Insurrectionists Resume Attacks On Portland Federal Courthouse

Look at ’em go!

The brats are the literal embodiment of white privilege.

Have you ever wondered how they manage to get away with this? If you went out and did something this, could you get away with it? Would your mom come out and support you engaging in criminal activity?

Note: If they continue to embarrass Joe like this and wreck the narrative, the Democrats are going to lose the 2022 midterms.

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  1. Yeah, but according to now confirmed US-ZOG Attorney General (((Merrick Garland))), it’s not domestic terrorism because antifa attack and destroy after these federal buildings are closed for that day’s business and court proceedings.

    • I should have known that jew Garland was going to eventually reappear, like a stubborn turd that refuses to be flushed away.

  2. There’s rules for Whites and they’re rules for blacks and communists but they’re not the same rules. What’s happening in Portland is a lot worse than what happened at the capital. The jews and media would have you think different.

    I’ll say it again, the media and politicians fear BLM and Antifa because they’re violent. They pretend to support them publicly so they don;t come to their homes and places of businesses, but privately, they loath and fear them because they know what would happen if they went against them. One day the Whites will learn the fear and intimidation is a great weapon. The communists (Modern day Antifa) were defeated in Germany, Spain and Italy because the Fascists knew violence can only defeat violence.

    • Yep, management class is afraid. They created this monster and now this monster coming after them.

      What we see, is only training. All armies let the unprepared troops attack less dangerous targets first. When they think their troops are ready, they move on real targets and then real shit show begins.

      Trump was very wise when he scared the MAGA army into hiding. As much I feel sorry for repressed, they were necessary evil.

      When now Antifa really attacks, MAGA army stands by, not fighting to defend corrupt institutions. There are also foreigner’s coming in. For example the infamous Ukraine Azov battalion what is de facto Antifa.

      They have serious battle experience so when those guys join in then there will be not one Ashlli Babbit but more dead bodies than Ukraine civil war.

      Actually The Swamp created this monster to fight MAGA but stable genius turned the tables so now they are the target. It is good to have wise leader in the war time.

      In some time, white people must join in like in Spain civil war but let the communists destroy the corrupt Empire first.

    • The Russian People have a different view of Hitler. Go ask Russian Military Analyst the Saker and Andrie Martyanov what they think of Hitler’s invasion of Russia.

      I don’t understand the modern day worship of Franco.Franco used Muslim troops to subdue Spainish working Class during the Spanish Civil War. The cause of the Spanish Civil War was the concentration of Land Ownership in a few hands.

      Franco alive today would be the enforcer for the Cuban Oligarch’s down in Miami and everglades….He would ahead of Death Squads employed by Fanjoul Family Sugar Cane Plantation Family in South Florida….I despise the Miami Cubans with every fiber of my being….

      The Capitalist Pig Class in America funds the Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

      The heart of the issue:the post-1945 ANTI-COMMIE CRUSADE was deeply intertwined with post-1965 RACE-REPLACEMENT IMMIGRATION POLICY….

      IF I WERE LIVING IN SPAIN IN THE 1930s I would have fought against Franco…

      Pinochet was not our friend either…..

        • You have no idea what you are Talking about….you are so profoundly ignorant…The fact that you mentioned the nonentity Dugan as an authority shows how profoundly ignorant you are…

      • Why a Worker’s Paradise need a 2000 mile long kill line to shoot anyone trying to escape from it?

  3. The silver spoon punks will continue until their god damned black-masked heads start erupting like volcanoes.

    The only answer to 2021 is 1933.

  4. The mid terms are just gonna flip the senate, maybe the house to the republican establishment and we will be exactly where we were three years ago, gridlock.

    Without solidly Pro White candidates in office, the elections are largely meaningless.

    It will certainly make it far less likely that Biden can pull off a gun grab, which is something i’m expecting he will try.

  5. Eventually these animals come to take our lives or try to on the command of the chosen. We then fight back. We win. Afterwards we are to be guilted to death by the Jews for defending our lives, ten times worse than the Holocaust screeching. That is the big Jew plan to turn us away from Christ and prepare the world for their Moshiach. These people, the Jews are sick disgusting animals, pure filth.

  6. “Have you ever wondered how they manage to get away with this?”

    No, I haven’t.

    They’re in Pacifica and Yankeedom. There’s one set of standards for Yankees and their descendants in their Pacific coast colonies, and another set of standards for us subordinate subjects in conquered, Normal America.

    These people aren’t Southerners insisting that they have the same legal and political rights as Pennsylvanians, New Yorkers and Michiganders. Or Cliven Bundy. They’re children of the New England Moral-Political Paradigm, practicing the time honoured Yankee tradition of social justice activism. That’s why it’s not a national crisis, or even an insurrection. It’s just Yankees Yanking.

  7. Anti-White screamers and thugs and TPTB are on the same Anti-White team. The fate of the “two party system” is secondary to terrorizing and getting rid of White people.

  8. There has always been a certain amount of anarchist/communist/socialist activity in the Portland and Seattle area since early in the last century, and before. In the last few decades it has really blossomed into something ugly.

    Hoover and the Federal Government didn’t go after the Anarchist/Communists until they attempted to kill the Attorney General and other Federal Officials. Then the Feds got religion.

  9. Whether you’re an “insurrectionist” depends upon your race and your ideological affiliations.

  10. The FBI, DOJ & the rest of the (((feds))) aren’t going after the fucking scum as “domestic terrorists” even though they’re committing almost all the political violence because they’re the same team: the commie punks do the attacks on Normal Whites that the feds know need to be done to cow them into accepting their subjugation & replacement, but they can’t do it themselves.

    Meanwhile, the Dump-incited Qtards that forced their way into the Crapitol to take selfies will get the Iron Heel of long stints in federal prison.

    You think the likes of Wray, Brennan & (((Merrick))) don’t love it?

  11. Is anyone here shedding tears because the Evil Empire’s property is being damaged? I know I’m not.

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