Stockton Study Shows Universal Basic Income Can Be Life Changing

Do you remember all the shit I got for supporting UBI in 2019?

Bernie Sanders didn’t support it. Donald Trump didn’t support it. Joe Biden didn’t support it. Most people didn’t support it at the time. “White supremacists” supported it though. After COVID hit and checks started going out, it proved to be immensely popular with the public.

LA Times:

“The concept of universal basic income, which has received a boost from economic conditions during the pandemic, has just received another favorable vote.

This one comes from a study of a two-year guaranteed income project in Stockton, which delivered monthly no-strings-attached checks of $500 to 125 mostly low-income residents.

A preliminary analysis of the first year of the program, through February 2020, found that recipients were “healthier, showing less depression and anxiety and enhanced well-being” than those in a control group not receiving the stipends. …”

Universal Basic Income and Universal Maximum Income was our idea.

The same is true of the income tax, regulation of corporations and telecommunications, free college, a thirty hour work week and Social Security. These were all populist ideas and proposals.

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  1. $2,000 a month UBI.

    If Wall Street – and the foreign government five thousands miles away in Israel – can get trillions in bailouts, then the Fed can start writing checks to Americans.

    Chariman of the Fed Ben Bernake said that if he had to, he would literally throw bags of money out of helicopters to stop deflation. Well, the economy has deflated.

    So start writing those checks, Janet Yellin.

    • The critical factor is, they can’t control where deflation and inflation will occur.
      You may get meteoric inflation in house prices and rents, while deflation hits wages.
      A double crush on working people.

      Money printing doesn’t cause uniform inflation.

      • @Arrian

        “You may get meteoric inflation in house prices ”

        Um, where have you been for the last, I don’t know, 50 years?

        The entire economy runs on inflating house prices and inflation in the stock market. It’s called “the FIRE economy” and it’s been on the verge of collapse since George W. Bush – hence, the massive money printing.

        But now that they might actually give some of the money being printed to people who are not Wall Street bankers, now all of a sudden people are worried about inflation?

        Fiscal conservatives are like children just realizing that Santa Claus is really daddy and that the entire Santa thing was fake.

        Consumer prices are not increasing due to the money printing. Your 401k and your overpriced suburban home, yes. But conservatives love it when the stock market gets inflated because they think that makes them rich.

        Good lord the death of the GOP can’t come soon enough.

        P.S. – if anyone is seriously worried about inflation, the solution is simple: buy gold coins. There, now you will profit from inflation. If you aren’t doing that, you aren’t actually concerned about inflation, you are just upset someone other than jew bankers gets to print money.

  2. JRC’s sovereign wealth fund based UBI, initially funded with Friedman’s helicopter money, i.e., quantitative easing, remains on the table. Join. me in the fight for $25,00] per annum.

  3. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

    Is is April Fools day or something?

    To sum up, you want Whites on “gibs-me-dat”?
    What a way to strengthen our racial resolve and forge our way ahead. (Sarc)

    • Absolutely.

      Conservative economics impoverished Whites in the Gilded Age. It has done the same thing since the 1980s. In both cases, it led to an oligarchy that owns everything and corrupts the political system by buying politicians. The oligarchy we have today is militantly anti-White. Why on earth would anyone support an oligarchy that is disproportionately Jewish and anti-White? It makes far more sense to give all their money away to working class voters who are more sympathetic to us and aligned with us.

      • HW, you have many good points, but in this racial cesspool, UBI would be throwing gasoline on a fire.

        Of course, there would have to be UBI for refugees, immigrants and illegals. Just imagine the flood that would create.

        • This is like saying “you can’t have $1,400 because the nigger down the street will also have $1,400.” Most people are like who cares? Why should I care about their happiness when it isn’t ruining mine?

          • You’re not taking my point.

            This initial 1400 or future UBI will cause greater long term negative consequences than the short term positives. We are already seeing the start of some bad inflation, meat, lumber, copper, fast food. It is just beginning.
            The inflation trend doesn’t just end, it cascades and builds momentum.

            Yes, yes, I agree, billionaires and corps get it, so why shouldn’t the average guy get some. I understand. Still, the consequences are going to be nasty.

            Enjoy the pittance, while it lasts.

          • I grasp your point.

            Your point is that people should be angry about getting $1,400 and the child tax credit because some nigger down the street is also getting it. My point is that I don’t care and disingenuous arguments like that are made by people who don’t want to do anything ever for the working class. Those people don’t give a shit about White workers or black workers. They only care about their money. When they were in charge of Congress and had the power to pass a bill more to their tastes, their preference was to do nothing.

            As for inflation, why do we only hear the inflation argument when money is being spent on workers, but not on things like spending $740 billion a year on the military? If these people care so much about inflation, then why is the national debt $28 trillion dollars? These people have been in Congress for decades and signed off on all the things that created the current level of the national debt. They are the ones who spent all that money and so far not $1 has been spent on this. Back in December, these same frauds passed the $600 stimulus check while overriding Trump’s veto of the NDAA on New Year’s Day, which proves that it is not spending or “inflation” that they care about it. It is only what the money is being spent on which is ordinary people instead of military contractors.

        • @ Arrian, re: “UBI would be throwing gasoline on a fire”:

          True. Populist reform measures including UBI are like fertilizer, or like a renewal pruning, that only invigorates the capitalist tree as long as it is not uprooted. Populist reformism is, overall, a harmful distraction from seeing what really needs to be done:

          ‘My good friends, things cannot go on well in England, nor ever will until everything shall be in common, when there shall be neither vassal nor lord, and all distinctions levelled; when the lords shall be no more masters than ourselves.” John Ball

          Now reigneth pride in prize
          and covetousness is held wise,
          and lechery without shame
          and gluttony without blame.
          Envy reigneth with treason
          and sloth is taken in great season.
          God do boot, for now is time. Amen.

      • Nah we need to make Whites destitute so our “racial resolve” will increase.

        Better yet, we could take all wealth from the White working class and give it to billionaires. The billionaires will be ruined because they will all become dependent upon gibs, while White racial resolve will soar to new heights under homelessness and starvation.

    • In the current situation, yes.

      Trump wanted to send out freebees during 2020. McConnell fucked up that effort. It happened anyway under a Democratic administration.

      The fckn idiot.

    • @Gunny

      “What a way to strengthen our racial resolve and forge our way ahead.”

      Watch out, we’re just getting started. Boomer conservatives can go back to the old folk’s home and keep watching TV until their Latina nurse gives you the “My Pillow” treatment.

      It’s racially eugenic.

      Show me the money!

    • All the other races (and ESPECIALLY the (((Chosen))) rulers) are getting not just a bit of gibs but their entire existence subsidized by Whites.

      UBI for Whites would not be “Gibs” but a very very small step towards paying Whites back for the last century of hundreds of Millions of lives, blood, sweat and tears and literally untold Trillions of dollars in resources transferred (without consent, i.e. stolen) from Whites and given to uninvited racial strangers.

      The money printer is and has been going BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for a long time, and has only been able to do so off the backs of Whites. It’s time for Whites to actually get some of that. UBI of a Million each per month would still only begin to scratch the surface of what Whites are owed.

      Insert “No thanks, I’d rather give it to Israel” meme pic.

  4. Stockton is, by all reports, a 3rd world shithole. I say that, even though, some of my ancestors were early settlers of Stockton. Ukiah, another area my ancestors settled, seems to be doing OK, and is still around 40%-50% non-Hispanic White. I should go out and visit, but, it would probably be depressing.

  5. “Stockton is, by all reports, a 3rd world shithole.”
    The daily understatement.

    500$, what’s that? Enough to afford a tent by the river ?

    This ‘study’ is so subjective, as to be useless.

    Don’t worry abt UBI. When this 28 tril in debt rolls over and capsizes, you’ll be grasping for anything of real value.

    • “When this 28 tril in debt rolls over and capsizes”:

      It cannot roll over or capsize because the U.S. Empire OWNS the Almighty Dollar – and you might say, the U.S. IS the Almighty Dollar – that the rest of or nearly all of the world worships. Increasing the debt only makes the Empire richer and even more powerful.

  6. I understand the concept if the niggers get it, why can’t Whites but what you eventually get is lazy Whites dependent on the govt saying gibs me dat. We want less govt, not more.

    • No, we don’t.

      We don’t want conservative economic policies. Those policies only benefit the top 10% of the country which is militantly anti-White and enforces political correctness and which lives off inherited wealth and dividend income.

      • That’s what you get with big govt, That’s what you’re getting now. Anti-White govt policies. It doesn’t matter if it comes from dem/rep. They are the govt.

        • I’m not a conservative.

          I don’t have a problem with “big government.” Conservatives rail against “big government” because they are owned by their donors, want to serve Wall Street, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and billionaires and screw the working class. Whenever they are in power, they do their fake “culture war” rhetoric while upholding political correctness and cater exclusively to the needs of the wealthy. We saw this when they used budget reconciliation, not to do anything their base wanted them to do, but to pass the Trump tax cuts.

          The government should regulate and break up big corporations like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter and so forth that have colluded to ban us from the internet and which relentlessly promote homosexuality. It should regulate Wall Street and the big banks. It should tax oligarchs who are ferociously anti-White and especially the professional class who the polls consistently show are the most anti-White group in the country. Libertarianism has empowered our enemies and degenerated our culture.

          • Don’t you realize you contradict yourself all the time? Big govt supports Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They gave those monopolies you claim to want gone big tax breaks and incentives.

            I’m not a “conservative” either but I know the dangers of govt. If you support govt, you should have sided with the Yankees. They are the ones that took away the states rights from the south and made them answer to Northern govt.

          • No, I don’t.

            I had the same view on this subject when Trump was president. It was Trump who used budget reconciliation to pass a huge corporate tax cut and a big tax cut for millionaires. It was also Trump who did nothing about tech censorship for four years as president. I criticized him the entire time for his policies

    • “what you eventually get is lazy Whites dependent on the govt saying gibs me dat.”

      Beyond that, we get a gov with vastly more power over the citizens.

      “You don’t vote for brother Biden, say goodbye to your EBT, stimulus check, housing voucher etc.”

      • The standard BS conservative line. If White people ever take anything from the government, then the government will have us right where they want us. We will become dependent, and next thing we know we’re living on the Democrat plantation eating chitlins and singing coon songs.

    • Exactly. We all pay for it. This is nothing but short-term feel-goodism, with bad long-term consequences.

    • Right now, it looks like most of the stimulus is flowing into BTC.
      Up almost 2000%, in a year. BTC has gained 900 billion in market value.

      It would be an irony, if the stimulus only causes inflation, a weak economy and bitcoin billionaires.

    • Here’s a whimsical thought.

      Suppose zog keeps printing money, with the bulk of that value flowing into crypto.
      Causing crypto to rise and more ppl chasing price with more buying.
      Then , some major banks, in Europe or Asia clearing transactions in crypto and offering credit cards in crypto, with commerce increasing in crypto.

      Zog could print so much money, that they print themselves out of business.

  7. It’s not the size of government that counts, it’s who comprises it. A big gummint run by Uncle ‘Dolf or Andrew Jackson that broke the backs of the globalist billionaires, banksters & CEOs ramming White genocide down our throats would suit me just fine.

  8. The short-term benefits of child credit and ubi and so on are undeniable. Who wouldn’t want extra money coming in for no additional work on their part? It does reduce anxiety about income – how could it not? There are, however long-term ramifications if we get this money and then don’t have a plan to free up time to 1. create a movement and eventually an alternative political infrastructure that will get our people free from the federal leviathan and 2. Build and develop the almost autonomous, self-reliant local communities needed to make part one work in the long run. The two choices are a running game forever in which we decouple from the system (or, hypothetically, destroy it, but that’s a turrizm and I’m not advocating for that) OR to just hope that the anti-white liberal system keeps feeding us all this money while the private sector fires us for not being woke enough, while swarthy mobs and antifa destroy our cultural heritage, while the overseas wars for wall street, Israel, and sodomy never end etc. If we don’t “let the bourgeoisie sell us the rope to hang them with” then we ourselves are just livestock. My point is, all this money and relief package and so on would be great if we knew the regime wasn’t committed to our destruction. But it is. And besides, what is there to buy with this money anyway? More junk from China? More junk food groceries from anti-white Walmart? More cars that aren’t even fun to drive anymore? Guns and ammo are irrelevant no matter how much money you have coming in, as all that will surely be illegal soon anyway and will only get your dog shot by the feds. Paying rent in the city where your kids can’t go to school without being robbed on the way or start popping pills or getting knocked up by the hoodrat point guard of their own volition? None of this stuff matters. Normal happy life is over and impossible no matter how much ubi uncle sam gives us.

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