Jacobin: Is America Too Racist For Social Democracy?

Editor’s Note: He is a paid shill like all the rest of them.

Strangely no.

75% of the country is eagerly checking their bank accounts for the arrival of the $1,400 stimmy. It is worth noting that America made greater strides toward social democracy in the early 20th century when it was much more “racist” than it is today. FDR’s political base was the Jim Crow South.

The country is not nearly as polarized as it seems. It is just that Trump voters hate the libs for cultural reasons and feel the need to own them. In fact, it is largely other White people who they are mad at over political correctness, modernism, cosmopolitanism and open borders. It is two groups of White people who are extremely polarized and hate each other and who “own” the other side.

If someone could get the libs to shut up and knock it off on political correctness and open borders (stuff them in a locker for a year), it would really solve almost everything.

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  1. “Racism” is a jew invented term to silence anyone that speaks the truth about certain races. It should mean nothing but the jews weaponized it to demonize Whites.

    • The blood curse, is racism. Jews fully accepted racism against them in exchange for the cold blooded murder of the innocent Christ. Let his blood be on us and our children, are the words. Racist against Jews is fully sanctioned and approved by God almighty up to and until the Jews accept Christ as their one and only true messiah. Be clear in understanding what I am saying, God demands you hate Jewish blood for what they did to his only son.

  2. It’s hard to see today’s Liberals as ‘liberal’, because, to be that, you have to be tolerant, understanding, kind and concerned, in actual fact, for others.

    In 1970 it was common to find ‘Liberals’ who fit the aforementioned criteria.

    Today, ‘Liberals’ are childish and petulant nihilists who, very selectively concerned for those who aid them in the construct they assert to their script, are in a constant temper tantrum because they have not, yet, been handed the right to lobotomize and redesign everyone who will not suscribe to their perverse worldview – nothing more emblematic of that than their view that there are dozens of genders, but, race, however, is a ‘construct’.

    • @ good god almighty ivan, you just hit that ball into another galaxy, with this posting, ” par excellence, mon sir.

    • So right, Ivan.

      Liberal use to mean someone who sacrificed themselves for a worthy cause.
      Like a rich WHITE doctor giving poor rural WHITES free medical care.
      The word has been hijacked.

      Like the rest of our language, twisted to serve evil goals, ie gay.

      • @Arrian…

        Thank you for the kind affirmation. Yes, the Leftist persistent torment of English is a major evidence of what you, me, Terry, and many of us see.

  3. @ “feel the need too own them”, i disagree, i think it is more like they are evil and must be, confronted, contained,. That accomplished, thee proper course of action too take, will be much more clear.

  4. White people are the LEAST “racist” of any human beings on earth, throughout all of history.

    The average African-American is more racist than any Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Indian Hindus and Arab Muslims literally bring their slaves to America posing as “housekeepers.” Chinese people hate Koreans, Koreans hate the Japanese. Cubans despise Mexicans who think Guatemalans are barely even human beings.

    In fact the only “white” group that is seriously – and openly – racist are Ashkenazi Jews, who make Hitler and the Nazis look like multicultural peace activists.

    “Anti-racist” is just a code word for “anti-white.”

    The trick anti-whites use is to always accuse other people of what they themselves are doing.

    What did Bernie Sanders do? He “marched with the blacks in the 60’s” – but not to protest a segregated Jewish neighborhood, or against American support for apartheid Israel. No, Bernie Sanders “marched with the blacks” to protest some immigrant Polish Catholic neighborhood, to try to distract “the blacks” from Bernie’s own racist Jewish community.

    White people need to stop taking these jokers seriously. It’s time to put our own people first.

  5. The Civil War wasn’t worth it to free the blacks….

    WW 2 wasn’t worth it to save the Jews…..

    • Agree. The War Between the States should have never been fought. The Confederacy was it’s own nation when the North declared war on them. Every school teaches that the war was fought over slavery, which is wrong. That war was fought over some of the same problems we have today, including tariffs. It’s too bad that European nations, who were quite interested in the South’s agriculture, didn’t step in to help. The Confederacy could have won.

      • @ pilot, my only point of.contention with you sir, would be, thee confederacy , requiring european assistance the bloody, hellish war, was still an internal , american war , our soldiers fought honorably, victory without honor? If we could not win it, on our own, it wasnt too be.

  6. The Democratic Party wants to MURDER IN COLD BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Working Class White Males…

    And it is for this reason, that WW 2 wasn’t worth it…….that’s for sure….

  7. For one thing, social democracy is only a half-way measure. It is still the same rotten capitalism, not socialism.

    Democratic “socialists” including Bernie and “the Squad” who are called communists, and those who call them communists, have no idea what communism is. They are capitalist to the core.

    Foreign social democracies have no strength, and they return to full laissez faire capitalism with the slightest nudge by the U.S. CIA. Only a real, cultural, political revolution can eradicate the systemic capitalist disease within a nation’s borders.

    The MU:LTI-ethnic (created by capitalism and capitalist imperialism) population (I won’t call it a people) of the U.S. Empire is not natural! The U.S. is the complete opposite of an Ethno-national socialist republic.

  8. There were a few brave souls, who are now called antifederalists, that told the masonic lawyers of Philadelphia that it wouldn’t work.

    It failed. A secret society worshiping Lucifer is no substitute for Christendom.

  9. It’s the opposite. America is too anti-racist for social democracy. The anti-racism obsession of the American ruling class prevents any movement towards socialist or labor policies. Whether it was consciously designed for that purpose or not, it now serves that function.

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