The Atlantic: Don’t Cancel John Muir

We told you so.

The war on American heritage by woke progressive activists was never going to stop with our Confederate monuments. This is why we held that torch march in Charlottesville to the Jefferson monument at the Unite the Right rally in 2017. Unlike all the gutless wonders in Conservatism, Inc., we wanted to stand up and defend our monuments from the attacks of these vandals.

The Atlantic:

“On the morning of July 22, 2020, the Sierra Club’s executive director, Michael Brune, posted a reflection on his organization’s 128-year history. “As defenders of Black life pull down Confederate monuments across the country,” he wrote, “we must also take this moment to reexamine our past and our substantial role in perpetuating white supremacy.”

Brune’s reexamination began with John Muir—the inveterate hiker and activist who founded the Sierra Club and was famous for his eloquent tributes to the Sierra Nevada, many of which were first published in The Atlantic. Though Muir is a renowned figure in the conservation movement, Brune wrote, he made derogatory statements about Black and Indigenous people that drew on racist stereotypes. He maintained friendships with other prominent conservationists well known for their racist beliefs. These and other long-ago words and actions, Brune argued, not only continue to alienate potential Sierra Club supporters but sustain a “dangerous idea” within the organization: “that exploring, enjoying, and protecting the outdoors can be separated from human affairs.” …”

We’re still dealing with the fallout from that rally to this day.

No one came to our aid or had the courage to tell the truth about Charlottesville at the time. We were all thrown under the bus for taking a stand against the mob. We were the first to be censored on the internet. We were the first to sued by Democratic law firms and hit with lawfare. We were hounded by “journalists” who got people fired from their jobs for showing to support the monuments. The FBI and Department of Justice went after people and even locked up people who simply defended themselves when they were attacked by Antifa. The Unite the Right rally was thrown into chaos because the police stood down that day and allowed Antifa to attack and disrupt our event and get it declared an unlawful assembly.

This was all head spinning and new at the time – the intensification of political correctness into militant wokeness, the online censorship, the “journalists” who used their platforms to dox people, the trampling on civil liberties, the people who go around toppling statues, Antifa showing up and engaging in violence to shut down events, the weaponization of the FBI and DOJ against the Right, the rollout of “progressive” justice at the local level in which the race and politics of citizens is all that matters, looking the other way at Black Lives Matter and Antifa mobs and allowing them to break the law. We had to stop what we were doing in 2017 simply because we did not have the resources or the power to address this problem. It was Donald Trump’s administration which allowed Charlottesville to become a leftwing sundown town.

We all saw what happened last summer as a result of this cowardice. The whole country was transformed into a nationwide Charlottesville. We were nowhere to be found during the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots which went on for six months and which clarified what had really happened in Charlottesville. The Sierra Club’s denunciation of John Muir who had been previously honored as the “Father of the National Parks” was only one incident in the dizzying pace of Taliban-like attacks on American history.

In retrospect, I think a lot of people who were critical of us at the time might grudgingly agree that we were right. We weren’t just right about Antifa and the censorship and the attacks on our monuments and heritage which we consistently said all along was going to spiral out of control. We were also right about the larger issue which is the growing anti-white atmosphere of the political establishment. It is not even really edgy to shout things like ANTI-RACISM IS ANTI-WHITE in ALL CAPs anymore now is it?

What are guys like us supposed to do now? They’re making our case for us better than we ever could ourselves. We should probably just relax for a few years.

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  1. This is what many Whites still don’t get : if we lose this war of cultural imperialism, that is being made upon us without declaration or shots, we won’t get to keep Adele Davis, Edgar Allan Poe, Jan Vermeer, Andrew Jackson, Leif Eriksen, Galileo, Napoleon, Tesla, D.W. Griffith, Julia Child, Vigee Le Brun, Mauro Giuliani, Copernicus, Charles Dickens, Michael Wittman, Martin Luther, Rob Roy, Ivan Krylov, Errol Flynn, Ty Cobb, Johann Gutenberg, George Washington, Francois Couperin, Jeanne D’Arc, Frank Lloyd Wright, Nicolo Paganini, neither Henry Fielding, Tennyson, Keats, Byron, nor Shelley,

    Nope, every single one of these, and more, plus all our fields of endeavours – from classic French Cuisine to Classical Music will either be reappropriated or stricken from the publick eye.

    Because one thing is for sure : if they’ll pillage your graveyards and your monuments, your films and your books, you have to know that you and your mind, alas, your entire identity, are next.

      • Yes, Dear John, we need not know who is behind what, or engage in conspiratorial thinking, because we know Human Nature – those who do drugs, keep doing more and more of them; those who collect baseball cards collect more and more of them, and bullies keep bullying more and more until they run up against some serious resistance that makes them contemplate a different path.

        I feel the correlation between this country and Russia in the years leading up to the Red Terror of the 1920s has become too close for comfort.

        I thank the Good Lord that I live in The Rural South, because it still is relatively stable here, though, we, too, are in peril because we are still connected to a country that, as a whole, is going into homicidal/ suicidal convulsions.

        • @ Ivan,

          What’s happened in the USSR during the bolshevik revolution is happening here in the US on a smaller scale.Call it soft communism leading into full blown communism if they disarm us. Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote out it in his book “two hundred years together”

          “The jewish horrors of communism was also an important sentiment in Hitler’s desire to destroy the USSR. jews and jewish organizations (As we see today in the US) were also important forces in inducing Western democracies to side with Stalin rather than Hitler in WW2.

          The victory over NS set the stage for tremendous jewish power in post WW2 western world.
          The children of jewish immigrants assumed elite positions in the US just as they had in the USSR and throughout eastern Europe prior to WW2”

          It’s playing out as he predicted. WE are doomed if we continue to ignore the obvious.

          • Excellent reply, Dear John – and, yes, over a million young non-German European men volunteered to serve in The Waffen SS for exactly the reasons you mention – to confront the Judeo-Bolshevik horror.

            But, I’ll tell you something straight : what shocks me is that Jewry, (at the pinnacle of it’s Golden Age as we speak) would be so tyrannical, what with all the difficulties they experienced being on the receiving end of tyranny as small minorities in many different countries throughout the millenia, and, as well, the fact that they are always teaching others about the need not to be ‘tyrannical’.

            You’d think that they, above all peoples, would be above this, but, the fact is that not only are they not above it, they may be the worst tyrants among them, for not only do they try and conquer you and your community physically, they try and rob you or your mind, as well.

            I’d be a liar if I acted like they do not scare me, because when I look into their collective eyes I see nothing but megalomania and a total lack of empathy for anyone and anything that does not serve their immediate ends.

            I’m fortunate, however, to not only be living in The Rural South, and in a good ‘backwards’ community, but, as well, I have a great loving and faithful wife who feels as do I, and, also importantly – I have The Lord Jesus Chryst, He who brings infinite comfort to those who accept him in their hearts.

            I cannot tell you how sorry I am that Solzhenitsyn has turned out to be so right.

            At any rate, I wish you and yours the very best in these dark days!

          • John, I read Solzhenitsyn’s book in Russian, and do not recall the pivotal phrases you quote. Could you help me to get this right please, and where?
            “…You can’t enter the same river twice..”, so on this ancient metaphor alone, neither soft communism nor bolshevism is possible in America regardless of the amount of Jewish power. Just because liberals are to the left of conservatives, it does not make them communists. Neither is liberal usurpation – communism. What we may experience and may have to adapt to – is the progressives’ version of Trotsky’s “permanent revolution”, only happening with the speed of the Internet and the Facebook reach. America may have something authentic and new in liberal totalitarianism.
            And finally, do you really believe that not having Jews in the “elite positions… and tremendous Jewish power in the Western world…” would stop, or materially slow down the liberal usurpation?
            I do agree that there is a significant Jewish power in America, that there are Jews in elite positions in America, and that political liberalism is common among us American Jews.

  2. If you’re ever in the Bay Area you must visit the Muir Woods national monument. Too bad the Sierra Club allowed itself to be corrupted by filthy jewish lucre!

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