Neoliberal Joe Is Flying Illegal Aliens To Canadian Border States

This is a self inflicted disaster.

It will also be the first of many disasters that are the brainchild of the woke progressive activist wing of the Democratic Party. The typical working class voter hasn’t picked up on the “racial equity” talk yet.


“WASHINGTON (AP) — Somehow, they didn’t see it coming.

Within weeks of Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, the Biden administration had reversed many of the most maligned Trump-era immigration policies, including deporting children seeking asylum who arrived alone at the U.S.-Mexico border and forcing migrants to wait in Mexico as they made their case to stay in the United States. …”

Washington Free Beacon:

“Indeed, Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas projects that the United States faces its largest surge in illegal immigration in two decades. He’s ordered FEMA to assist in taking care of the hundreds of unaccompanied minors who show up daily asking for asylum. Mayorkas and President Joe Biden insist that the previous administration is responsible for a crisis that emerged weeks after Donald Trump left the White House. They couldn’t be more wrong.

What’s happening on the southern border is the most preventable emergency in years. And Joe Biden created it. No matter how often he tells asylum seekers that now is not the time to enter the United States, migrants won’t listen. That’s because the policies he put into place incentivize the dangerous trek. At the same time, Biden has handed the Republicans an issue that will remain long after the $1,400 checks in the American Rescue Plan have been forgotten. And it hasn’t been 60 days since he took office. …”

Did you see what Joe said yesterday in Atlanta?

We are all complicit in the Atlanta shootings. This is “systemic racism” language.

Note: We’ve been dealing with this for years. It doesn’t matter what happens in the news. It is “white supremacy” or “White Nationalism.” We are “complicit” and “responsible” in literally anything that ever happens that is ever done by total strangers who are acting on their own impulses.

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  1. What other illegals are also being flown around by the U.S.? The U.S. is also flying its AlQaeda/ISIS proxies (that the U.S. claims to be fighting against) around to different locations in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Caucasus and elsewhere, to carry out surprise attacks in the hybrid wars.

  2. Instead of carrying those fancy Imperial propaganda signs and matching T shirts (in your picture above) reading “Biden please let us in,” the suffering people should be carrying ANTI-Imperial signs reading:

    “Biden please GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRIES!”

    Including HAITI: and and

  3. I predicted this would happen. The Anti-Whites will do whatever they can to dilute the “red” areas. The powers that run the show in this country are determined to ethnically cleanse Whites.

  4. Maybe just before the nukes hit…

    It will be a “strange” sight when a drought of biblical proportions spanning years in length and subsequent famine hits this country and these “illegals” are seen running for the borders for their lives so they won’t be eaten to keep people who are out of their minds with hunger alive.

    On January 19, Dickinson wrote: “The ration continues to be four ounces bread and three fourths of a pint of sour meal, without salt, vinegar, vegetables, meat or anything but water. All complain among ourselves, but observe silence in the presence of the enemy. Very few men have any money, and those few find it hard to stand up to [the sutler’s] prices.”

    As the days went by, the suffering of the prisoners worsened. Within a month after the reduction in rations, Henry E. Handerson recalled, the sick list assumed “alarming proportions.” John Ogden Murray described the effects of the starvation diet imposed on the Fort Pulaski prisoners [these were Confederate prisoners of war being held by the Union army]:

    Hunger drove our men to catching and eating dogs, cats, and rats…On the first day of January, 1865, the scurvy became prevalent in our prison. The doctor, whose name I cannot remember, did the best he could for us with the medicine General Foster’s order allowed him to use in practice amongst the prisoners. He would often say, “Men, the medicines allowed me are not the proper remedies for scurvy, but I can get no other for you.”

    There were remedies called antiscorbutics the physician could have given to the officers suffering from scurvy, but because medicines were insufficient in Confederate prisons for Union prisoners of war, he was forbidden from prescribing them to the Fort Pulaski prisoners—this despite the fact that many of these shortages could be attributed to the United States government, which, at the beginning of the war, had declared certain medicines and medical supplies contraband.

    After the war, Captain Henry Wirz, the commandant of Andersonville prison camp in Georgia, was put on trial for war crimes by the United States government, accused of deliberate mistreatment of the prisoners there. In 1867, Louis F. Schade, a Washington attorney who defended Wirz and steadfastly maintained that the captain was innocent of these charges, wrote a letter that sheds light on the reasons for the mortality and shortages of medicines in Southern prisons in 1864:

    But who is responsible for the many lives that were lost at Andersonville, and in the Southern prisons?…It was certainly not the fault of poor Captain Wirz, when, in consequence of medicines having been declared contraband of war by the North, the Union prisoners died for want of the same…Our navy prevented the ingress of medical stores from the sea-side, and our troops repeatedly destroyed drug stores, and even the supplies of private physicians in the South. Thus, the scarcity of medicines became general all over the South. Surgeon J.C. Pilot writes, September 6th, 1864, from Andersonville, (this letter was produced by the Judge Advocate in the Wirz trial): “We have little more than the indigenous barks and roots with which to treat the numerous forms of disease to which our attention is daily called. For the treatment of wounds, ulcers, &c., we have literally nothing, except water.”

    That provisions in the South were scarce, will astonish nobody, when it is remembered how the war was carried on. General Sheridan boasted, in his official report that, in the Shenandoah valley alone, he burned two thousand barns filled with wheat and corn, and all the mills in the whole tract of country; that he destroyed the factories of cloth, and killed, or drove off, every animal, even to the poultry, that could contribute to human sustenance. And those desolations were repeated in different parts of the South, and that so thoroughly, that last month, two years after the end of the war, Congress had to appropriate a million of dollars, to save the people of those regions from actual starvation. The destruction of railroads, and other means of transportation, by which food should be supplied by abundant districts to those without it, increased the difficulties in giving sufficient food to our prisoners.

    The Confederate authorities, aware of their inability to maintain the prisoners, informed the Northern agents of the great mortality, and urgently requested that the prisoners should be exchanged, even without regard to the surplus which the Confederates had on the exchange roll from former exchanges, that is, man for man, but our War Department did not consent to an exchange. They did not want to “exchange skeletons for healthy men.” Finally, when all hopes of exchange were gone, Colonel Ould, the Confederate Commissioner, offered, early in August 1864, to deliver up all the Federal sick and wounded, without requiring an equivalent in return, and pledged that the number would amount to ten or fifteen thousand, and, that if it did not, he would make up that number with well men. Although this offer was made in August, the transportation was not sent for them (to Savannah) until December, although he urged and implored (to use his own words) that haste should be made. During that very period, most of the deaths at Andersonville occurred.

    Deprived of any remedies for scurvy, the prisoners at Fort Pulaski observed the dreaded condition spreading through their ranks. Lieutenant Henry H. Cook wrote:

    If our condition was horrible on Morris Island, it was much more so here. Many were unable to walk; others meandered through the vaults like living skeletons, gazing into each others’ faces with a listless, vacant stare, plainly indicating that they were bordering upon imbecility or lunacy. That dreadful disease, the scurvy, was raging fearfully, so that the mouths were in a fearful condition, their gums decaying and sloughing off and their teeth falling out; while others had the disease in a more dangerous form, their arms and legs swelling, mortifying, and becoming black. Black spots appeared upon the arms and legs of some, looking as though the veins and arteries had decomposed, separated, and spilled the blood in the flesh. One day when some of our dead were carried over to the graveyard Col. Brown had a military salute fired over their graves, but this was soon forbidden, and then, day by day, the dead were silently and sadly carried and laid in their graves.

    All of us knew full well that unless relief soon came we must soon pass out at the Sally Port, now the funeral arch to the graveyard.
    — Stokes, Karen. The Immortal 600: Surviving Civil War Charleston and Savannah, pp. 109-113.

    • Christ Almighty. The feds have been soulless bastards for a long time, and what DC and our cities are doing now is really nothing new, except that the disease of liberalism has spread to every major metro area south of the mason-dixon line. What kind of human does that to another. It’s unfathomable, yet it looks like history will be repeating soon enough.

  5. I wonder who the GOP snake is that is suggesting this. I never forgot Craig Lang and his involvement with Mollie Tibbett’s death. Immigration reform never happened under Trump because neither party wants to do shit about it. They’re both benefactors of it and have always been.

  6. If Biden deports more illegal immigrants than Trump did (Obama deported more than Trump ever did), most Americans will stomach his woke virtue signaling.
    Both parties want mass migration for different reasons. Both parties won’t do anything about the 1.5 million legal and illegal immigrants that come in every year or the 30 million illegal immigrants residing presently within the country.
    The only way to solve many of the problems is for voters to vote for more independents and minor parties to dismantle the two party system and the Electoral College.

      • Hunter do you hold him personally responsible for the caravan?

        @america always
        It’s also the only thing maintaining the corrupt two party system. Do you support the 2 party system? Most other First World countries have some form of mixed PR which gives small parties and all voters at least some say in government. The Netherlands, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, and Norway have more proportional representation than the US system does and they have much stricter immigration laws. They’ve also been able to pass animal welfare laws, Covid relief for their citizens, and immunize their populations at a much quicker pace than America has. Are you so jingoisitc as to not recognize that the US trails other 1st World nations in many respects?
        Oh and neoliberalism isn’t the same as Marxism lmao

        “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” – Ben Franklin

        • Yes, this is clearly Biden’s fault for ending the Remain in Mexico policy and ordering the end of deportations. He could have left the issue alone. The same was true of Trump with the Iran Deal. He broke something that had been fixed.

          • Looks like Mayorkas has closed the border. He said single adults and families will be deported immediately. He equivocated on unescorted minors who he declared “we aren’t going to throw abandoned children into the desert,” but I have this gut feeling that they will quietly be put on a plane and flown back to their nations of origin.

            I get this gut notion that someone with two working brain cells in the Democrat Party asked them why are they allowing all these third world welfare recipients into a burned down economy and people are already so hostile to Washington, they need their own fences manned by armed guards? I also imagine s/he pointed out that they don’t need what Republicans call “unregistered Democrats” to flood the country when they can pass new election rules with a little help from the Domain Machines and finding mail-in ballots all over hell’s half acre to keep them in power to perpetuity.

    • @daria
      Why would you want the electoral college dismantled?? That’s the only thing stopping complete takeover of America by the marxist-leftist strongholds of the northeast, chicago, and california.

  7. I wonder what the future of America is? A coup was committed and now we have enemies to our country controlling practically ever lever of power (i.e. city, state, and fed govt, the court system, media, academia, corporate America, big tech). With these people now so entrenched, and now with them wielding law enforcement and military as a tool to bludgeon their political enemies with, where does that lead us I wonder? Like in 10 years, where is America? It’s crazy to think about. All I see is pain and despair for people who just want to be free, work hard, and love and support their country.

    • You are not alone. I lose sleep over this and I am sure many others do also.

      I have watched the American Left at work since 1965 and I always knew they would never stop with their agitation no matter what concessions were made.

      The Left now completely owns the System. Government, economy, wealth, academia, media, institutions, military, police. The Left has commandeered them all.

      Only upon a complete System collapse will we have our last chance for Western Recovery. The coming civil war will be brutal and lethal beyond imagination. Rivers of blood in America.

      And if the West descends into internal conflict, China and Russia will not fail to seize their opportunity, and then they must be defeated. What are the odds of Western success?

      Altogether, the West’s chances for a full Recovery are now 1 in 1000. Only if the Left makes some serious political blunder can they lose.

      And it is a Western Recovery we must have. America IS a Western nation, but it has been a very delinquent Western nation and has been a major force in the West’s decline. The heart and soul of the West lies in Europe. Europe must rise up and lead us out of this.

      • Amen, Brother. Germany is going full communist now, putting police surveillance on ‘far right’ political parties. It’s going to take alot of determination and sacrifice to overcome the apparatus that has been built to keep the free, western man a slave.

      • ” they would never stop with their agitation no matter what concessions were made”

        What the majority don’t understand:

        The more concessions the greater their demands become.

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