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  1. Everything looks like it is moving along smoothly, with 202,000,000 doses given and 80,600,000 fully vaccinated so far.

    How Is The COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Going In Your State?

    Since whites take their health seriously, expect the narrative to change to “vaccine equity” once our friends in the media figure out vaccine hesitancy is more common in african and latino communities.

    • Maher made two substantial lies in his monologue and one cheap shot.
      I’m not sure why the first wave of deaths is his fault. Mostly in NYC and Chicago. No one in these places would have cooperated with timely airport closures, still less early adoption of Distancing and event cancellation. Nothing that Macron or Merkel have done so far worked.
      Once NYC was infected the rest of the country was screwed.

      Trump did in fact make several gestures with that Navy Hospital ship to signal seriousness. Along with the Covid19 checks the first go round.

      The cheap shot was the bleach drinking. It dud end funny when he pointed out out that almost everyone was bleaching groceries though.

      • Well, with migrant workers defecating in American fields and all these cases of fresh produce that had to be yanked before people died of poisoning, a woman I knew from Mexico when tourists could get a bad case of “Montezuma’s Revenge” said she always soaked her produce in a gallon of water with a capful of bleach for about an hour. Then she would thoroughly rinse the produce and put it in her fridge. She was never sick.

        Might add, she told me that women who give birth could get their figures back if they wore corsets to push anything back in that got pushed out by the unborn child. She had had four children and you would have never known she was pregnant.

        She was pure Spanish, BTW and very proud of the fact. Evidently, her family was of the Peninsulare Caste and took great care to keep their bloodlines that way by arranged marriages and such not.

  2. Maybe something like 300 million people vaccinated

    But per the EU-tied tracker of such events, as of 27 March there were at least 5,365 dead and 238,000 injured after taking the vaccine globally, link below … the vaccine death and injury (being paralysed, blind etc) horror stories and numbers being hidden by major media, but well documented

    In part because ‘experts’ almost always claim deaths etc are ‘unrelated’ even when the guy is dead shortly afterwards

    Die ‘with’ covid positive – definitely killed by covid
    Die after vaccination – always totally unrelated

    You can roughly figure the gamble like this … 1 out of 1000 chance of getting seriously hurt or dead from covid … 1 out of 1000 chance of getting seriously hurt or dead from the vaccine … plus a big wild card of how sick or dead you might be down the road from the vaccine, as many dissident doctors suspect

    As Robert F. Kennedy Jr points out, all the vax companies are previously convicted felons, granted ‘no liability’ while they rake in 40 billion in profit from this

    Kennedy Children’s Health Defense site, Health Impact News as below, Natural News, Lady Aangirfan’s blog out of Scotland, carry a lot of the ‘hidden’ vaccine stats and stories

    Latest funny-disturbing video out there on this, drive-in vaccine centre, you sit in your car for 15 minutes after the jab … guy in a car in the post-jab cool-down, films two people having major seizures in cars adjacent, med techs trying to revive the victims, other people who just got vaxxed looking nervous – Instragram user ‘ZetaAtLast’


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