Rising: Can Joe Biden Hold Off The Pentagon and Neocons?

If we learned anything from the Obama and Trump years, it is that our foreign policy has been disconnected from the democratic process. Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump had a populist mandate to end the war in Afghanistan and neither of them were able to do so because of the interests.

This is one area where there is overwhelming agreement among the public. We shouldn’t be squandering trillions of dollars on these stupid, endless wars in places that no one cares about. Instead, we should try minding our own business for once and focusing on economic development in this country. The military-industrial complex and its puppets strongly disagree with our preferred foreign policy.

It is not like Donald Trump didn’t TRY to stand up to the Washington foreign policy establishment. Trump ordered the withdrawal of all American troops from Syria. He also negotiated this peace deal with Afghanistan. The deadline for all American troops to be removed from Syria was May 1. This has been subverted and now the headline is “we will be gone by September 11” which buries the real story that we are breaking the peace deal. The Pentagon lied to Trump about troops in Syria and Afghanistan.

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  1. One of the side consequences of the deep state lyingt, and obfuscating the president’s ability to control forgiien policy, etc, is that presidents Might start creating their own “hidden cabinet” so to speak. Who owe loyalty only to him. Who we do not know publicly. Nobody will like that, but that’s what you get when public officials forget they are public servants, and start picking sides. Like happened to Trump

  2. American mercenary forces are in Central Asia to contain Russia, China and Iran for the security of the illegitimate Zionist state in Palestine.

    • I agree.

      Joe Biden doesn’t know where he is today. He is only a figurehead. So we are really talking about his administration. It just gets clumsy to phrase it that way.

      • The Russians won’t concede anything in Crimea and Biden is like a Lord Cardigan or a Raglan. It will end up in a disaster for the US.

      • I don’t even think Kamala (once she takes office) has any real power; she’s just a puppet. Shit goes south in the Ukraine and Biden will be a useful scapegoat for public anger. While the real rulers offstage keep on keepin’ on.

          • Withdraw the troops from Afghanistan, and move the troops to the Ukraine and Eastern Europe. That’s probably the strategy?

            Biden’s an Irish Roman Catholic blowhard, but, is he a suicidal Irish Roman Catholic Blowhard? History is filled mistakes and what-ifs. Let’s not forget the President of the Ukraine, or whatever he calls himself is a Hebrew.

    • Crimea ain’t the KGB station in Berlin or Warsaw. Wtf is Biden going to do when the Russians blow up a NATO affiliated Navy ship?
      I’d guess the Russians would take 500,000 dead to keep Crimea.

  3. The jew Ass oy Vey must fall. I want to see (((their))) new mud & trannyfag “soldiers” coming back in sacks after meeting White Russian men in combat.

  4. Biden’s been a loyal toad to Israel all his life. He will do what his masters tell him. I would think Afghanistan and Iraq would come in handy in an upcoming assault on Iran.

    Maybe the pentagon will “lie” to Biden and tell him the withdrawal is taking place when it isn’t, much like what was supposed to have happened to Trump in Syria*.

    * I think Trump was willingly lied to so he could tell his base he was getting out of Syria while keeping the troops in Syria to placate Bibi.

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