Shithole: Baltimore Decriminalizes Drugs, Prostitution and Urinating and Defecating In Public

Wakanda wasn’t built in a day.


“(CNN) – Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby says the city will no longer prosecute for prostitution, drug possession and other low-level offenses. The people addicted due to drug possession is sent to a drug rehab.

Mosby made the announcement on Friday following her office’s one-year experiment in not prosecuting minor offenses to decrease the spread of Covid-19 behind bars. …

The program has led to decreases in the overall incarcerated Baltimore population by 18%, while violent and property crimes are down 20% and 36% respectively, according to the press release.

Mosby said her office will no longer prosecute the following offenses: drug and drug paraphernalia possession, prostitution, trespassing, minor traffic offense, open container violations, and urinating and defecating in public.

Mosby said she intends to refocus law enforcement on more severe offenses that plague the city and have contributed to its violent reputation. …”

FOX Baltimore:

“BALTIMORE (WBFF) – After a violent weekend Baltimore surpassed 2020’s homicides to date. …

This weekend’s violence brought the City to 63 homicides so far in 2021. Baltimore Police confirm there were 60 homicides this time last year. …”

Do you remember when Trump called out King Elijah Cummings for his district being a shithole?

Do you remember when he called out the “Rev.” Al Sharpton for being an anti-White con artist?

Turns out … he wasn’t wrong!

Note: Tfw you arrive in Joe Biden’s Baltimore.

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  1. @ too bad “mr.mencken ” isn’t here enjoying modern baltimore, sad truth of the matter, all our cities suck, southern ones too.

    • It wasn’t always thus. One of the purposes of segregation both de jure in Dixie and de facto in the North was to prevent what has happened to Baltimore and a thousand other places from occurring. The ending of segregation was just part of the war against Whites that has been going of for about a century but went into high gear once the Frankfurter Schule transferred to Columbia University in the early 1930’s. It seems the Frankfurter Schule types wore out their welcome in NS Germany.

      • 12AX7,

        The National Socialists ejected the vermin, unlike the USA under Hunter’s beloved FDR who welcomed them in.

        • I’ve spent the last two months cycling new banners on a daily basis. You may have noticed that Lincoln, FDR and Reagan are not among them. FDR did some good things during the Depression on economic policy. He also ended Prohibition.

          • The Tennessee Valley Authority was one of FDR’s success stories, HW. So was the Rural Electrification Authority.

          • All due respect HW but FDR’s plan to allow the Frankfurt “refugees” from NS Germany to immigrate was one of the most malicious things he did. It’s difficult to believe FDR didn’t know what snakes he was allowing in to the country. No enemies on the left was his way of thinking.

            The Venona dispatches confirmed decades after FDR was gone that his administration was riddled with communists and sympathizers. Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs were confirmed as communist spies amongst a host of others. The Rosenbergs were notorious for copying atomic secrets but Julius Rosenberg also copied the plans for the proximity fuse, a project second in priority to the atomic bomb.

            FDR did promote the TVA, rural electrification, Glass Steagall, the SEC but his sympathies were with the enemies of White Christian America.

          • Granted, there were all sorts of awful things he did. As with Woodrow Wilson, there was some good things on domestic policy and bad things on foreign policy. This is true of pretty much all presidents. I can even find things that Obama did which I support like the Iran Deal

          • “Social Security too. That was Dr. Townsend’s idea though”

            A lame copy of Bismark’s Staatssozialismus.
            50 years later and not nearly as complete.

          • FDR held a Whitehouse reception for all the olympic medalists of 1936.
            Jesse Owens wasn’t allowed to attend, FDR didn’t want a black in the Whitehouse.

            (In his autobio, Owens tells how cordial and friendly Hitler treated him, with respect and consideration.)

            You won’t find that in the history books.

          • Whoa hang on a second. Spahnranch and 12AX7 get little stars by their names but I don’t anymore?

            This isn’t fair HW. I know I’m a pain in the ass but I’ve been a fixture here for years.

            Sad! I thought we were fam!

            *ragequits populism

          • Rosenveldt was a sonofabitch, whose lesbian ‘wife’ was even worse. The bastard destroyed America in the name of ‘saving’ it, AND got us into WWII, to serve his Jewish brethren to control the Entire West!


            I cannot, and will NEVER think kindly of that deserved cripple. I only wish the polio had killed him. My sole consolation is that he is in hell, in unending agony. And for that, I thank God.

  2. Considering libs want to make DC part of a new state, I say let them. And add Baltimore to it, add NYC to it, add all massive shithole urban metropolitan areas from Detroit to San Francisco to it

    Let the shitholes be shitholes in their own states.

  3. Visiting Edgar Allen Poe’s grave was already a high risk ordeal, but now any tourists dumb enough to visit his resting place will probably be joining him in the hereafter.

  4. Didn’t Baltimore make a big deal out of restoring its Inner Harbor district not too long ago? I guess they don’t want any more white people with money in their city.

    • The Inner Harbor, Johns Hopkins campus and Camden Yards were somehow going to “revitalize” the entire city of Baltimore according to the politicians and bidnessmen who controlled the money. Unfortunately, after spending a fortune of taxpayers’ money they still hadn’t fixed the fundamental problem of feral negroes inhabiting the area. Baltimore is a permanent shithole.

      • “were somehow going to “revitalize” the entire city of Baltimore ”

        Sounds like Detroit, with it’s ‘Renaissance’ center.

      • The “revitalize” scam only starts after a city has gone minority White but everyone pretends not to see the connection.

      • Camden was one of many older cities in the Northeast and upper Midwest that turned to shit right after WWII. By contrast German and Japanese cities pulverized by Allied bombs were almost completely rebuilt ten years later, along with their factories and infrastructure. Too bad America didn’t have a Marshall Plan of its own.

      • There is a string of hyper ghetto second and third tier cities down the East Coast in between the major cities, which have their own horrific black ghettos. New Haven CT, Bridgeport, CT, Newark, Trenton, Camden NJ, Chester PA, Wilmington DE, Baltimore, Richmond. Those ghetto cities ruin the quality of life in a lot of what would be otherwise nice white suburban areas that are far away from NYC and Philly slums.

    • Gentrification failed in Bodymore, Murderland. It’s actually in reverse now. The thing about the Inner Harbor is that there are several housing projects just blocks away. There are no real safe areas in the city. Baltimore feels very dangerous, even in the downtown and tiny tourist area. The only other large cities that are worse in terms of the downtown looking scary and the almost the entire city being a ghetto are Detroit and Newark.

  5. Seriously apply for Russian Citizenship!

    Seriously, where living in a rotting carcass!

    This is no April Fools,

    Learn Russian well, many good Vids on YouTube

    • Sunburn, I am beginning to think it may be the only hope for Christian Whites, as no one seems willing to engage in Secession in the heartland. They are like evangelical sheep, waiting for the next ‘leader’ to fleece them.

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