Poll: American Democracy Only Caters To The Rich and Powerful

The division in this country is inflamed and exaggerated by the media.

American Survey Center:

“The surge in partisan polarization in America has made it a rarity that Democrats and Republicans could ever find common ground on an issue. However, data from the new January 2021 American Perspectives Survey (APS) reveals one important area where Democrats and Republicans seem to agree. Seventy percent of Democrats and 66 percent of Republicans agree that American democracy only serves the interests of the wealthy and powerful …

The view that American democracy only serves the interests of the wealthy and powerful is strongly felt among younger partisans ages 18 to 29. Nearly eight in 10 young Democrats (77 percent) and Republicans (79 percent) agree that democracy only works to benefit the wealthy. Older partisans (ages 65 and older), also agree, by significantly smaller margins. Sixty-two percent of older Democrats and 59 percent of older Republicans say democracy only serves the wealthy and powerful. …”

What is the “mainstream”?

Is the “mainstream” the consensus of people on television that no one watches anymore like Brian Stelter and Don Lemon? Is it people who work for Jeff Bezos?

I would love to see the terms “far right” and “extremist” precisely defined. I would also like to know exactly how many people share these views. How many of these “extremists” under the age of 50 are “far right”? How many people are nationalists and populists? How many people agree with mainstream conservatives? What is the relative size of these two groups in 2021?

The New Yorker:

“A day after Donald Trump’s permanent ban from Twitter, the streaming platform DLive announced that it had “suspended indefinitely” a twenty-two-year-old streamer named Nicholas Fuentes. In a post explaining its decision, the platform cited Fuentes’s role in “inciting violent and illegal activities” during the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, D.C., on January 6th. Although Fuentes has denied entering the Capitol building that day, there’s little doubt that he was a vocal provocateur of the insurrection that took place. A report by Hatewatch, at the Southern Poverty Law Center, reviewed live-streamed footage shot during the riot and claimed that Fuentes could be seen encouraging the mob outside the Capitol, saying, “Break down the barriers and disregard the police. The Capitol belongs to us.”

It was, in a way, a mild offense for Fuentes, who had been using DLive to stream his podcast “America First,” a rant-driven show in which he promoted tired white-nationalist talking points, all while attacking prominent conservatives, such as Ben Shapiro, for being too soft. (Fuentes has denied that he is a white nationalist.) In one stream, made just days before the Capitol riot, Fuentes railed against Republican legislators, saying, “What are we going to do to them? What can you and I do to a state legislator besides kill them?” …”

How is Nick Fuentes an “extremist” these days?

Clearly, it is the so-called “mainstream” or “center right” or Never Trump or GOP establishment wing that is on the ropes. Qanon conspiracy theorists alone are about the size of that faction.

Most people disagree with cucks like David French.

Note: The polls consistently show now that these people are a disaffected 10% to 15% rump that stands out due to their cosmopolitan values.

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  1. How to become a millionaire: Become a congressmen, or senator, take a yearly salary and when your term or career is over, you have made millions with book deals. How does that happen? Payoffs and bribes.

    • They get direct cash payoffs, and insider trading info on the rigged stock market. They are given multiple very lucrative positions on company boards after their terms end. They are paid in sexual favors with underage grils, then filmed and blackmailed to ensure their loyalty to the state of Israel, etc.

  2. Joe Biden’s GENOCIDAL demonization of Christian Russia continues apace with Joe Biden’s GENOCIDAL demonization of Vladimir Putin today…….

    Go to Unz Review and read The Saker’s urgent post today.

    I will point out that the daily genocidal Demonization of Vladimir Putin is perfectly correlated with the daily GENOCIDAL demonization of THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN RACIAL MAJORITY OF AMERICA…..

    I am predicting on attack on Russian Speaking Donbas very soon by the US subsidized-trained Azov Neo-Nazi Brigade…very soon.

    The Democratic Party is an out-of-control Demonic MONSTROSITY….

    We live in a morally inverted Universe….

    • Yes, crazy Joe, calling Putin a killer.
      Russia has recalled it’s ambassador to Moscow, that is a very serious diplomatic warning shot. Sometimes a prelude to war.

      Russian is lead by a brilliant intelligence officer.
      We are lead by a incompetent senile old political hack.

    • “We live in a morally inverted Universe….”

      I would say…..We live in a morally inverted nation….

      Nonetheless, the general idea is still valid.( some countries still have solid cultures).

  3. Currently, both sides in American politics effectively serve as meat shields for the wealthy, powerful and highly neurotic.

    When the Republicans are in office, they do bad things that mostly benefit the elite. However, the voters are encouraged to take the blame for those bad things. They’re even convinced to feel a false sense of accomplishment and power; they “owned” the other side by implementing an awful policy that, as it turns out, mostly just benefits the elite.

    When the Democrats are in office, they do bad things that mostly benefit the elite. However, the voters are encouraged to take the blame for those bad things. They’re even convinced to feel a false sense of accomplishment and power; they “owned” the other side by implementing an awful policy that, as it turns out, mostly just benefits the elite.

    This paradigm can be stable for quite some time; both parties do bad things when they are in office, so this naturally generates a backlash against them, leading to either gridlock or the typical paradigm where the party in power loses seats in the next election. The status quo continues and nothing gets done… except for bad things that benefit the wealthy, powerful and highly neurotic.

    What’s worse is that the voters in each party are focused on each other; they’re barely even paying attention to the wealthy and powerful who are taking advantage of them.

    In theory populism could disrupt this paradigm by getting the people to switch their focus to their common oppressor. That would make change possible.

    Needless to say, in the American system this would be quite difficult, because the people have been divided quite effectively. And of course, that was done intentionally, to protect the elites (and the highly neurotic).

    Still, this hints that Trumpism stopped being populism immediately after he took office.

    At first it was activating non-voters and bringing in Reagan democrats to confront the treasonous GOP elite and challenge the bipartisan policy consensus.

    But then it switched over to reinforcing the standard red vs blue paradigm. It effectively just tried to turn those newly politically activated people into Hannity watchers and loyal “red” voters.

    It was a trick to stabilize the two party system which protects the elite. And it worked.

  4. Race and class are the most salient factors of my identity. But they are inter related and inextricably linked.

    I work for wealthy people. I interact with them daily. They take for granted their ability to influence their business environment through pressure applied to the political system with money and favors. They take their heavily subsidized business model for granted. They are race aware, but driven to virtue signal because of status consciousness.

    They are White. But I would never count on them as allies because their wealth is predicated on compliance with and the appearance of respectability to the elite concensus and they are loyal to that concensus.

    I have no aspirations to their encumbrances. My own combination of these factors leads me to value independence foremost. Always has. Class is a constant in human culture. Always has been. Its not bad innately.

    If the political dichotomy is reduced to class warfare, without regard for racial differences, we will just wind up with some variation of marxism. It will be dishonest, inorganic, and destructive to our interests. Class reductionism is dangerous precisely because it is deracinating. I would rather live my life dealing with the annoying White virtue signallers who patronize me for my poor upbringing, than dealing with uppity non-whites who hate me for being White, and will literally and figuratively seek ever more creative ways to stab me in the back to gain status because their combination of race and class doesn’t value independence either.

    Given the choice, its no choice at all. I won’t break bread with either. White Populism, or no populism.

    I dont trust the non-whites I have known. They are spiteful and unpredictable in their ambitions. Many are outright dangerous.

    If White identity isn’t a factor, front and center, in the coming realignment of the electorate, I will prefer the status quo, because at least I’ll have a place in it that recognizes me for being White, even if thats considered a negative. I can handle derision from my social betters. I’ve got my own to give them back.

    I won’t shoulder up to Tyrone for $1,400 checks and tax increases on Bezos estate. I would just spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder at Tyrone waiting for the inevitable betrayal of our short sighted coalition, which Tyrone never engaged in good faith in because first and foremost he see’s everything in racial terms, the way I should have.

    I want my independence, and I want an honest and fair playing field in the marketplace. In government I want no corruption and honest representation. I’ll work for my supper. I don’t need gibs.

    If I don’t have my independence because of this toxic woke culture, and have to rely on Tyrone as a political ally to fend off the corruption of the political/managerial class then I want to tax their wealth into oblivion, and redistribute it to anybody else, so they lose their power and I get my independence from Tyrone back.

    White Populism or no populism.

  5. The woke thing is going to be the deciding factor. If its manageable, then fuck Tyrone. I’ll make due with the status quo.

    If its an existential threat to me through antifa and financial ostracization, doxing and jobloss etc. then I’m for scorched earth against the elite just long enough to get them under control.

  6. “The division in this country is inflamed and exaggerated by the media.”

    That’s a principle jwish concept.
    Sow division among their enemies, so they will annihilate each other.

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