Elderly Asian Woman Stabbed To Death While Walking Her Dogs In California

The “white supremacists” have struck again.

New York Post:

“An Asian woman was fatally stabbed while walking her dogs in California in what cops are calling a random attack.

Ke Chieh Meng, 64, was out with her two small pups in Riverside around 7:30 a.m. Saturday when she was stabbed and left on the ground bleeding, KTLA-TV reported. …

Meng’s suspected attacker, Darlene Stephanie Montoya, 23, was identified by police as a transient. She was arrested near the scene and charged in what police described as a “completely random” attack. …

“We’re going to try to research [the suspect’s] drug-abuse history and her mental-health history,” Railsback said, adding that cops are nonetheless “not closing the door on anything.” …”

No, it was just a homeless, mentally ill Hispanic drug addict in a random street crime. This can’t be used as fodder by the corporate media to push the “white supremacy” narrative.

Naturally, it hasn’t stopped them from doing it anyway. The truth doesn’t matter. There are all these rallies going on around the country against “anti-Asian hate.”

Austin-American Statesman:

“Chuck Guo, one of the event organizers, said Saturday’s rally was held in front of the monument to recognize the progress that has been made by Black civil rights activists. 

“I think we should stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, because we have a common foe: white supremacists,” Guo said. “As long as there is white supremacy, there is hate.” …”

What the hell does any of this have to do with “white supremacy”?

The common thread in all of these attacks (see here, here, here, here) is that no one can find a single ideologically motivated “white supremacist” who is responsible for any of them. While it is true that Asians are being victimized by the upswing in violent crime (the police were demonized and defunded last summer), it is also true that it has nothing to do with “white supremacy.” More often than not, Asians are being assaulted by their fellow People of Color (POC) who live in the same cities.

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  1. “This can’t be used as fodder by the corporate media to push the “white supremacy” narrative.”

    Sure it can. They’ll spin it that she’s homeless b/c of White Supremacy denying her a safe place to life.

    Never underestimate these fuckers and their agenda.

    Remember their Prime Directive is the utter, complete erasure of Whites.

    • If you trace the root cause of nonwhite crime and poverty back far enough you’ll discover that WHITE SUPREMACY is responsible.

      Remember Tina Turner as the Acid Queen in the movie version of Tommy?

  2. Let’s see, there are Nation of Islam white-supremacists, Latinx white-supremacists, Musloid white-supremacists, all manor of negroid white-supremacists … and to think it all started with George Zimmermann, the Peruvian octaroon white-supremacist who brought about the martyrdom of St. Trayvon of Skittles and Arizona Iced-Watermelon Juice. Obviously as Merrick Garland knows, there are way too many white-supremacists. Indeed it seems that only (((certain chosen ones))) are not channeling Hitler these days.

  3. Violent crime has increased because White liberal elites, under the banner of anti-racism, decided that defunding police and refusing to charge violent minorities when they commit crimes would create a utopia. Asians (and other minorities) have been increasingly victimized by this violent crime wave because they tend to live in diverse areas. The solution to this problem, according to White liberal elites and their bootlicking woke PoC allies, is to give further support to BLM and presumably defund the police even more.

    It would be difficult to even write a scenario more absurd than this. Almost as absurd as when White middle class antifa decided to get justice for George Floyd and end White supremacy by burning down low-income urban (primarily non-White) commerical districts.

    • Some of these can’t be blamed on blacks, but rather the West Coast’s liberal homeless policy with these drug addicted nuts wandering around all over the place.

  4. “Completely random attack” gotta love these shit scum journalists an the zoglice officers and how they phrase this shit. Get f*cked Chuck Guo you stupid retard go to your nearest black ghetto hood and relax. Then try to tell how blacks are your best friends

    Btw and that Aaron Robert Long neckbeard was a sleeper cell agent for alphabet agencies to reenforce a phony white supremacist narrative. Cheap sex does not exist especially at freaking massage parlours ffs

    • Frequent non White on non White or non White on White violence is always “random”. Infrequent White on non White is always “hate”.

  5. A bunch of these attacks seem to be the result of liberal policies fostering this huge homeless population of mentally ill and drug addicts. The whole homeless thing is way out of control on the west coast. There is that “Seattle is Dying” video that made the rounds a year or two ago with the crazed drug addict giggling away at police peeking out of the garbage can like Oscar the Grouch. These bums can be dangerous too and the west coast and big cities they congregate are also favorite destinations of Asians so of course they are going to be victims.

    • Nobody wants to do anything about the tens of thousands of junkies, drifters and mental patients living on the streets, in the parks and on the beaches of the West Coast, because whatever they try there’s going to be hell to pay. As a result hundreds of thousands of middle and upper class people are leaving that area and moving to other states, where they are not wanted. Our cowardice and warped sense of “compassion” are destroying this country.

    • They did a follow-up to Seattle Is Dying in December of last year titled The Fight for the Soul of Seattle. It wasn’t too bad of an expose on the drug epidemic, opiate crisis, mental illness, and how shitlib politicians encourage these problems to get worse in the name of “kindness” and “compassion”.

  6. As I’ve said before the Orientals are no friend of Whitey. They like to think of themselves as urban progressives. So enjoy the inevitable results of your tolerance and diversity, Charlie Chan.

  7. The man who had the world problem correct AND did the most to correct it, has his 122nd birthday this month 20th April 2021. 88 Dave W.

  8. You know it is funny, a lot of these homeless shelters and methadone maintenance programs are located in Chinese neighborhoods. Do you know why? The Chinese do not complain. They keep their mouths shut and mind their own business. And the politicians take advantage of them by locating all these trouble people in their neighborhoods knowing they won’t complain.

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