White Supremacist Facing Hate Crime Charge After Attacking Asian Woman In Manhattan

This is becoming a real problem. These white supremacist attacks on Asians in New York City and San Francisco have been going on for several months now.

ABC 7:

“MANHATTAN (WABC) — A man has been arrested and charged with a hate crime after attacking an Asian American mother attending a rally against anti-Asian violence in New York City, according to police.

NYPD officials announced the arrest of 27-year-old Erick Deoliveira on Monday evening.

They say he’s been charged with a hate crime assault and criminal mischief as a hate crime.

The Asian American mother who was attacked spoke out about the incident that her daughter had to witness …”

For some reason, these white supremacists who are being arrested aren’t being paraded around the national media. Normally, they do that which is so weird.

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  1. ” A man has been arrested ”

    Notice the lack of an adjective, to describe the man ?

    Always seems they are race blind, unless the suspect is WHITE, then it’s in every sentence.

    • The Lügenpresse also always uses the passive tense when describing colored criminals. Shots rang out, shots were fired but no one apparently actually shot anyone, shots just magically “rang out.” Asians were victims of attacks but no one apparently attacked them because once again, it was a black guy who did the crime.

      If it were a White guy the Lügenpresse would lead off with an active tense: “Another Asian was attacked by a White male, John Q. Smith in NYC today” and his picture would lead the news broadcast. The Lügenpresse are bastards.

  2. Hate crimes are reserved for people of privilege and color, not Whites. Hate crimes is an oxymoron. You can’t criticize the protected races otherwise you will be charged with a “hate” crime.

    • It is TPTB explicitly revealing that the lives of the protected classes are more valuable than White lives are.

  3. Notice how the media uses “HATE” crime?
    The juus have been very effective at criminalizing an emotion.
    Now, they have gone even farther, they are inferring the emotion when it fits their agenda.

    What ever happen to ‘assault’ being the crime.
    Who cares what the motivation was?
    Crimes are punished according to the degree of harm caused, in a rational society.

    These are intermediate steps, to reach their goal to criminalize thoughts and opinions.

    • @Arrian – Excellent point. It has been astonishing, over the past decade especially, to see the spread of the nursery-school word “hate” into the lexicon of the entire power structure of the Western world.

  4. American media makes Pravda/ITAR/Tass look like the most trustworthy sources of truth that ever existed in history.

    • The joke in the USSR was that in Pravda (Truth) there is no Izvestia (News) and in Izvestia (News) there is no Pravda (Truth). This goes double for the U.S. Lügenpresse.

  5. Whites have been robbed, raped, assaulted, and murdered, and it’s never, ever been reported as “hate crimes”. No one has ever reported anything being done to us as a race.
    If any race is discriminated against, it’s whites.
    If any crime happens to whites, they never say the race of the perpetrator.

  6. Don’t ya know? BIPOC aren’t always right, but they can never be wrong. If they are incorrect or engage in criminality, it’s whitey’s fault for existing. Just ask any of those jews with blue check marks on Twitter.

  7. What’s with all the ZOG focus on slants? Are gooks the new fetish? Will the macacas get in on this, or just the gooks?

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