Levi Strauss & Co. CEO: Election Integrity Laws Are Racist

Listen up.

Chip Bergh is the boss.

He doesn’t support a 28% corporate tax rate. Your royal highness also calls the shots around here, not elected governors, state legislatures, city governments or voters.

Levi Strauss & Co. are willing to pay their fair share though. Donald Trump’s major legislative accomplishment was cutting the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. Now that wealthy people and corporations have so little to worry about, they focus on woke virtue signaling.

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  1. If corporation want to continue insinuating themselves in the peoples business steps must be taken remove the limited liability that corporations enjoy. Make the stockholders of corporations personally liable for all claims against the corporation. After all Mitt said corporations are people.

  2. I was never a fan of blue jeans. They were created by the jews to reduce goyim fertility by compressing your balls and making them sweaty (joking, but blue jeans really are bad pants).

    • @ a pair of ironed and starched straight leg levi’s with some boots and a black t shirt, are and will always be the “cool white guy” uniform, too many of our people are fat and out of shape and have no style anyway, that and the western look is thee only style we have left, the tactical look is cool too, but it draws a lot of unwanted attention at the moment, keep the levi’s, get rid of the prick “ceo”, wear them a size bigger in the waist, alleviates the testicular concern.

  3. I stopped wearing their crap many years ago. Wrangler fits better and wears better than (((Levi’s)))

  4. If it’s any consolation Levi Strauss is dying a slow, painful death and slick-talking woke assholes like “Chip”(who don’t live within 20 miles of any negroes or Messicans) are just draining the last of the blood out of these 20th Century corporate dinosaurs.

  5. Mike Lindell is one major business owner who doesn’t support fashionably anti-white corporate liberal faggotry. And because of that there is now a well-coordinated effort underway to destroy him. The guy is a recovered drug addict and self-made American success story, someone who should be celebrated, not vilified. I personally think being a pillow tycoon is kind of silly but hey, I’m not trying to silence or punish him because his beliefs are different from mine!

  6. A long time ago, I worked for a man who started his own business as a hobby in his early retirement. The man had worked for a large company and had a massive salary in HR. I never met anyone as naive and boring. He constantly went on vacations and left the business to everyone else to run. He had no original ideas. All he had was money. Just naive, “happy”, and into diversity.

  7. Levi’s are made in Southeast Asian sweatshops. The last pair I bought were made in Cambodia. So even with their corporate tax cut 14% by Blumpf, they still kept their jobs in countries where they can pay them .50/hour.

    Why should we care what the faggot CEO of this company believes about anything?

  8. I do not count on these Big Business companies to do anything but take the side of the anti-whites. They will offer anyone’s head on a platter that is associated with them if they do not project the perfect PC ambassador to represent their company to enhance their profits.

    Remember when a driver was dropped by the Eli Lilly and Company not because he used a “racist slur” but because his father did?

    On May 11, 2018, [Conor] Daly announced he would be making his NASCAR Xfinity Series debut at Road America in August, driving the No. 6 Ford Mustang for Roush Fenway Racing with sponsorship from Eli Lilly and Company. Before the race, it was announced that Lilly would not be sponsoring Daly in the race when it was discovered that his father Derek had used a racial slur during an interview in the 1980s.
    — Wikipedia: “Conor Daly”

    So, who is this great Eli Lilly the founder of this ultra-PC company — Eli Lilly and Company?

    Eli Lilly (July 8, 1838 – June 6, 1898) was an American soldier, pharmacist, chemist, and businessman who founded the Eli Lilly and Company pharmaceutical corporation. Lilly enlisted in the Union Army during the American Civil War and recruited a company of men to serve with him in the 18th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery. He was later promoted to major and then colonel, and was given command of the 9th Regiment Indiana Cavalry…At the Battle of Sulphur Creek Trestle in Alabama in September 1864, he was captured by Confederate troops under the command of Major General Nathan B. Forrest and held in a prisoner-of-war camp at Enterprise, Mississippi until his release in a prisoner exchange in January 1865…After the war, Lilly remained in the South to begin a new business venture. Lilly and his business partner leased a 1,200-acre (490 ha) cotton plantation in Mississippi. Lilly traveled to Greencastle, Indiana, and returned with his wife, Emily, his sister, Anna Wesley Lilly, and son, Josiah. Shortly after the move the entire family was stricken with a mosquito-borne disease, probably malaria, that was common in the region at that time. Although the others recovered, Emily died on August 20, 1866, eight months pregnant with a second son, who was stillborn. Lilly abandoned the farm and returned to Indiana. The plantation fell into disrepair and a drought caused its cotton crop to fail. Lilly’s business partner, unable to maintain the plantation because of the drought, disappeared with the venture’s remaining cash. Lilly was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1868.
    — Wikipedia: “Eli Lilly”

    So this guy was involved in a “cotton plantation” after the war down in Mississippi. Fought for the Union and then tried to make some profit “carpetbagging” while the South lay in ruins and was run off by death from malaria and then clobbered by a drought. So he and the Union Army destroyed the Southern economy and in fact Mississippi was the richest state in the Union before the war and now he flees back to Yankee-land. Did he use racist slurs in referring to his workers on his cotton plantation? Did he take care of them from birth to the grave as white Southern plantation owners did earlier? Or did he just leave everyone in Mississippi he was involved with holding the bag? Maybe some research into this will cause Eli Lilly to rename their company since they do not want to be seen as anything less than ultra-“lily-white” PC “extremists” (pun intended).

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