Don Lemon: Tucker Carlson Is Mainstreaming White Supremacist Propaganda

As we predicted, Don Lemon was offended.

Even if Tucker Carlson really was “mainstreaming white supremacist propaganda,” CNN is already attacking him as a “racist” and “white supremacist” anyway. They’ve been attacking their political opponents as “racists” and “white supremacists” for years. It has been normalized. It would be shocking to turn on CNN or MSNBC and not see them carrying on about “racism” or “white supremacy.”

Thom Hartmann is saying that “white supremacy” is the “central brand” of the Republican Party. As we have seen, Democrat Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs) are defined by anti-whiteness.

Raw Story:

“We use the word “conservative,” in fact, to generically mean “cautiously.”

But the last five years have irrefutably shown that when American politicians use the word conservative these days, what they really mean is white supremacist.

White supremacy has become the central brand of today’s Republican Party, and, in retrospect, has been at the core of that Party’s explicit efforts ever since Richard Nixon’s 1968 Southern Strategy.

And for “movement conservatives” it really dates even farther back than that. Consider one of the top founders of today’s conservative movement (and of the National Review publication), William F. Buckley. …”

David Atkins who is a Jewish homosexual and DNC member is making the same argument at Washington Monthly. There is no distance between “white supremacy” and opposition to social liberalism. Jewish social liberalism and cultural degeneration have been synonymous for at least a century now.

Washington Monthly:

“Because it is a fact that white men have held and continue to hold the vast majority of wealth and power in America, you must believe one of two things must be true: either you believe that white men are intrinsically more deserving, or you believe that institutional patriarchy and racism have combined to suppress and oppress women and people of color from gaining access to wealth and power on a level playing field. If you believe the latter, you meet the minimum standard for adherence to modern social liberalism and make yourself a pariah among conservatives. If you believe the latter, you are by definition a chauvinist and white supremacist. If you claim not to be a chauvinist or white supremacist, but you believe that no actions should be taken to even protest–much less regulate or redistribute resources–to mitigate structural racism and patriarchy, you are inseparable from chauvinists and white supremacists at a social or policy level. One cannot simply declare the problem solved and assume everyone now has the same opportunities to succeed, because the problem is so obviously not solved at either a social or a policy level, and everyone so obviously does not have the same opportunities.

Conservatives hate being labeled as racists or misogynists for merely “being conservative.” The problem for them is that there really isn’t a difference. If you’re trying to stop non-whites from voting, you’re a white supremacist. If white men have obscenely large amounts of money and women (and women of color in particular) have vanishingly little, and you’re opposed to even the most modest efforts to alter that equation because you believe those rich white men implicitly deserve it more somehow, that line of reasoning ends directly in misogyny and white supremacy. …”

White liberal professionals are college-educated people who hate White working class people. This is central to their sense of identity and marks them as a distinct social class. They have strongly negative attitudes toward other White people from outside their social class:

Since all of these accusations are already priced in and Tucker Carlson has a vastly larger audience than Don Lemon, we can start talking about more of the edgier stuff now like how Americans are being replaced by oligarchs in their own country who are trying to import a more pliable electorate in order to dilute their political power. White racial attitudes have also dramatically hardened over the past year. Everyone agrees with us now that the political and corporate establishment is anti-White.

Go ahead and call us all of these little names. You’re going to do it anyway and no one cares anymore. We will do the heavy lifting like writing the anti-progressive narrative.

Note: Don Lemon and Brian Stelter are speaking to a shriveling audience of PMCs. That’s who is watching their shows. It is deranged, over educated, cosmopolitan White people who live in wealthy communities.

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  1. According to critical race theory, almost everything is White supremacy.

    When punctuality, mathematics, logical thinking, and following laws are all considered “White supremacy” according to CRT, that sort of takes the bite out of the accusation of spreading White supremacist propaganda, doesn’t it?



  3. “Tucker Carlson Is Mainstreaming White Supremacist Propaganda.”

    Yes, I know.

    That’s why I like him.

    By the way, the notion that Whites ought NOT be ‘supreme’ in the country of which we were the primary builders, could only belong to those who wish to remain unnamed.


    to be voted into a White Racial Minority by the Democratic Party Voting Bloc

    which is composed of Chinese….Hindus….Sikhs….Koreans….Mexicans….Pakistani Muslims….M-13 Gang Bangers

    Is it in OUR PEOPLES INTEREST to do this? NUMBERSUSA and FAIR and now Richard Spencer won’t allow us to ask this fundamental existential question…

    I think it’s great that CHINA EXIST ONLY FOR THE CHINESE PEOPLE…but what about OUR PEOPLE?

    America would be a better place for White Folks if there were a half billion White Folks in America on Nov 3 2020…screw you (((Paul and Anne Ehrlich)))..

  5. Don is a deranged homosexual. Nothing about him is reasonable or logical. In a sane nation his citizenship would be revoked, assets seized and a swift repatriation to Africa would occur.

  6. > … the core of that Party’s explicit efforts ever since Richard Nixon’s 1968 Southern Strategy.

    Glad they admit that “racist” is just a slur for white people – nothing more, nothing less. Calling a white person a “racist” is no different than calling a black person a “nigger.”

    “Nixon’s Southern Strategy” was an attempt to appeal to the majority of the Southern states, who are white, WITHOUT the explicit overtly anti-black appeals that the Klan and the Democrat had traditionally used.

    They always distort what Lee Atwater said in the famous interview. But for Anti-Whites like Don Lemon, appealing to white people AT ALL is “white supremacist.”

    But at the end of the day, who cares what Don Lemon thinks? He’s an actor, reading a script. Why should I care what his scriptwriter wrote?

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