Der Movement: Cliques and Cults of Personality

Der Movement has decayed into cliques and cults of personality. It isn’t a movement so much as a constellation of little fiefdoms now. We’re kind of in between labels since the collapse of the Alt-Right and the end of the Trump presidency. We’re exiting this demoralizing period though.

In previous articles, I have said that we need to learn something from experience and improve on the last two efforts (White Nationalism 1.0 and the Alt-Right 2.0). I’ve also said we need to create a new and improved “far right” or whatever we are being called by outsiders who don’t share our values.

How do we fix the problem?

The problem is that people are too focused on these little cliques and cults of personality. There are typically somewhat charismatic leaders who have small bands of followers. This has been the status quo in the “far right” for as long as I can remember. George Lincoln Rockwell had a cult of personality. William Pierce had a cult of personality. Nothing has really changed down to our own times.

In order to move out of this stage, we need to build a consensus. We need to determine what we believe and what we all agree on and what can potentially attract new people. We need a greater degree of self-awareness of our own strengths and weaknesses as well. We need to develop a common language and platform that everyone can support. This will shift the focus away from personalities.

What are the things that are essential? What commands universal assent?

  • Race – It is true that racial differences exist, race matters and that race is heritable and cannot be wished away. This is a fact of life.
  • Sex – It is true that biological differences between men and women exist, these differences matter and that sex is hereditary and cannot be wished away. This is a fact of life.
  • Jewish Influence – Jews are an extremely wealthy, powerful and influential minority who are overrepresented in the American elite. Jewish influence is having a negative effect on the White majority. This is another fact of life. It is simply reality.
  • Immigration – We oppose the radical racial and cultural demographic change going on in the West which is being caused by mass immigration. We don’t like this. We don’t support it.
  • Identity – Over the past few generations, White people in the West have become deracinated. There has been a loss of racial, ethnic and cultural identity. We dislike this and want to recover our cultural memory and regenerate our historical identities.
  • Elites – We are opposed to the political, corporate and cultural establishment on these issues.

Does anyone disagree with this?

Is this not a fair description of what the “far right” believes? There are all kinds of other beliefs which command less support and tend to be more controversial, but isn’t that the gist of it? I’ve just described the fundamental beliefs of a global current of cultural populism. It is a deeply anti-elite and anti-establishment movement in defense of traditional norms, values and demographics.

Moving on … we definitely have at least four policy positions which would command nearly universal assent:

  • Restrict Immigration – The restriction of immigration is already a fundamental value and belief due to the dislike of demographic change.
  • Anti-Globalization – Pretty much everyone would agree that our trade policies are designed to deindustrialize this country, impoverish the working class and enrich multinational corporations and the wealthy.
  • Anti-Imperialism – There is a strong aversion to foreign wars and meddling in the internal affairs of other countries. We would prefer to focus on our own enormous problems at home.
  • Anti-Political Correctness – The movement is centered on a handful of truths about race, sex, identity, immigration and Jewish influence which are stigmatized as taboo and thus made “immoral” to discuss by the political class.

These are not new beliefs.

This is a militant reassertion of old identities, beliefs, values and also historical narratives (such as the old heroes when we defended the Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Thomas Jefferson monuments in Charlottesville) which are deeply rooted in the history of this country. We hate political correctness because we have had a republican culture that values free speech and debate for centuries. The so-called “far right” is pro-worker, culturally conservative and nationalist and tends toward an isolationist foreign policy. That’s the genetic signature of classic American populism.

Progressives are the people who topple statues of George Washington, spit on them and drag them in the dirt. They are the people who cheer that on because it is their beliefs, not ours, which are anti-traditional and alien to this country and which were imported from abroad whether it was antiracism, cosmopolitanism, modernism, gender fluidity or political correctness.

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  1. Yes…I have no problem with RACE…..but there is no need for endless-dull-jibber-jabber about IQ test score psychometrics.

    OUR PEOPLE conquered North America without engaging in IQ test score psychometric jibber-jabber…And this is why I think Edward Dutton…very intelligent and very Monty Python funny…is so foolish…

    • Your kind were to stupid to go fishing and ran to us when you potatoes rotted in the ground.

  2. On The Pro-Euro Right’ there are 2 archetypes : he who uses his politicks mainly as a device to vent on people, or prevail over them – for venting and prevailing’s sake – or he who protagonizes his point of view because he is motivated, principally, by a desire to see the welfare of his own tribe advanced.

    The first one, The Venting Prevailer, The Vainglorious Seether, is full of antipathy, hatred and seething disregard for others – most especially those others on The Far Right who dare not to agree with him … all the time.

    Nothing a Venting Prevailer and a Vainglorious Seether loves to do more than call down others, make eccentrically semanticized jokes about mass deportations and murder, or point out his moral superiority to practically all humans who have ever lived.

    The Second, The Constructive One, offers his points of view, and replies to those of others, without sowing emnity or attempting to knuckle anyone under.

    As to building a consensus – you cannot do it with The Venting Prevailer, because he only wants to destruct, not construct. Dr. Pierce talked about this sort of man and warned that nothing could go forward with him – not even a simple meeting.

    As to The Constructive One, I think there are millions and millions of them and they are gradually coalescing around a platform you published here by Mike Enoch (Justice Party?) a few months back, or the recent manifesto offered by Gab’s CEO, Andre Torba.

    Step #1 is DISassociating ourselves, and our movement, from Venting Prevailers, Vainglorious Seethers and Extremist Geniuses, because if we do not, our association with them will continue to be used to prevent normal none-seething Whites from swelling our ranks.

    If we do not get Step #1 down, and quick, no platform will ever do.

  3. The big question that WE should have asked our Fellow NATIVE BORN WHITE AMRICANS no latter than 2000:


    This should have been the central theme…..every chapter…of Pat Buchannan’s three books. Instead Pat books were a nothing but numberusa-FAIR-CIS policy wonk handouts to dull the mind…and then Pat picked Evola Foster as his VP…Talk about wasted opportunities when the time period required going for the jugular…..

  4. Hunter, don’t you think opposition to liberalism and capitalism ought to be on this list? If we don’t oppose the root ideologies of what got us here, we can’t actually fix anything. You touch on a fundamental illiberal property: inheritability. This is excellent, but it is opposed to both capitalism and liberalism, so we need to stay consistent, and consistently illiberal.

  5. I discovered the movement a decade ago and frankly want no part of it. I thought Richard Spencer put on a good conference in 2015 but then he just lost the plot.

    I’m mostly just interested in points 1-4: race, sex, Jewish influence, and immigration. “Identity” is a lot more complex – “white” is not really an “identity.” E. Michael Jones is a crank but he is right that “white” just means “American Protestant who doesn’t go to church.” “Anti-elitism” is too general – if we mean “against the Neo-Liberal Empire currently occupying North America” than sure. Anything more than that is a problem.

    “Immigration” is a VERY simple problem to solve: stop it. There is really no more to be said; sovereignty, self-government, and even just good government in general are all meaningless in the fact of “immigration.” That foreigners vote in elections makes a mockery of “democracy.” Territory isn’t even unique to human beings, it is common across all mammals.

    “NatSoc” LARPers, the various flavors of Christianity, “Paganism,” various popular “ideologies” are all just cargo cults and really should just embarrass the people who suggest them.

    If your Church is good – great! If you have a Fash Club with shiny boots – ok! Your Pagan Euro-guild meets twice a month, fantastic! None of that has anything to do with anything and even discussing such things online is more or less meaningless. “We” are not in a “self-improvement” club, so if you want to, like, work out because it helps you get a girlfriend – GREAT! That is wonderful. But it’s sort of a personal thing, isn’t it?

    There are so many cranks that think if “we” just “Jesus” or “Hitler” hard enough some magic thing happens and “we” all of a sudden “win.”

    Right wing cranks are also really into The Great Collapse – when the dollar collapses, there is hell in the streets, the coloreds start rioting, then … we “win” … or something, whatever, who knows? It’s all just kind of silly wish fulfillment.

    Here’s my two point plan:

    1. Stop immigration.
    2. Stop anti-whiteness.

    The rest are details.

    • @Banned…

      I totally agree with you that immigration and anti-Whiteness are hughe problems ,but, I do not think them grander than the kind of corruption that has shipped out nearly our entire manufacturing sector.

      As you seem like an urbane Southerner, maybe I ought mention to you that The rural South, but 4 or 5 decades ago the soul of industry and production, now looks like Beezelbub Sherman has traipsed back and forth it.

      We have no way for our communities for pay our way, and, that so, most of our children simply can bring themselves to stay in idyllic ruins, even though their family and loved settings are here.

      Our downtowns are falling in, our churches are dying, our schools are basically day care centers, and there is so little throw away money that it is very nearly impossible to start a small business (The American Dream) and succeed.

      In just a few decades, we’ve been reduced to a Third World Country out here.

      That’s a very very serious issue.

  6. My concern with making it palatable to normal people (which is something that I wholeheartedly agree with), is that many of the more moderate messages we have will just be co-opted by pre-existing center-right parties and transmuted. Rather than the core message being about preserving the heritage and norms of white societies, those grievances would just become a garnish on the usualy low tax + neocon warmongering we often see.

    I think raising consciousness around white identity, as the polls you’ve posted seem to suggest is occurring on its own, but even more important is preventing this nascent racial self-confidence from being diluted.

  7. Worshiping a Jewish volcano demon while framing oneself as “opposition/resistance” to Jewry is key to defeating the wretches.

    Whining about censorship & thought control tyranny by Jews while simultaneously censoring anyone not openly supportive of promoting (((cults from Judea))) that destroyed Rome & has driven Aryans to maniacal, suicidal behaviors is also key to forming a successful movement to resist Jewry. The Jews utterly abhor & deeply fear Aryans worshiping their volcano demon (aka race)! How do we know? They say so (sometimes).

    No matter that Jews never attempted to destroy the (((cult from Judea))) with similar tactics/ruthlessness as they destroyed Germany (& Rome), or that it was after the (((cult from Judea))) was imposed by terror & murder upon Aryans that the initial alliance between Aryan nobility + Jewry was born (ever look up “Court Jew”?) since Aryans were forbidden to engage in usury whereas Jews were exempt & allowed to target Aryans with usurious abuses (mercilessly).

    But heh, why do “debbie downers…’pagans’ & satanic” atheist Aryan racial loyalists have to spoil the fun and claim that its unwise – especially for self proclaimed “pro white christians” to bow down to Jewish volcano demons & follow the “good news”!? Such individuals obviously are “dividing” the movement, and certainly are gonna burn in a lava pit eternally after death for their refusal to “just believe”! The big bad invisible Jewish volcano demon is reading our minds, and he is gonna make such “divisive” fiends pay. “Pro white christians” ought be able to constantly spread the “good news” & promote it, the gospels (from (((Judea))) ), and insult the wretched heathens who don’t bow down in panic before (((yahweh))). If the wretched heathens so much as defend themselves or (even worse) dare to question the one true word, they are fiends who are “harming & dividing” the movement.

    No matter that there are today more black christians than there are Aryan christians. No matter that Liberalism is a secularized offshoot of the (((cult from Judea))). Just don’t talk about this stuff, unless you’re pro (((yahweh))).

    Those not on board with bowing down before (((rabbi yeshu))) deserve to be flayed alive, just as were the “evil filthy sinful” pre christian Aryans (heh, Aryans had to learn what awfully ignorant scumbags they were before they had water dripped upon them to transform & “convert” them to the “good news”).

    P.S.-if christ-cucks who claim to be pro Aryan & anti-Jewish were serious about wanting “unity,” they’d offer to stop promoting their schizophrenic christian apologism/evangelism and demand the same of anti-christians in order to actually fight the Jews.

    My first couple of years in “th3 movement” i avoided bringing this up for sake of unity, but its always bullshit double standards.

    “Pro white christ cucks” insist they can endlessly promote their Jewish cult (from (((Judea))) and spew massive insults towards anyone even silently skeptical & not literally delusionally schizophrenic about the cowardly madness of worshiping the Jewish volcano demon while also framing oneself as a great “opposition” to Jewry, but if anyone dares to politely disagree, the “pro white xtians” use all Jewish manipulation psywarfare tactics. The vast majority of y’all fly into a homicidal rage and passive aggressively claim to not be vehemently supportive of serving (((yahweh))) = pure evil.

    You all are the villains. And y’all are putting everything you claim to want in grave danger. The vast majority of “pro white christians” are in it for money and because they know that christians are just as masochistically + effeminately spiteful as are Jews themselves. What a miserable joke that this problem even exists. Just unhinged & insane, to refuse to look at this issue squarely, because those of you sincerely enslaved by christinsanity live in constant terror of the big bad invisible jew. You can’t have a good faith debate, so you act just like Jews. And you’ll never support actually fighting Jews.

    Almost all the Germans who betrayed the NS govt (during the death struggle, WWII) were christians. The traitors who tried to kill Hitler were mostly christians, and explicitly justified sabotaging the war effort via Jewish-christian morality. And Aryans were not Israelites n shiyt. Nothing you type will change that. Want unity? Then agree to stfu & put your masochistic desert death cult on the backburner until we defeat the Jews, and I for one would reluctantly stop exposing the cancer that is christianity until afterwards. Defeating Jews is undoubtedly more important, but you are more worried about invisible phenomena. Not this life. Not this world. Only appeasing veangeful (((yahweh))). And you’re sure you’ll be rewarded so long as you “just believe.” Sad…

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        The comment you responded to, above, is exactly the kind of stance that will make sure that The Nationalist Movement never goes anywhere in this country, because it’s antipathy, hatred and seething disregard for what Mainstream America has been since it’s inception, will drive off Decent Whites, seeking a better government, in droves.

  8. The race realist are controlled opposition put in the public eye by the chosen to deflect and distract you away from Christ and Christianity. Don’t worry if you are buy what the Jews are selling they will just whip more. But in the end only Christ can save you and the Jews know it and fear it.

  9. We need civil rights organizations like blacks,jews and every other nonWhite has but that would be “White” supremacy. Whites are the most demonized race right now and it’s not going to get better anytime soon.

  10. “Jewish Influence – Jews are an extremely wealthy, powerful and influential minority who are overrepresented in the American elite. Jewish influence is having a negative effect on the White majority. This is another fact of life. It is simply reality.”

    “Is this not a fair description of what the “far right” believes?”

    I do not call myself ‘far right’ or ‘right wing’, I am just for the Whites, for the simple reason that calling yourself right, leaves an opening for contards to weasel their way in.

    About jewish influece it is common sense. Just look at Biden’s cabinet. However they would be nothing without White traitors. Whites have a very serious treason.problem. The far right/WN wants to ignore and forgive our traitors. That is their Achillies’ heel, for the simple reason that a traitor in your ranks, is far more deadly than an enemy everyone can see. Don’t ignore or forget the traitors. Name them.

  11. Progressives aren’t the ones tearing down or vandalizing our beautiful monuments, that is the work of anarchists, many of whom are also mentally ill meth addicts.

    • @Spahn…

      Yes, the anarchy is principally the work of communist-nihilists and drug-laced anarchists, but, what is truly galling, and sinister is how the political, academick, and legaLestablishments use them.

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