Donald Trump: Boycott Major League Baseball

I’m just laughing at this.

This is a brand new front in lib owning.

I’ve lived to see the day where even baseball is polarizing.

FOX News:

“Former President Donald Trump fired a high, hard fastball at Major League Baseball on Friday night, urging fans to boycott the “national pastime” over its decision to pull this year’s All-Star Game from the Atlanta area.

Trump asserted that MLB’s leadership was “afraid of the Radical Left Democrats,” claiming the party pressured the league to relocate its mid-summer game because of Georgia’s new election law, recently signed by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp.

The former president also took aim at large “woke” corporations that issued statements against the Georgia law.

“Baseball is already losing tremendous numbers of fans,” Trump wrote, “and now they leave Atlanta with their All-Star Game because they are afraid of the Radical Left Democrats who do not want voter I.D., which is desperately needed, to have anything to do with our elections. …”

It is the same issue with Big Tech.

Progressive activists are trying to impose their values and beliefs on everything. This outrages populists and conservatives. It deepens the culture war and political polarization.

As I predicted last month, the rise of woke supremacy is going to dramatically intensify the culture war. I also predicted last year that professional sports, consumer brands and social media would become polarized. When I was growing up in the 1990s, we already had an extremely thin national identity and culture. Now, it is getting to the point where even sports and shopping are dividing people.

BTW, this isn’t coming from the Right. It is the Left that is driving this process. The Right is reacting against the intensification of political correctness into woke supremacy. What’s more, it is political correctness or wokeness which is breaking up the old political coalitions and realigning our politics. People who were on the “Right” are now on the “Left.” People who were on the “Left” are now on the “Right.” We use these terms out of habit and custom but they don’t really mean anything.

I’ve been extremely critical of liberalism. I have criticized liberalism as an abstract ideology from a kind of High Tory conservative perspective. These things which we call “rights” grew out of our own English customs and traditions in the organic context of the American frontier environment and aren’t universal laws like Newton’s laws of physics. The funniest thing about this though is that I have a liberal temperament. I genuinely don’t care what other people think to the point of wanting to try to silence them. The people who would call me a bigot, however, are fanatics who are absolutely obsessed with policing thoughts and words and chilling debate. They want to control consciousness.

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  1. Good on trump !

    Time to boycott ALL pro sports.
    Go out and garden, play frisbee with the dog, anything but sit in front
    Of the jtube.

  2. When President Trump thinks something is in his interest he would enter the gates of hell and confront the devil.

    And so it is here – he’s worried about election security because his vanity has told him that he is a loser, UNLESS, he can get back into office for a 2nd term.

    Not that vanity and self-interest are bad things, for, who knows – maybe he will funnel some of that, if he gets back into office, and actually venture some serious MAGA stuff.

    In any case, I’m glad he is speaking out.

    He’s right.

    That said, for the wife and me he is late, as Jew-run New England Yankee United States’ Corporate government has successfully run me off every single sport.

    Yep, having given up American movies, all cable TV, (including my erstwhile ESPN shows of Mike & Mike or Colin Cowherd) all chain fast foods, Ben & Jerries ice cream, Facebook, PayPal, SBC, UMC, the Episcopal, Lutheran, and Presbyterian churches, Starbucks coffee, Target, Barnes & Noble, Bed Bath & Beyond, Coke, and professional and college basketball, football, and now baseball, it seems like we have not much, other than our lives, to give up.

    They’ve successfully deported us, or, as bloggist, Doug Tennapel, says, ‘We’re in exile in our own country.’

    We do, however, go out of our way to buy from Mike Lindell, Goya Foods, Palmetto Pimento Cheese and any other White Supremacist brand we can think of.

    To be clear, we will buy from any Leftist company that purveys to us a good product, without trying to shove their worldview down our throats.

    As consumers we will NOT patronize those who are trying to replace us and lobotomize our children with their anti-White, anti-Southern, anti-Christian, anti-family, and anti-heterosexuality balderdash.

    • “In exile in our own country”, well put! Or rather, countries, I suppose. There are no longer countries for White people who aren’t anti-White.

      • Thank you, Mom!

        Yet, with respect, there are still a few pro-White White countries – starting with Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belarus, and Hungary, and, it seems to me, that Italy and France are quickly moving that way as well.

        I know it is ridiculous that there only a few Pro-White White countries, but, alas, I share your alarm.

        Fortunately, many other Whites are beginning to share it, as well.

        Thank you for your thoughts!

  3. Don’t worry, Don – the only people that watch/fall asleep to baseball are the Boomers and they are dying off en masse. Speaking of Boomers – does anybody watch Meccum, Barrett-Jackson auctions on TV – the bidding audiences at those are like 95% Boomer – buying shitty old Vettes and Mustangs for $100K/ pop – it’s really fucking nauseating how much of the economy is dedicated to keeping these old fucks living the retirement Good Life that Gen X and succeeding generations will never enjoy.

  4. For American White people of Appalachian ethnicity there is maximal dignity in a higher level of personal sovereignty. We also function better with a long leash and minimal external interference. We are the children of pioneers.

    This isn’t to say we spern community which its easy to see from our history isn’t the case. We have big families, strong churches and make good soldiers when pressed to it.

    I do now and have always resented the imposition of other people’s will over my own, even my parents. At all points in my life, I’ve been my own man for better or worse.

    This is typical of the Scots Irish mentality. I don’t regret it in the least.

    No one should be afraid to challenge these companies or the government for weaponizing them against us. We don’t need them.

    • @IronicSockAccount

      I unironically support Appalachian Scots-Irish Supremacy and am fairly confident we could get Alabama Rednecks like HW and most of Texas on our side. My Holy Mountain is Old Rag.

      Appalachian Independence Now! Down with the Yankee Empire!

  5. It’s not just MLB, it’s also the NHL and almost every other sport pandered and groveled to the BLM terrorists. Trump is right, stop watching MLB and all sports.

  6. They’re coming for literally every sport, and using global capitalist interests to pressure everyone to cave to the anti-white, jewish agenda. Even the governor of South Dakota caved to the NCAA when their business interests threatened to boycott them over a law that would have kept trannies out of college sports. NHL, an almost all-white sport, now has a black woman directing “social justice” policy. Hope Red states soon put up a resistance to this, but unfortunately Whites have a track record of caving to this kind of pressure.

    It’s reminiscent of when white South Africans gave up their national sovereignty and their future because the global capitalist business interests sanctioned their country, including locking out South Africa from playing international sports like Rugby. Whites gave up their future, in order to play sports.

  7. Sounds like the Trump of old … hope he and his 80 million supporters make “Targets” (of transgender bathroom fame) out of these Lefty companies and maybe eventually turn on and destroy the top Big Tech companies. Trump is at his best when he is a thorn in the Left’s side. Jesse Helms loved to play that role.

    • Those Big Tech monopolies surely must realize that their days are numbered, because eventually their highly centralized and bureaucratized platforms will be rendered obsolete, no? There was a time not long ago when IBM and the Bell System were leaders in technology. Where are they now?

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