Poll: Joe Biden Gets Mixed Reviews

If Donald Trump’s campaign had listened to the wignats, he would still be president of the United States. He lost the 2020 election for the reasons we said he lost.


“In the new poll, 61% support the $1.9 trillion economic relief bill proposed by Biden and expected to pass in the House Wednesday, and several key provisions of the bill are even more popular. A broad majority of Americans (85%) say they support policies in the bill that would provide larger tax credits for families and make them easier for low-income households to claim, including majorities across party lines (95% of Democrats and 73% of Republicans support it). Around three-quarters favor provisions to provide funding to facilitate a return to the classroom for K-12 students (77%), and sending stimulus checks worth up to $1,400 per person to most families and individuals (76%). Both of those policies also have majority support across party lines (55% of Republicans support each, among Democrats, support tops 90% for each one). …”

Even as the bill is poised to become a major legislative accomplishment for the Biden administration, the President receives somewhat mixed reviews for his handling of some issues, including environmental policy (50% approve, 41% disapprove), helping the middle class (50% approve, 43% disapprove), racial injustice (47% approve, 43% disapprove), foreign affairs (44% approve and 46% disapprove) and immigration (43% approve and 49% disapprove). …”

Look at Joe’s approval rating on the issues:

51% overall approval.

60% approval on COVID.

50% approval on helping the middle class.

43% approval on immigration.

Joe gets high marks on COVID. He is underwater on immigration.

Look at the COVID relief bill.

85% support for the child tax credit.

76% support for the $1,400 stimulus check.

The overwhelming majority supports “social justice” as Father Coughlin understood the term as economic fairness, NOT as woke libs understand the term as political correctness.

The Democrats were unable to deliver the $15 minimum wage even though a majority of voters support it. It is due to the cultural toxicity of the libs with White working class voters in rural states.

Joe gets unanimous opposition from Republicans on immigration. 91% disapprove of Joe’s immigration policies. 53% of Independents and 42% of moderates also oppose Joe’s immigration policies

What do White working class voters think about the $1,400 checks?

What do Republican and Independent voters think about $1,400 checks?

What about the Biden child tax credit which is going to start the process of sending checks to parents? Will that resonate?

What do Republican and Independent voters think about the Biden child tax credit?

There it is.

Trump lost because of the cross-pressured moderate.

The media has this backwards: people like me who are “far right” are the moderates who are in the Center and people like them are the actual extremists who are on the far left side of American politics. The Center of American politics is populist, social conservative, economic moderate like this website.

Note: The polls continue to show little appetite for immigration reform even with “Latinx” voters and strong opposition to Neoliberal Joe’s immigration policies. The strongest headwinds facing Joe are on immigration and gun policy.

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  1. Last year, CNN/SSRS polling had Trump down by 16 points overall, but yeah, take their word as gospel. Surely polling isn’t meant to shape public opinion. It’s all honest work, right?

  2. Hill reporter suggests Democrats could use BIDEN HOLOGRAM to ‘handle his public speeches’

    As President Joe Biden faces scrutiny over his lack of press conferences, and questions about his mental and physical health from the public, the Hill’s Sharyl Attkisson has suggested a solution: use a hologram!
    “Maybe a Biden hologram can handle his public speeches,” she wrote in her Wednesday opinion piece.

    Attkisson acknowledges a recent public poll that found half of Americans are questioning whether Biden is physically and mentally up to the task of the presidency, and that over half are concerned about his lack of press conferences – he will reportedly host one before the end of the month. She says “officials in the administration” have told her they are “mulling far-fetched speculation that, upon further examination, starts to look almost like it is not completely outside the realm of the possible.”


  3. Where’s the State of the Union address? Oh that’s right, Joe isn’t mentally capable of delivering it.

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