George Floyd’s Banana Dance

I’m shocked.

The George Floyd story is “intersectional” in the sense that it combines wokeness, media bias, political corruption and tolerance of violent crime.


“The defense has argued that Chauvin did what he was trained to do when he encountered Floyd last May and that Floyd’s death was caused by drugs, his underlying health conditions and his own adrenaline. An autopsy found fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system. …

Earlier, Ross said she and Floyd first met in 2017 and struggled with addiction to painkillers throughout their relationship — testimony that could help prosecutors blunt the argument that drugs killed Floyd. Medical experts have said that while the level of fentanyl in his system could be fatal to some, people who use the drug regularly can develop a tolerance to it. …”

Are you saying there is more to the George Floyd story than the simple narrative of “white supremacy” and systematic racism that was pushed by “journalists” to inflame racial tensions ahead of the 2020 election? Are you saying that he was acting crazy and died because he was high on meth and fentanyl?

How many people have died at the hands of violent criminals in the big cities since George Floyd died of a drug overdose and poor health last May? How many people have died because the police were demonized by the media and defunded by Democrats last summer?

Note: Did the FBI ever find the White Nationalists who Joy Reid claimed had disguised themselves to riot and burn down Minneapolis?

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  1. Was there any evidence of trauma to Floyd’s neck. If not…then you can not convict…

    Blacks are using the trial of Derek Chauvin to go into a chimpout and murder and rape White Americans across America….Reverend Sharpton has issued the fatwah….

    It’s a race war..very much out in the open….

    And it’s funded by multitrillionaire Jeff Bezos…

  2. And never forget this for it drives US Politics in 2021:

    Richard Nixon

    Ronald Reagan

    George H Bush

    George W Bush

    Donald Trump


    Empowered and Emboldened the Democratic Party

    On Nov 3 2021…Demographics was Destiny…

    • Sergei Lavrov is mixed race so this is another example of only non-white or mixed people defending whites by name.

      • It’s a recurring theme. Southern Euros tend to be more racially conscious than Northern ones. I guess you’re more aware of something when you’ve lost part of it.

  3. “Medical experts have said that while the level of fentanyl in his system could be fatal to some, people who use the drug regularly can develop a tolerance to it. …”

    Addicts need to take several times what would kill a non-user just to get high. The jury will not assume an overdose as the sole cause of death. The jury will convict. The only question is on what charges.

    The pigs could have avoided the bad publicity by not kneeling on a handcuffed man’s neck for nine minutes, several of those minutes after the man was unconscious and clearly in medical distress. Maybe the knee to the neck did not play a role in the death, but it sure looks like it did to any normal person not driven by a pro-police or anti-black ideological agenda, ie boomers and white nationalists. There is no need to ever compress a suspects neck for an extended period of time.

    It’s sad to see so many people in the pro-white sphere mindlessly simping for pigs. That’s something we are going to have to get over if we want to win.

    • I have noticed that the Pro-Popo Movement has lost a lot of support since last summer’s Chimpouts and the Rumble At the Capitol – a lot of (non-Boomer) normies were disgusted by the cops’ inaction – and fealty to – BLM – even Wandre Wanglin over at DS is not going to do anything on the trial of the cop that kneeled on Floyd’s neck.

    • My interest in this is why a dispute between a black cashier and a black customer turned into a suspiciously times summer of BLM rioting. It’s like they just needed a pretext. In this case the black guy killed by the police was killed while being physically wrestled. He wasn’t shot, he wasn’t battered or beat to death. The incident with Floyd is about as gentle an incident as I’ve ever seen.

    • A nation of mudbloods.

      Drugged up, feckless and with no purpose whatsoever.

      Also, totally agree with ATBOTL. Chauvin and his friends acted like total assholes. The purpose of justice is not just to be applied, but TO BE SEEN to be applied. Image is everything as 80s boomers would say.

    • @ atbotl, agreed the cop did wrong on that, the neck business, ” nasty, ” too say the least, that.being said, launching an afro/marxist insurrection thru out the united states, was a tad bit wrong too, dont cha think.thee spike in crime, escalation of racial war against whites, i can go.on and on, goverments determine police procedure and policy, they are just as guilty as the cops, thee elitist whores who rule us, eant thee dissolution local,county and state law enforcement, replaced with a national police force.

    • ATBOTL…

      Have someone press real hard on your carotid artery…

      It is a PAINFUL pressure point.

      In other words, even IF Derek Chauvin was actually putting substantial pressure on a SINGLE carotid artery this would still NOT impede breathing, rather, it would cause excruciating pain. The kind of pain that would not allow someone to lay still while screaming “I can’t breathe.”

      What the normies see on video isn’t nearly as crucial as what they simple don’t know regarding the application of force on the human body.

    • @ATBOL – It’s not “simping for the cops” to be outraged that a worthless pos has been turned into a cash-cow bludgeon to fatally beat Whitey with. Please note, this very restraint tactic has been used on Whites and NOBODY gave a shit.

      • Cops and naggers have a synergistic relationship – without Blacks now many less cops do we need sucking at the taxpayers’ teat? 50% less? 75% less? Both groups are part of the same Take Advantage Of the White Taxpayer System.

    • Well what I’ve seen, Chauvin comes across as just another dummy, he wasn’t talking aggressive against Floyd at all, nor was he putting pressure on his neck, just limiting him from rising. What he wasn’t smart enough to see was the guy really was dying. Now, don’t say “Floyd bought fentanyl” because nobody buys fentanyl, the poison is adulterated into bad drugs and Floyd too got scammed by somebody selling him some bad shit. But at most he is guilty of being an incompetent cop, nowhere did the guy seem to be an “evil white racist” deliberately killing The Numinous Negro. The whole thing was a bungle by a 90 IQ Cheese head dealing with an 80 IQ black high on drugs.

  4. There’s a covert message in all these media pushed black incidents,
    “Cops leave the blacks alone and hassle WHITES, if you want to keep your job and stay out of prison”.

  5. ” mindlessly simping for pigs.”

    No so much that, as it is emphasis on black victims, while ignoring all
    the WHITES abused by police.
    David Duke has addressed this issue, many times.

  6. These people are not socially distancing and are not wearing masks…call the cops!

  7. Why did the cops even show up for this call? Should have just taken their time and let the crazy bastard go and OD on his own.

  8. Floyd is a career criminal druggie that held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach while his friend robbed her. Since he’s black, the jews and blacks are making him out to be a saint while Ashli Babbitt was shot by an unknown black cop that is still free. The justice system discriminates towards Whites.

  9. All that “The law is the law” bullshit needs to be thrown out the window along with “Just doing my job”

    Biblically speaking, “The law is written in the hearts of men”

    Common sense and basic human dignity go a long way in this world. Shame more cops don’t use these.

  10. Chauvin’s fellow cops and supervisors threw him under the bus today. I think he will be sacrificed to keep the peace.

  11. This isn’t about some pro-cop/anti-pig melodrama. This is about a redefining of “murder” triggered by racial grievance and a ruthless desire for “equity” which puts each and every white individual at a distinct survival disadvantage relative to the “black.”

  12. The knee to the neck was a perfect image for the gleeful kikemedia to run with to advance their longstanding police brutality against niggers lie, but it was an approved police restraint tactic; plus, nig criminal Floyd had utterly refused to get his worthless black ass in the patrol car, after the cops had politely tried every possible way to get him to cooperate. So Chauvin should walk, but almost certainly won’t. He’s going to be a White sacrifice by the rabbis to propitiate the nigger demons they’ve incited.

    Pig brutality is a serious issue – but since most of its victims are Whites, and the kikemedia ignores them to focus instead on the far flimsier cases involving coon thugs like Floyd, the issue as a whole is discredited in the “minds” of “BLUE Lives Matter!” normie patriotards.

    So the pigs will continue to have carte blanche to beat & kill non-violent Whites.

  13. Count me among the people who support Chauvin based on evidence. Just as the other side brings a racial bias into their reasoning to convict, we don’t need to be bringing an anti police bias into this either. The prosecution hasn’t shown anything to prove he deserves a guilty verdict. It really bothers me how if Floyd would have been responsible this whole thing could have been avoided. But because he wasn’t responsible we are now examining everything the cops didn’t do perfectly after a certain point as if they were Floyd’s babysitters. That burden on the cops is far from just or fair. Someone above mentioned the senior officer throwing Chauvin under the bus today. He did but the defense exposed this guy immediately afterwards as someone who wasn’t fully knowledgeable and who was biased. Just because he is senior means nothing especially in a democrat city. He came across as very sleazy and slimy and incompetent.

  14. Of course the whole thing was a scam. Didn’t you see them try to start the race riots with the copper pipe thief they claimed was “jogging?” They had a summer of riots planned against Trump, yes it was this bad and this is why we should in no way consider reelecting Trump in ’24. If you can’t see this isn’t about your “ego” and about the survival of White European America and they are about to pull absolutely anything including a post soviet color revolution tactic on your ass then you aren’t fit to lead at this extraordinary time. Yes it has gotten that bad.

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