Human Traffickers Taunt Republican Senators and Border Patrol

This is a real crisis.

We need them to show up and be serious for once.

Imagine where they would be right now if they had fought as hard on immigration when Trump was president and they had power in the House and Senate as they are grandstanding on the issue now. Where would they be today if they had used their majority to secure the border instead of passing the unpopular corporate tax cut that everyone hated and became an albatross in the 2018 midterms?

Even if this is a bit dramatic even for Ted, I would rather him be drawing attention to the issue than ignoring it. It could be a lot worse. They could be working with Joe and the Democrats to pass a big new amnesty. This is an opportunity for Republican senators to represent all their new voters. They might even get tremendous credit for representing the top priority of their own base.

Note: This is an opportunity to WIN on immigration and permanently change the politics of the issue. Progressive activists have UNLEASHED all of this chaos. They are solely responsible too.

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  1. You can’t beat Covid19 without a very very strict quarantine.

    UK has driven cases down to around 5,000 a day and death to around 75 a day. Border quarantine.

    All the vaccination is for nothing if you can’t close the fucking borders.

  2. Horse has already bolted. This could have been fixed decades ago, instead we got Reagan’s stupid amnesty. Our Jewish overlords have no interest in stopping this invasion.

  3. There is a huge amount of drug trafficking across the wide open Mexican border, nothing new there. If there were a real border fence across every yard of the 2,000 mile border backed up by the Border Patrol the amount of drugs coming in to the country would drop precipitously. A concertina wire fence, 20 feet tall, 15 yards deep and patrolled properly would do the trick.

    The drug trade enriches many people in a generally poor part of the U.S., the Mexican border. Drug money is spread widely providing income and justifying jobs for police, lawyers, judges and others. Even people who don’t associate with the drug trade benefit from spending on food, construction, hotels, travel, repair of vehicles and airplanes, sale of fuel etc. If the drug trade were to end many of these people, especially those at the top who rake in the most money would suffer financially.

    This is a big reason the southern border is left open. There is no way to replace the incomes people receive from the illegal drug trade especially for people at the top accustomed to the good life. This reason is rarely if ever mentioned. You always hear the “good” reason for leaving the border open, occasionally you will hear the real reason the border is left open but you will never hear the real reason without first hearing the “good” reason.

    • @12AX7 – Excellent and illuminating points that, as you note, never get talked about. We all need to borrow your insights and pass this on. Like race realism, until border realism is accepted nothing will ever change. Which is, of course, the plan.

  4. The Democrats and Republicans will never do anything about the Border, Illegal Immigration, and never ever build a Wall. Democrats are looking for Votes. That means White People will be a minority in America soon. What about those wonderful uhhhhhhhh “Conservative Republicans” LOL ! All those big bad Conservative Republicans care about is having Illegal Immigrants work for $2.00 an hour with ZERO benefits. It’s the Republicans who work together with the Democrats in making this country less and less and less White. You think about that when you “Vote Republican” thinking the Super Rich really give a dang about the White Race in America. I stopped playing the game….if you’re voting….make sure it’s for White Nationalists. Deo Vindice !

  5. The problem is that I don’t believe any of them really care about it. This is just a replay of 2010, when the GOP riled up their base with all kinds of red meat and then forgot about them for 8 years. There’s no reason to think this is any different.

  6. Ted Cruz is a goofball, but at least he’s an amiable one. Yeah he’s cringey but.

    I want to see Louie Gohmert patroling the border wearing a coonskin cap and toting a flintlock Kentucky Longrifle.

    If we are gonna go for spectacle, lets get some Alamo allusions in there.

    These animals killed Davey Crockett ffs and you want to let them into the country? Hell no!

    Get Alex Jones down there on a big sweaty coke binge to do a breathless marathon show about the border crisis.

    Get David Icke on to talk about how many of them could be reptilians.

    Sell some water filters an dick pills to raise money for a monument to Davey.

  7. They didn’t even back Trump at all. Why would they go up against the Democrats on this? It seems like Republicans favor having Mexicans vote them, rather than white American citizens. Those are their “new voters”.
    Republicans talk a lot, but never do a thing.

  8. A significant portion of the US economy depends on exploiting cheap brown labor from Latin America, so I don’t expect a goddamn thing to be done about this problem. The American Enterprise Institute, the Club for Growth and the US Chamber of Commerce have more power than white working and middle class Americans who want secure borders and an extended moratorium on immigration.

  9. It’s hard to get a good read on those survey stats because for lefties the “crisis” is that too many people are being kept out, while for the right the crisis is that too many are being let in.

  10. So everything is going downhill fast as if no one had a clue that this would happen when the Dems finally came to power again. Trump was to give us 4 to 8 eight years before the end came.

    Trump should have declared martial law and prevented these Marxists/Communists/Anarchists/etc from taking over the reigns of government and should have had all of them deported, imprisoned or executed to prevent this from ever happening again. These pro-abortion killers are trying to destroy this country and Trump and the Republicans could have stood in their way and stopped them from doing what they are doing now but failed to act. This is war. Every citizen is going to have to fight locally for their own personal safety as the Left dumps millions of 3rd worlders into our own in-your-face personal space to kill us off so they can finally take over permanently. No borders = no nation.

    Maybe the Alamo was prophetic…”They’ve breached the [southern] wall…”

    May God Save the South!

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