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  1. “Former CDC Director Robert Redfield: COVID-19 Probably Escaped From Chinese Lab”

    After Fauci lead CDC paid them millions to ‘enhance the functionality” of corona virus.
    A practice that has been outlawed in the US,
    for good reason.

    What are they doing, creating more virulent virus’ ? Are they mad ?

    • No they’re not mad, they’re utterly evil. US tax slaves paid lots of money to the Wuhan Level 4 bio-lab, with Fauci the vax-gangsta overseeing the payments. Add in the vast sums received by Charles Lieber of Haaaavaaahd for his work on virus-enhancement. It’s worked beautifully for the usual suspects. The Chinese regime (at least elements thereof) are in on it, but the project was likely masterminded by servants of Uncle Schmuel working under orders from Soros, Gates, Schwab et al. Read the two Unz articles for some decent background. It’s not of natural origin and the wet-market story is total bullshit. The virus may well have been created for the vaccines.

  2. This isn’t even the fundamental point. The only question that matters is this:How did the corona virus get into America?….And there is only one answer to this question:‘CHINESE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS…..And my mother was buried two weeks ago in a Catholic Cemetery because of this….DIRECT CONSEQUENCE….And everyone….everyone knows how the corona virus came to America….The corona virus didn’t hop into a kayak and paddle across two oceans. Chinese LEGAL IMMIGRANTS to America were human vectors infected with the corona virus.

    But why are Chinese LEGAL immigrants allowed to come to America?

    Answer:one reason and one reason only…..So they can vote The Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America…post-white America….

    • “But why are Chinese LEGAL immigrants allowed to come to America?
      Answer:one reason and one reason only…..”

      MONEY !

      “Whitehouse like subway, you pay money and door opens”…. Chinese diplomat.

      • Arrian

        Thank you very much…I had to watch her die in her hospice bed in a Catholic Hospice…. She died from the pain meds. Trillions spent on a 30 year occupation of the middle east…..$$$$$$$$ could have been spent on medical research to find a nonlethal way to control severe pain…

        • Did she die from coronavirus or pain medication?! The doctors shouldn’t of had her on such a high dose if thats the case. Non addicting non lethal pain meds already exist and they have for years but they are mostly trash for severe pain and have more cons then pros

          • Pain medication. My mother recovered from the corona virus. But we think it might have done something to her brain. After recovery from corona she was gaining her strength back…Her vitals were very good…. checked three times….One day, she just stopped eating…..at the same time lots of pain….

  3. Saddam probably has WMDs, Russia probably hacked the 2016 election, Assad probably gassed a bunch of people for no reason, covid-19 probably escaped from a Chinese lab. All of these claims have the same level of evidence (none) and serve the interests of the American empire. They can be dismissed as mere propaganda.

    • Lab escape is very plausible. This disease is highly infectious and deadly enough to shut down normal life. But also harmless enough among the young to just be confoundingly weird.

      • Ching-chong Chinaman went to milk a cow
        Ching-chong Chinaman didn’t know how
        Ching-chong Chinaman pulled the wrong tit
        Ching-chong Chinaman got covered in…SHIT

      • Many viruses are more dangerous for the sick and elderly than for the healthy and young. The fact this virus acts that way doesn’t amount even to circumstantial evidence this virus escaped from a lab, much less that particular lab.

  4. It doesn’t matter where it escaped from, whether it’s real or fake, it is being used as instill fear and control your lives. It’s just another form of oppression. Wait until they roll out forced vaccinations

      • No it won’t. Most will take it willingly because they believe whatever they’re told by their doctors, CDC, Fauci and the media. Most Whites are more brainwashed to the point of no return.

    • Nah.

      A lab origin of COVID was always a plausible hypothesis. This was my consistent position all along. I said that it couldn’t be ruled out. The evidence has steadily accumulated over the last year that it did come from the Wuhan lab. Instead of focusing on the real conspiracy and cover up though, people ran with all sorts of nonsense like the whole thing being a hoax.

      • Best guess with this virus is that it’s a modified virus that infected some people working at the lab. It makes enough sense. The infect destroys the function of the diaphragm and makes the heart go arythmic.

      • Much is being done to deflect blame from Fauci, who i believe, financed this disaster with our tax dollars. Another inept jew.

  5. Fauci is likely at the center of it with his support for hyper-dangerous “gain of function” reasearch. And yet that smirking, greasy little guinea turd is still swaggering around, telling us all how we’re going to live from now on, when he should be hanging by his heels.

  6. This is just as likely to be true as the Mexicans massacring Americans at the Rio Grande, the native Hawaiians massacring American residents of the sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii, Spaniards blowing up the USS Maine in Havana Harbor, the Germans sinking the Lusitania despite there being no armaments aboard, Japan conducting an “unprovoked” attack against Pearl Harbor, the Vietnamese torpedo boats attacking the Seventh Fleet in the Gulf of Tonkin, the American medical students being massacred in Grenada, the American residents being massacred in Panama, Iraqis using Kuwaiti newborns for bayonet practice, Iraqis producing a gigantic arsenal of WMDs, Iran producing a gigantic arsenal of WMDs, or Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad deploying personally deploying chemical weapons by the barrel.

    Wake up the fuck up and smell the Postum. The US government, particularly the branches of it directly concerned with finding the next profitable war, consists of the lyingest liars in the history of lies. The light coming from that shining city upon the hill is a bunch of pawn shops with neon signs saying, “Top prices paid! No interest loans!”

    • @Ray…

      “The US government, particularly the branches of it directly concerned with finding the next profitable war, consists of the lyingest liars in the history of lies.”

      Surely your fabulous coining of ‘Lyingest Liars’ is not solely applicable to just those seeking another profitable war?

      Just look at Dr. Fauci – he has a different story every month, and he is not connected with The Pentagon, but, ‘US Government Health Department’.

    • A leak isn’t exactly the Same as a deliberate attack. In this age any novo virus ought to be considered an attack though. The UK is carefully combing through the sequencing as if it was an attack. I can tell you that much.

  7. Well, unlike the original SARS where we got an actual investigation the Chinese are stonewalling the world on finding out the origins of the virus. Maybe just the fact that as it has moved from a oligarchy run by the CCP to a dictatorship with Xi as a strongman means they are just more paranoid now about both outsiders and saying the wrong thing that will get them in trouble with Xi? Fact is we don’t know, but the very fact it originated so close to their main national virology center certainly is curious. If a new disease popped up a few miles outside the Army’s biowarfare research center at Fort Dietrich you know the media and world would have absolutely no problem blaming it on the lab. But here? One of the networks even ran a banner saying “it probably came from an animal” yes, after all they have had scientists going around southern China collecting thousands of samples from animals over the last decade all sitting in test tubes in that lab. Could very well be “from an animal” as the media seems to automatically confuse a lab accident with conspiracy theories saying it was “man made” or “a deliberate bio weapon attack.”

  8. ‘Probably escaped…’

    Oh, yeah, and, it just happened to do so in a year President Trump was running for reelection.

    Wow, amazing how those Globalists seem to have Lady Luck on their side…

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