Poll: Americans Are Done Caring About COVID-19

COVID is over, folks.

I predicted this would happen.

This was the issue that got Joe Biden elected president. It was also fading the day that he was sworn in as president. The Trump administration had already developed the vaccine through Operation Warp Speed. If it had not been for COVID, Trump would have likely been reelected.

The average American is long past ready to move on with their lives. After getting vaccinated, they are done with this. The only people who still care about this are college educated Democrats. As COVID fades as a pressing issue, I expect immigration and crime will rise this summer. The Democrats have shot themselves in the foot by acting on stupid slogans like “Abolish ICE” and “Defund the Police.” The biggest immigration crisis in 20 years and the biggest crime wave in 30 years is the result of their policies.


Note: Joe Biden was vaccinated as President-Elect in December.

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  1. Backs up what I have read elsewhere (a subscription site pointed to information that people are increasingly eating out at fast food restaurants, indicating they’re no longer that concerned about COVID (since you have to take your masks off to eat, of course).

    • I was about to enter a Denny’s the other day for my first sit-down dinner in months. But then I saw a sign on the entrance that said masks are still required for customers when not eating. The fuck outta here!

      • Some particularly limp-wristed establishments are doing this in the name of pandering to “safety”. Because, you know, that highly dangerous and contagious flu is only so while you’re not stuffing your face.

  2. They’re going to push this BS as long as possible. The streets will be littered with face diapers.

  3. The seemingly endless hysteria surrounding the virus never made any sense to me. Only two to three percent of people ever got it, and most of them got over it. Instead they wanted to wreck the public’s lives with lockdowns and stay at home orders. None of this was constitutional, governors don’t have the authority to shut schools, churches, or decide for themselves what businesses can open or how many customers they can have.

    However at least somebody voted for them, which is more than can be said for the meddlesome Maddies at the local health department, ordering people about like banana republic dictators.

  4. I noticed in my area that people no longer cared about the restrictions after Trump left office. The masks came off and they were standing close together, talking into each other’s faces in the stores I frequent. Trump gone. Pandemic gone.

  5. Last fall, while Washington state was still in the peak hysterical throes of the phantom plague, I took a trip to Montana. No one wearing a mask, except for the occasional WA tourist. The locals looked at them funny. Lots of old people (retirees and otherwise) in Montana, but I didn’t see people collapsing and dying on the sidewalks.

  6. Trump handled the whole thing more abysmally than I could have ever imagined. What a jackass.

  7. Oh so Hunter Wallace must be one of those far right grifters I’ve read about. Based on your past blog entries, you appeared more supportive of Covid restrictions which is surprising since conservatives have always questioned even the pandemic itself and that’s a huge reason why Trump and the Republicans were rejected last year. Knowing your blog attracts tin foil hatters who refuse to get vaccinated or wear a mask and claim Covid’s just the flu, you probably lost a lot of readers and donations and that’s why you’re backpedaling to make up the lost money. You need more integrity than this, “Hunter Wallace” ^Smh^

      • What was she wrong about? Do you not make a living off this website? Nothing to be ashamed about but be honest. You aren’t the only one.

        You’ve been better than Anglin and other alt-righters about the Coronavirus, but your blog audience isn’t exactly Democratic Underground or even Breitbart because they disagree with you on it.

        On a side note, the WWE is refusing to have live audiences and we should commend them and other corporations that are adhering to CDC guidelines. Unlike most here, some of us accept real science and not creationism and conspiracy theories. Everyone here should watch WWE and support our country!

    • LOL.

      I have no idea why you would think that I wasn’t going to criticize the Biden administration. I didn’t support or vote for Joe Biden. I didn’t vote at all in the last election. BTW, I have told you my values (social conservatism / economic populism / foreign policy restraint) dozens of times now. I have the same positions on pretty much all the issues that I had before Trump was president.

      I’m a moderate voter. That’s why both sides piss me off. With the Republicans, it is their economic agenda. With the Democrats, it is their position on social issues.

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