Poll: QAnon Is Exaggerated

I will dive more into this poll tomorrow.

In the meantime, this is an interesting finding: conspiratards are a distinct cluster of Republican voters who account for almost all QAnon support in the post-Trump GOP. Half of Republican voters either don’t know much about or have never heard of QAnon. Only 13% support QAnon.

Fabrizio Lee:

I recognize this cluster of voters.

Back in 2017, the Voter Study Group labeled them the “Anti-Elites.” These people are essentially a swath of the Alt-Lite. It is the Alex Jones rightwing conspiracy sphere.

These people are an important chunk of Trump’s base. They are distinct from the “American Preservationists” or “Market Skeptic Republicans” though.

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  1. Was Q really wrong in the end?

    Putting aside a lot of the goofier bullshit, their core charge (that the government is infested with pedophiles who have no legitimacy) seems to have been completely vindicated.

    • My Q relatives (a sister and her brood) are convinced Ashli Babbitt didn’t get shot by that SS guard in DC. I dunno if you can have any truck with that mentality. As soon as you think you’ve got somewhere these freaks say that some outrage against your people was just staged. Wtf is going on their minds? They say it was done to make Trump look bad…wtf? The whole point of the deep state in a sense is to make it possible for blacks to harass, rape and murder white women, with impunity. That’s literally what that baboon cop did.

      • It’s a Boomercon coping mechanism.

        They can’t accept that the bad things that happen to them are real. They don’t want to believe they’re not in charge of the situation. I noticed it way back when I was a Ron Paul fan. Whenever those of us who cared about jobs, immigration, and national identity tried to engage in those issues the Paulites would always direct the conversation back to the gold standard, monetary policy or whatever other stupid shit. Real tough issues are depressing and scary, and the Boomers do their best to stay away.

    • That’s a dumb way of looking at it. If anything, Q ends up discrediting the real stories like Epstein by linking these real stories to false and retarded nonsense. Epstein running a Mossad blackmail operation is a real story. The FBI openly working to cover it all up is a real story. Trying to link these real stories into a larger fantasy about Trump rescuing the mole children from underground black hat military bases or Joe Biden being a hologram just taints the entire thing.

      • Exactly. Q-Anon is a Mossad psy-op. It’s patterned after one used by the usual suspects shortly after the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. Basically a salvation fantasy which served to discredit those who actually noticed the (((mensch behind the curtain))). It’s another type of gaslighting. Not the type where you see folks accepting whatever the lügenpresse spews out, but one designed for those who are not so trusting of their overlords.

  2. Experience > polls.

    If you were paying attention to the right in 2020, you know what happened.

    By the end of 2020 the entire right was dominated (and paralyzed) by something you might call weaponized conspiratorial reactionary-libertarian stupidity.

    That includes all boomer right factions and the dissident right as well.

    The left isn’t entirely wrong to link this to Q-Anon, although they are describing the problem imperfectly.

    Very few of these people identified as Q-Anon supporters, but all of them bought into anti-reality paralysis inducing narratives that were substantially similar to Q-Anon in key areas. The right was finally united… around trusting the plan… pretending that Trump really won the election… and complaining about wearing masks during a pandemic.

    IE: The right was exactly where the powers that be want it; promoting conspiratorial libertarianism that is so obviously wrong that it makes the establishment look good by comparison. A scripted loser bogeyman role. Contrast with a hypothetical right which is firmly rooted in nationalist values… faces reality instead of denying it… and wants to use state power instead of whining about it. That was what we wanted, but we didn’t get it.

    By 2020 the right had regressed to where it was before the Alt-Right came along.. and the remnants of the Alt-Right had mostly regressed with it.

    Even before Jan 6th Q-Anon functioned as a sort of scapegoat; a grifter would promote Q-anon-like weaponized conspiratorial reactionary-libertarian stupidity… while distancing himself from overt Q-anon belief. It allowed people to market themselves as more level headed, while still promoting the official weaponized conspiratorial reactionary-libertarian stupidity narrative.

    This is doubly true after the stop the steal fiasco… last time I checked in on Alex Jones he was defining himself in opposition to Q-Anon and acting like his brand was way more in touch with reality.

    2020 should not be forgotten and the significance of it should not be underestimated. The entire right went more than a little crazy in 2020. This calls into question whether or not they are really fit to rule. The fact that they were manipulated by bad actors isn’t really an excuse… the bad actors had fertile ground to work with.

    It’s not clear that the right has really learned much, they just want to re-elect Trump at this point. What happened to the right in 2020 absolutely can happen again.

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