I have always been a populist voter. Hence, the “far right” support. We’ve been opposed to imperialism for 20 years going back to W. and the Iraq War.

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    • This guy is unlistenable. If he performed at the Comedy Store there would be nothing but silence in the room, except for a few stifled groans and the sounds of people getting up to leave.

  1. Immigrants are different, I have real issue with one of my neighbors, it might spin out. A Sri Lankan that fought in his shit nation. Now he’s here,

    Serious stuff. I’m debating if I should kick his ass. Pull him out of his house and beat him senseless.

    A lot of them have gotten comfortable here. It’s a mess.

    Next time I see him it’s on.

    The smiling immigrants are laughing. I’ll wipe that smile off his face,

    Just a heads up: these immigrants from war torn nations are just that.

    • @ ron ,relax my good man, you wont do anybody any good at all in jail, the courts more than happy to.take your money, be smart ignore him, dont lower yourself, he is beneath.you.

  2. This past weekend we had three murders here in my lovely city. I expect some heavy lifting with making money and the new immigrants.

    How anyone could have thought Biden was a better option? Just amazing. The stupidity is just mind numbing.

    Well, they are flooding in, and our culture is being eroded in real time.

    I’m the nicest guy, always calm and rather collective in general, but.. why am I forced to live around these people.

    We all have limits.

    • I see them too. I had a white person from Eastern Europe tell me that when she wanted to come to the US, she had to prove she had a job, where she could support herself, and to show she could speak English. Talk about discriminatory.
      I agree, that our culture will soon be gone. Most whites are too absorbed by football and beer. They don’t even care. They think it’s just fine that we are being annexed to Central America.

  3. Very serious stuff. I was at restaurant with my friend and we having burgers and we were joking around. A guy was killed in that exact area.

    Road rage. The guys was shot up. His car ran into a sign. He had a baby in a car seat. His car was lit up. They were face to face.

    The baby lived. His car was completely ruined. The whole area was isolated for a few hours.

    And the guy was never caught. Strange stuff. I’m in the city but it will spread out. Not sure what to say about that shit. But it happens.

  4. I want to Lee’s liquor the same week. Faces were not good. Spooky. It was around thanksgiving and this guy was shot in the head. He was friends with everyone. The niggers were caught. One thing about my city is the cops don’t play.

    It got to me. Why did this guy have to go that way, the details of what happened are just ugly. The fear the guy went through with niggers masked up and forcing him to open the safe and others niggers holding the store at gun point.

    And they shot the guy, for nothing. It’s just a mess.

  5. I had some dude in my house a few months ago, a kid basically. He was a wild dude I heard. But I had cats and needed to get rid of them. Huge liter and my kids are cool.

    So this guy I met was cool. Shook my hand and made eye contact.

    He ended up killing his girlfriends brother in a fight. Pulled a gun and that was it. I can’t imagine the pain his mother in. I know her. It must be really hard. Within days of me meeting the guy.

    Crazy stuff. You know I get that, but the guy he killed was a teenager too. And his life is basically gone. Very unfortunate.

    It’s just that way now. People just go. If I think on it..

    I warned my kids and always do.

    I really hope things get on a better track and people don’t do things that hurt themselves and others.

    I just soldier on and avoid problems.

    I can’t call it.

  6. Hunter, the Turning book was referred to on timcast. They went over it.

    Decent convo. Check it out.

    You do good work here. I have some disagreements but overall you do good stuff.

  7. “Hence, the “far right” support.”

    The Red / Brown alliance is rising in the light! I would totally consider voting for Tulsi!

  8. @BannedHipster

    “The Daily Beast attacked literally every single “lefty” podcast I actually listen to.”

    Don’t these Fake Newsers realize this behavior just I creases the awareness of these podcasts.

    Now I will have something new to listen too.

  9. Say what you will about Mr. Dore’s politics – he is an honest man and pundit, and, with his rising influence, I expect to see him attacked over and over again.

    In the end, however, I do not think that they, The Establishment, will will able to undo him.

    That’s a good thing.

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