Poll: Stimulus Checks Are The Most Popular Part Of The COVID Relief Bill

According to political strategist Karl Rove, Republican and Independent voters are going to change their minds and get mad about receiving $1,400 checks.

Morning Consult:

“Stimulus checks — up to $1,400 for Americans making up to $75,000 a year — had the highest level of support among registered voters at 79 percent. Ninety-one percent of Democrats supported the measure and 67 percent of Republicans did, as well.

Just over half of Republicans (51 percent) also backed extending unemployment benefits of an extra $300 a week in federal support until Sept. 6, and expanding the child tax credit for one year to $3,600 for each child under 6 and $3,000 for children ages 6 to 17 (53 percent).  Those provisions received 70 percent and 69 percent support, respectively, from all voters. …”

We each got the $1,400 stimmy this morning.

It is going right back out the door though to pay for bills. Such will also be the experience of millions of people in this country on both sides. The system is set up in a way that only really benefits the worst people in American politics: the True Cons on the Right and the Rad Libs on the Left.

Note: In my view, we should restrict immigration and secure the border, get rid of political correctness/wokeness and redistribute wealth to a more reasonable level. This is the only way that things will ever really change. Unfortunately, it seems that our toxic culture and economic system will continue to get worse until something happens and it will likely be a hard landing.

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  1. “According to political strategist Karl Rove, Republican and Independent voters are going to change their minds and get mad about receiving $1,400 checks.”

    Rove ? Is he still around, spewing his crackpot ideas ?

    He is the epitome of the detached political hack.

    • Yep, the only solution is to confiscate all of the wealth from the rich. The fish rots from the head down, as they say, and our ruling class oligarchs are some of the most rotten in history leading our entire society to hell. Time to demote them.

  2. 1400 is peanuts , in the greater scope of annual living costs.
    The average consumer will pay ~600 in increased gas prices this year.
    The costs of building are skyrocketing, with lumber prices soaring and copper wire surging.

    However, the deficit cost will be another bale of straw on the camels back.

  3. Rove and the rest of Repub Inc have cushy lives and never got dirt under their fingernails. $1,400 is probably their coffee budget. Sheesh, I hate these guys. $1,400 sure helps me though.

    • I’m glad it helps you, but over the year it’s net effect is going to be less than zero, after price increases.

      The worrisome thing is this, without future stimulus cks, on a regular basis, the economy will fall. The cks will have to increase in size, in order to have the same net zero effect. The deficit will increase exponentially and become unsustainable. The currency will be wrecked, like the old italian lira. Be prepared for your money to have very little purchasing power.

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