Poll: Americans Dislike Professional Athletes Who Kneel During The National Anthem

Can the Republicans stay on message?

It turns out that woke supremacy is extremely polarizing. It unifies Republican voters and is a winning issue outside of the Republican base too. They have every incentive to lean into the Wokelash.


Note: Immigration is another issue that unifies and motivates Republican voters and resonates strongly with Independents. A winning for message for Republicans is anti-immigration, anti-wokeness, calling out anti-whiteness and dislike of the media. These are all 90% issues.

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  1. A billion Chinese in China controll America’s LEGAL Immigration Policy.

    I don’t care a rat’s ass about the NFL and SEC ROLL TIDE NEGRO BALL…

    • Incorrect. American voters control America’s immigration policy but most choose to stay on course by maintaining the corrupt two party system and Electoral College.

  2. @ growing up, al kaline, was my favorite baseball player, 20 years with thee detroit tigers, they signed him up out of high school, went straight to the major league, this is what kind of man he was, the tigers offered him a contract for 1oo thousand dollars a year, he turned it down, he said nobody deserves that much money, too play a boys game, he insisted they lower his salary or trade him, in those days, athletes worked regular jobs in thee off season. Thats what kind of men our people used to have, thank you lord for the life of al kaline.

  3. I disagree with their reasoning behind it, but any informed sane person should support their right to do so including the drones here.
    “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”
    ? Benjamin Franklin

  4. Yes Americans dislike it but I can promise you very Sunday they are in their seats watching their exploits!

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