Rising: How Trump Fleeced His Own Supporters Out Of Hundreds Of Millions

I tried to warn you.

I told you to stay away from the Grift Right.

In the 2020 election, I would get like a dozen texts a day from the Trump campaign asking for money. It became a running joke on this website. The texts didn’t stop coming until after the Stop the Steal rally in January. My personal favorite was the time that Trump’s campaign texted me with the offer to join the Diamond Club to stop Antifa which his DOJ allowed to spiral out of control.

Note: Half of Republicans still believe that the election was stolen from Trump and that it was Antifa in disguise who stormed the Capitol. They would also vote for him again in 2024. These are mostly good people with the right sentiments, but they are being preyed upon by grifters.

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  1. Normally I would feel bad for people who get scammed. But in the case of Trumpanzees? Not so much.

  2. So what will Blormpf do with all that money he swindled from his simple-minded cult followers? I’m guessing it will be used to pay his legal bills for the dozens of lawsuits that are being filed against him.

  3. Just look at a random Kikebart, I mean Breitbart comment section to see how many Trumpers are still firmly bolted to the Trump Train and ready for another round of Dreidel from their beloved God Emperor. FTN’s deep-dives on Trump’s business and political connections would help, but most of Trump’s remaining base are also staunch “Christian” Evangelicals that worship jews. Even if you expose to them that MAGA = MIGA, it’s still totally fine with them that Trump puts a foreign adversary’s interests before their own country, or that “based” Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbot pretend to oppose “The Left” while passing laws that ban “Anti-Semitism” and BDS.

    • Anyone that puts on the little hat and tucks a folded note into the western wall should be disqualified from public office. In what other country does an American politician pray to the national religion?

  4. Here is the problem that when Donald leaves the stage, there will be nobody left to unite the people . Those small infighting groups get nothing done and there is no next leader in sight.

    Donald may be not perfect but without him, any resistance is doomed. Amren VDare and the rest of grievance industry collected donations for decades and is there anything what they got done ? Buy more ammo folk got also nothing done.

    And there will be no great white leader. Many people have run from anti immigration platform for decades and cucked filth vote down every last one of them. So everybody knows that pro white platform is like drug use. It get your life ruined without gaining anything.

  5. Chill out, spergs. Trump is losing his grip on these people. You see it week by week. More are questioning things. We have years to discredit Trump before the next election. Get busy on doing that, both IRL and online and stop bitching that its hopeless.

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