Georgetown Law Fires Professor For Politically Incorrect Comment


Sandra Sellers broke racial etiquette and stepped on a landmine. It detonated and destroyed her career. Let this be a lesson to anyone else who dares to be a little too candid about race. You will also be severely punished for saying what you really think about the issue.

FOX News:

Georgetown University’s law school says it has fired a White professor and placed another on administrative leave Thursday after a video surfaced showing them engaging “in a conversation that included reprehensible statements concerning the evaluation of Black students.” 

The footage at the center of the controversy — which has gone viral on Twitter with more than 500,000 views — shows Professor Sandra Sellers speaking to Professor David Batson over Zoom about students’ academic performance. 

“You know what? I hate to say this, I end up having this angst every semester that a lot of my lower ones are Blacks,” Sellers says. “Happens almost every semester and it’s like ‘oh come on.'” …”

You can’t even talk about racial differences in outcomes now even in the sense of just saying the intractable gaps causes you anxiety because they never go away. All White people in this country are guilty and complicit in systematic racism and benefit from their white privilege.

As I have been saying, White professionals are the people who feel the most silenced by this nonsense because they work in these institutions and have to put up with this toxic culture in their workplace. While there are true believers, there are also lots of people who feel like they are behind enemy lines and who spout the right slogans and go with the flow and blend in to avoid the outrage mobs.

If this was an enlightened country, we would just admit that racial differences exist and seem to be heritable to some degree and there is nothing really anyone can do about it and we should try to navigate around the issue instead of organizing mobs to burn people at the stake. Charles Murray has a book coming out this summer called Facing Reality which is certain to get him in a lot of trouble.

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  1. Her comments were so mild, as to be inert.

    It shows how the anaconda of censorship is progressively crushing it’s victim, us.

  2. these students these 2 profs are anguished about
    are the sort of lawyers deserved by coca cola.

  3. All she did was tell the truth abut one of the protected races. The man was also fired for not correcting her.

  4. Alternately, if a nonwhite prof decided to rig white students’ test scores in a negative way, nothing would happen to them.

  5. Georgetown did her a favor. Who would want to work for a people or a place that punishes honesty and truthfulness? Let Georgetown staff its faculty with deceitful liars that will serve them right.

  6. Its inhumane and dangerous to have blacks in school and its cruel unusual punishment to have a multicultural diversity of a anxious tense environment that pits race after another

    Don’t think of segregation in school of separating the races Think of it at producing the best results for your students to learn but you can’t convince libtards of this or cuckservatives for that matter now they gone full neo liberal tard

    Full stop tho ask any black teacher how unwilling, difficult, prone to tantrums their black students are

    • “Full stop tho ask any black teacher how unwilling, difficult, prone to tantrums their black students are”

      There are different rules for different groups. That’s how it works. A black teacher can talk all the shit he or she wants. White people are to grovel and self-flagellate. You walk on egg shells and beg for the “other” for atonement and admonishment.

  7. She was an antiracist LAMENTING about how things are not going the way it should. She still got eaten up by her own faction for not towing the line. LMAO.

  8. For those who don’t know, Georgetown is a Catholic university with a lot of neocons on the faculty. It’s hotbed of the pro-establishment right. So there is a lot of irony in this.

  9. I just watch the free broadcast channels and one of the multiplexes runs endless reruns of older stuff. Some show from 2008 called “First 48” with a film crew following around homicide detectives in a bunch of big cities. Seems a world apart now that such a show was even made. Almost every single murder is just a bunch of dumb blacks. It’s virtually the same story over and over, some black is packing a gun, gets angry about some dumb shit, and shoots another one. This is how urban whites who don’t think things through can be for gun control. It’s pretty apparent it’s not a good idea for blacks to carry around guns.

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