Tucker Carlson: The Military Brass Has Gone Woke

Why are these generals never fired for insubordination? Why are we spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the military? It seems like progressives are more interested in using the military against us – in Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s words, the enemy within – and in policing thoughts, beliefs, tweets, shares, likes, comments, words and so forth than in fighting and winning wars against any foreign adversary.

Note: As with corporate tax cuts for Amazon or more guest workers for Apple, the Republican policy agenda on the military makes no sense.

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  1. Don’t be shocked if you are paying $3 dollars or more a gallon for regular gasoline by June. Naturally, California, New York, Illinois and other trendy socialist hotspots will be paying more, a lot more.

  2. “Note: As with corporate tax cuts for Amazon or more guest workers for Apple, the Republican policy agenda on the military makes no sense.”

    It makes perfect sense, if you understand Republicans are false opposition to the establishment.

    When Dems get in power they push social policy to crazy town, when Republicans get in, they don’t do shit to reverse it. Just tax cuts for billionaires and massive legal immigration. Aren’t rich people awesome?

  3. Don’t let your daughters join the military, and probably not your sons, either. It has been a huge vehicle for race-mixing for a long time now.

  4. Martin Dempsey, Stanley MicCrystal, John Kelly, Mark Miley, just off the top of my head. They are all Irish, is Tucker going to get out front and name the Irish as the enemies of whites and the henchmen for the Jews? Can pigs whistle?

    • Watch yer fooken mooth Robbie or I’ll send the fooken Provos round ta bamb yer hoose!

      Now FOOK OFF!

  5. I don’t believe the military won a war after it was desegregated after WW2. That was well after the new ROE were put in place. .

  6. Arlington and other cemeteries for US military dead

    will replace white marble headstones with coal

    and white veterans will be removed.

  7. Arlington’s white marble headstones replaced with coal.
    White veterans will be relocated to … ?

    Bill Kristol would have made a fine SecDef.
    He loves murdering Arabs/Muslims and he had a friend who served (in what?).

  8. I noticed that none of these big diversity commissar generals looked very manly. I miss the censored Heartise blog, he’d probably make a whole article lampooning these wussy looking warriors.

  9. Woke military will get its ass handed to it in any conflict with Russia, China, or even Iran. We’re hiding behind our drones and other machines.

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