Andrew Yang Was Chased Away By Black Lives Matter On His Bicycle

Is it “white supremacy” again?

Is Yang a “white supremacist” for being “white adjacent”?

Is this another one of these anti-Asian hate crimes that we have heard so much about?

Daily Mail:

“Andrew Yang was filmed pedaling away after bike protesters called him ‘pro-cop’ and chanted  ‘shame’ at him during a Daunte Wright protest in the Big Apple on Tuesday.

Yang, who is running for Mayor of New York City, rode with about 150 cyclists across the Brooklyn Bridge from Barclays Center in Brooklyn into Lower Manhattan before he was confronted in Battery Park. …

Yang, 46, was spotted wearing a blue suit with a ‘Forward New York’ face mask while pedaling a black Schwinn bicycle with a baby seat attached.

‘You don’t care about the community. Get you’re a** out of here. We do not want you here,’ one woman with a megaphone yells at the former presidential hopeful.

A second woman shouts: ‘You’re pro-cop!’ …”

New York Post:

“We don’t want you here. You’re pro-cop,” the woman said, according to footage of the encounter obtained by The Post.

Several members of the demonstration, which had thinned out by that time, then chanted “shame,” at Yang as he rode away. …”

I know that the media has been saying that “white supremacists” are behind the relentless assault on the AAPI community in New York City, but I was under the impression that we had supported Yang and Tulsi? Weren’t we the ones who launched Yang and Tulsi into the Democratic debates?

It has been interesting to watch the escalation of progressive attacks on Yang. Politico ran a story in which Yang was called a mini-Trump. They also accused him of “charming the Right” in his 2020 campaign. There are lots of people on the Left, particularly the politically correct Asians, who HATE Andrew Yang. The funniest thing about it is that Yang is now on the verge of seizing power in New York City and defeating progressives and it all started because we backed him as a troll in early 2019.

Note: BTW, the reason that everyone got stimulus checks is because we supported Yang in the Democratic primary who injected the idea of UBI into the political mainstream right before COVID hit. In retrospect, Yang Gang was the one thing we did in the Trump years that paid off for us.

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  1. Thanks for the checks and the food stamp increases too.

    Yang is Tiawanese just like McConnell’s wife. The Tiawan people where the rich upper classes who had to flee for their lives from Mao.

    Mainland Chinese view them as different.

  2. So Andrew Yang is a “traitor to his race” because he is adjacent to people racialized as “white but not Jewish.” What’s the Chinese version of an Uncle Tom? Uncle Chen?

    He has sold out his race by siding with the White Republican conservatives.

    Oh, wait, he’s a liberal Democrat who rides a bicycle around New York City with a baby carriage on the back.

    Literally what more do they want from the guy? Does he have to literally chop off his penis and transition to a woman before he’s leftist enough?

    Maybe they are mad he married a Chinese woman instead of gay married a Gender-Neutral Black Body and adopted Latino children.

    OK, not really, they are mad because he doesn’t want to “abolish” the police department so the “CHAZ/CHOP Anarchist Security Force” can … extort local businesses and shoot Black teenagers?

    Dees niggas crazy!

    You know that the Chinese officials in Beijing are laughing their asses off at this shitshow. Good luck, Taiwan.

  3. Slogans

    “Burn, baby! Burn!”, a slogan attributed to the 1960s R&B disc jockey Magnificent Montague, which became associated with the 1965 Watts Riots
    — Wikipedia: “Burn Baby Burn”

    The way things are going that Wikipedia page will probably need editing one day: “…which became associated with the 1965 Watts Riots and later with the USA during the President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. administration.”

  4. I support looting. Nothing would be more glorious and effective than every single white conservative in America coming together and looting every single corporate owned big box store to the bare shelves, and then torching them. I pray I live to see that day.

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