Tucker Carlson: Black Lives Matter Has Sparked A Devastating Crime Wave In Urban America

Can the Republicans win non-White voters? Yes.

Why did they make gains with non-White voters in 2020?

It turns out that Republicans can win non-White voters, especially “Latinx” and Asian conservatives, without alienating White voters. The secret to doing this is to zero in on the “intersection” of progressive activist groups and their stupid slogans, political correctness and violent crime.

There are lots of Asian and Hispanic small business owners who do not appreciate mobs of rampaging politically correct brats, not “White Nationalists,” destroying their property and causing endless chaos. There are also lots of blacks who live in big cities who depend on the police to keep the thugs at bay. This is really far more of a concern for them than it is for us because most of us don’t live in these big cities. Crime and violence has risen to become the third most pressing issue in the country.

In recent polls, we have seen that only 18% of Americans and 28% of blacks support “Defund the Police.” We have also seen that Black Lives Matter has tumbled in popularity since last summer. Support for Black Lives Matter among blacks has declined by 12 points. The police are now much more popular than Black Lives Matter which is the reverse of last summer at the height of the mania. Finally, only 36% of Americans now believe that George Floyd was murdered.

Joe and the Democrats are extremely vulnerable on immigration, crime, political correctness or wokeness and trans. I’ve noticed that FOX News has been hitting these themes pretty hard lately. Tucker had a big segment tonight on how Black Lives Matter has caused the biggest spike in violent crime in decades. Maybe we should be the political strategists since they have Karl Rove on there explaining how $1,400 stimulus checks will backfire. The winning issues for Republicans these days where they manage to reach outside of their base and tap into the Center are our old issues.

Note: This could be a problem for the Democrats because non-White Democrats without college degrees are watching FOX News. Don Lemon is also losing his audience.

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  1. “winning issues for Republicans these days …..”

    They’ll drop the ball, as the Republicans always do.

  2. America has long been addicted to doing whatever you want to do, believing whatever you want to believe, regardless of the truth.

    The Culture of New England, as incredibly well grounded as many aspects of it have classically been, has an unwitting compulsion to forcibly pushing ideas from the realm of the hypothetical to the everyday and then foisting that on everybody, or, at least, attempting to do so.

    Jewry, by the way, noted this predilection of New England and has harnessed it to it’s own ends.

    As to The South : we always exercised a brake on all these processes, though, in recent decades we have met with so much resistance that we become disheartened and weak, in this regard, and ceased to apply the brake.

    On a psychic level, in a nutshell, these are the essential dynamics that have driven us to this difficult point.

    The only way out of this conundrum is that as many parts of this country reembrace reality and reject hypotheticals.

    We need to return to those things which were proven, over the course of many many centuries, to be tried and true, before Modern Insanity began, the the 20th century.

    Jesus Christ, Blood & Soil, 2 genders, attenuated capitalism, and restricted central government, (in all other venues) and the attempt to construct enduring marriages between one man and one woman, along with respect for parents, are the grounds proven to be fertile for any nation.

    The longer we pursue other societal aims, the longer we prolong our problems.

  3. Black Lives Matter delivered 1,000,000 x more red pills than even the best minds on the Dissident Right ever could (no offense, Hunter!). I doubt that was their intention.

    • If the screamers and thugs don’t get a guilty verdict against the cop “murderer” there will be a million more. Meanwhile the “real terrorists” are “White supremacists” and Trump supporters.

    • @James…

      Yes, without a doubt BLM, acting like The United States’ Government in Georgia and South Carolina, in 1864-65, had a radical awakening affect on many Whites, who, before that, were still committed to sonnambulism.

  4. I hate Tucker. Always there. Always tapping along the lines. The same white nationalists (and lighter civic nationalists/conservative types), always sucking his dick, always thinking he’s “their guy,” or if not “their guy,” is at least going in the right direction. Always eventually landing towards his own reactionary colorblind antiracist shit that transforms white grievance towards a dead end.

    The vilest “fuck white people” minority does more for white nationalism than this moron ever could do. The minority who basically makes the most outlandish claims, commits the most obscene violence, and white xenophiles rationalize every crime as the fault of the majority/white supremacy is the best thing to help white nationalism (like the idea making the rounds by some “that Asians are being attacked by black people is white supremacy because Trump made some racial insinuations with Wuhan Virus that pushes black people into attacking Asians” is what helps nurture white nationalism as a necessary asset when one sees that all minorities are trying to unify against the white majority even with petty inter-minority strife). That is, the most radical brand of antiracism is what helps bring about white nationalism. Not Tucker. Not the GOP. Both redirects resentment into tax cuts and some shit about Martin Luther King “don’t judge a man by his skin color but by character. don’t divide on race.” He does this every fucking time. He acts as a white grievance valve to a majority that has no consciousness and just lashes out and tries to adhere to a colorblind version of antiracism that has long been discarded by ruling ideological group who ascribe to a completely new version of antiracism based upon systemic/institutional racism that rejects color blindness. And it’s easy to actually learn about this different variant, honestly, but white nationalists, and even conservatives, fail to do that.

    The GOP then stabs the same fucking white morons in the back. The cycle continues. Endlessly.

    Do white nationalist ever listen? No. White Nationalists (and conservatives) are simply incapable of evolving, I guess. They’re just hardwired for impulsively go for the red meat thrown to them- like a rabid animal. This shit has been going on since the day I was born. And will continue way after I’m gone.

    • Tucker will not bell the cat. Occasionally some of his guests will say directly that BLM and the rest of the Left including the U.S. Government (only under Dementia Joe though, Ha!) are anti-White but so far, not Tucker. His “conservative” guests sound like they came from a CPAC conference ca. 1989.

      We have heard that shit a million times. No one wants to hear a college professor’s theories about marginal tax rates again or how Democrats are the real racists. Tucker will never talk about The Usual Suspects and their malevolent influence, now there’s the third rail!

  5. Still the litmus test for “based” Republicucks that talk about race and critical theory: “Say something nice about White people.” It’s ridiculous house hard this is for them.

  6. “Black Lives Matter Has Sparked A Devastating Crime Wave”

    The natural outcome of putting savages into civilization.

    All non-WHITES degrade our society, in varying degrees and forms.

  7. “Finally, only 36% of Americans now believe that George Floyd was murdered.”

    Outside of Black People, care to guess who the 36% are, and where they live? Yep. They’re the politically fickle, ostensible Whites who live in the Yankee Corn Belt, tens, if not hundreds, of miles from any Black faces. Or in the colocated Rust Belt, or in the Urban/Suburban Northeast.

    They’re the folks who just can’t vote like us, here in Dixie, or like their neighbours in the Dakotas and Nebraska.

    The trial of the police officer in Minneapolis, on charges of murdering George Floyd, will probably lead to more violence, and invariably, to more calls to regulate the South and cattlemen in Wyoming.

    It’s way past time for America and Yankeedom to part ways. The two countries were never compatible in the first place. Puritanism and republican government are purely and simply immiscible ideas. It’s time for “freedom to,” to supplant “Freedom from.”

  8. “Note: This could be a problem for the Democrats because non-White Democrats without college degrees are watching FOX News. Don Lemon is also losing his audience.”

    This is also a problem for “our” general “sphere” (meaning, right/consevative thinkers on social issues). One of the main reasons that the GOP and neocons (through their propaganda networks such as Fox, Brietbart, Newsmax, etc) have started courting Latinx and other minority viewers is because a growing number of them are socially conservative enough to set aside the racial hysteria. The problem is, this is precisely why the “conservative” right runs so hard away from racial issues and embraces “colorblind” MLK type of rhetoric. It’s a balancing act they they can’t possibly maintain in the long run.

    This is also why Tucker always side steps the whole “white nationalist” issue. He tries to play make-believe that it’s only Democrats who hate whypipo that care about identity politics. He doesn’t want to sacrifice those minority viewers by saying, loudly and clearly, that working class white people are the actual targets of systematic oppression (insofar as it is institutionalized by laws and corporate oligarchs)

    BTW, it’s good to see solid posts on OD again instead of
    All the Orange Man Bad stuff.

  9. I take great delight in knowing that Cobb County, Gwinnett County, and Buckhead in GA are currently experiencing a massive crime wave with residents being beaten in their homes and robbed at gunpoint. You turn the state blue then you get to choke on the rewards.

    • Those people getting robbed and beaten most likely had very little to do with “turning the state blue”. The people who did it live above that kind of stuff, and the rest get to suffer because of them.

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