New York Times: What Are Neopronouns?

A bunch of mentally ill people have made up thousands of new genders and pronouns on Tumblr over the past decade and now progressives are trying to force society to conform to this nonsense.

New York Times:

“A personal pronoun is a form of speech that stands in for a person or group of people. She is having opinions online; they are fighting in the comments; and, of course, as in the Prince song made famous by Sinead O’Connor, “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

Nonbinary pronouns, as well — often the singular “they” and “them” — have become widespread. A 2019 Pew Research study found already that one in five Americans knew someone who uses nonbinary pronouns.

And then there are neopronouns.

A neopronoun can be a word a created to serve as pronoun without expressing gender, like “ze” and “zir.”

A neopronoun can also be a so-called “noun-self pronoun,” in which a pre-existing word is drafted into use as a pronoun. Noun-self pronouns can refer to animals — so your pronouns can be “bun/bunself” and “kitten/kittenself.” Others refer to fantasy characters — “vamp/vampself,” “prin/cess/princesself,” “fae/faer/faeself” — or even just common slang, like “Innit/Innits/Innitself. …”

“White” is said to not be based on anything real like human biology.

“White” is said to not be a legitimate identity because of various reasons.

All of this nonsense, however, is not only real but you are a bigot for refusing to go along with it. A man can become a woman simply by waking up one day and trying on a dress and red lipstick. You can seamlessly transition between a thousand different customized genders as the mood strikes.

Note: The New York Times is also promoting things like breastfeeding soyboy fathers now. NBC News is promoting “genderless theybies.” CBS News is promoting non-monogamy. It is all also ultimately driven by the same impulse of pathological novelty seeking.

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  1. “The English language is being mutilated to cater to mentally ill people who have created make believe genders.’

    Yes, absolutely, but, there can be no doubts that the real motive, reposing just below the surface, is that they are trying to frame the thoughts of the next generation – just as those who coined terms like, ‘White Supremacy’ – did so to put into motion what they hope to be sufficient manacles on Whites to keep them from wanting to defend ourselves, and the country we built.

    Experiments like that have proven just how effective you can modify a person’s mind by inventing a term and then creating a carrot-and stick environment around it’s use.

    For this reason, about 10 years ago, I canceled all vocabulary I was using in my daily speech that did not belong to my granddaddy’s generation in 1950, and, as well, added a bevy of old terms.

    That was one of my first secessions – tuning out the behavior modifications invented by aliens for The South.

    And so I continue today – adding no new terms, no matter how cute, that seem to have a thought modification aspect to it.

    • @Ivan – That is actually quite clever; and a very potent form of self-affirmation.

      • @Old Enough To Be Your Mother…

        Thank you so very much, M’am!

        Yes, without a doubt it is a method of self-affirmation, and a vent in a time when there is little, though, my hopes were to help my local community regain it’s own affirmations that have been lost to those not from the South.

        Happily my friends and family gradually joined me in this, and, as well, in flying and wearing our old symbols in publick.

        I hope that, in your own way, you will join us in this, if you have not already.

        Have a great day!

  2. Newspeak is the fictional language of Oceania, a totalitarian superstate that is the setting of dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell. In the novel, the ruling English Socialist Party (Ingsoc) created Newspeak to meet the ideological requirements of English Socialism in Oceania. Newspeak is a controlled language of simplified grammar and restricted vocabulary designed to limit the individual’s ability to think and articulate “subversive” concepts such as personal identity, self-expression and free will. Such concepts are criminalized as thoughtcrime since they contradict the prevailing Ingsoc orthodoxy.

    In “The Principles of Newspeak”, the appendix to the novel, Orwell explains that Newspeak follows most of the rules of English grammar, yet is a language characterised by a continually diminishing vocabulary; complete thoughts are reduced to simple terms of simplistic meaning. The political contractions of Newspeak—Ingsoc (English Socialism), Minitrue (Ministry of Truth), Miniplenty (Ministry of Plenty)—are described by Orwell as similar to real examples of German and Russian contractions in the 20th century. Like Nazi (Nationalsozialismus) and Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei), politburo (Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union), Comintern (Communist International), kolkhoz (collective farm), and Komsomol (Young Communists’ League), the contractions in Newspeak are supposed to have a political function already in virtue of their abbreviated structure itself: nice sounding and easily pronounceable, their purpose is to mask all ideological content from the speaker.
    — Wikipedia: “Newspeak”

    gay = perverted sexual deviant who has committed a capital crime and deserves to die

    Yes, they did shorten it a little.

  3. Society is being made to conform to Jewish mental illness and sexual perversion.

    Jews are the most mentally ill and most emotional disturbed people on this earth. That has come about by Jews inbreeding, producing children with their sisters and cousins for centuries in order to keep their blood Jewish.

    God have pity and these sick bastards. They are not well in the head. And the most laughable thing in the world is they think they are special in Gods eyes. How sick is that? BAHA

    • A lot of Christians are more than willing to be shabbos goyim for their jew masters, Browning. I don’t know of any Christian church or Christian leader that is explicitly anti-Zionist, anti-queer and pro-white, do you?

  4. There really needs to be some kind of proper history or archaeology or whatever of Tumblr (if that’s even possible at this point) and how that site practically destroyed a generation. The amount of mental illness, psychopathy, sexual predation, extremism etc. that was incubated on there and unleashed across the globe is impossible to understate.

    It did plenty of damage in the early 10’s, but there was an interim period (roughly starting with Gamergate I’d say) where much of the outside world stopped paying attention to it and political activism switched to Twitter, and Tumblr became regarded as largely a porn site. In that period Tumblr became even more insular and cultish and started attracting Gen Z, who were now in middle and high school and were becoming active online, and the cretins who ran Tumblr couldn’t handle it. Then the porn ban came in late 2018 (which made the site unusable) and the swarms of grooming victims, predators and modern feral children that called that place home had nowhere else to go and went to places like Twitter and elsewhere. Just search the phrase “tumblr refugee” to get an idea. Far left extremism, platform manipulation and harassment of all kinds skyrocketed when these freaks started flooding in.

    It was far from the only source of it, but there was no online community as active and prolific in disseminating the garbage we see today. Countless teenagers and young adults had their lives destroyed by this abomination of a website- you’ll see accounts of “detransitioners” citing Tumblr as a prime motive in mutilating and pumping themselves full of hormones. I remember all of the insanity that blossomed on there almost 10 years ago and how many people said to just ignore it and it’d never go anywhere. They were wrong. The psychosis of the Tumblr freaks of the early 10’s has been thoroughly mainstreamed and espoused on the floor of Congress.

    But they’ll still tell us /pol/ and Stormfront are the issue.

    • Thanks for the info…I did not know this since I avoided “smart” phones for as long as possible and stay away from (anti)social media.

  5. The English language, math and science is “racist” to those who can’t conquer it. The standards have been lowered in order to pass functional retards.

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