Blogger Trump Withdrawal Syndrome

The highly anticipated QAnon insurrection failed to materialize.

The media is desperate for another accelerationist mass shooter to have something to talk about to push the “domestic extremism” narrative. So far, they have only gotten a shooter who targeted prostitutes, a Muslim, a follower of Louis Farrakhan, a black former NFL player and a Brony.

Millions of people have lost their sense of purpose and “journalists” have lost their jobs since Joe Biden became president. They don’t know what to do now. Legions of Trump era grifters are also feeling lost right now. Don Lemon and CNN have taken the biggest hit in the post-Trump era.

New York Times:

“It’s a year of reckoning for CNN. After an outrage-fueled uptick in viewership during the Donald Trump era, the network is fighting a ratings slump and bracing for the exit of its longtime president, Jeff Zucker. The departing anchor Brooke Baldwin blasted the network’s culture last week as male-dominated and a bit of a boys’ club — a claim “CNN Tonight” host Don Lemon disputes in this conversation with Kara Swisher.

Lemon has been at the network for over a decade and built his brand with a prime-time slot that has been called therapy for Trump haters. His approach is emblematic of an era in which the American media diet has shifted from a wholesome balanced meal (think Walter Cronkite) to a sugar-laden hash of angry prime-time programming (think Fox News). CNN is somewhere in the middle. And no one else at the network sighs with as much exasperation or rants quite as well as Don Lemon does. …”

Green shoots are sprouting.

The people who actually have a coherent worldview still have something to talk about. The people who were merely riding Trump’s coattails or Trump outrage do not.

Note: Antifa are bombing. “Journalists” like Luke O’Brien are bombing. The best of all though is that Don Lemon is bombing.

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  1. @ Good opportunity too demonstrate too thee mainstream media, how irrelevant they really are, thee american people dont have time toi be lost, they need too be working or looking for work, spare/leisure time should be spent, studying, getting in shape, training, prepping, tending to chores, maintaining your property, helping those , who you can help and most importantly taking of your families.

    • A lot of us have been so inactive/under active for so long it’s hard to get out of this torpor. And even in states where the scamdemic restrictions have been eased a lot of businesses are still closed or require masks and social distancing. What a drag!

  2. The American Conservatives / Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats. However the Republicans was so selfish and ego driven while Trump was in office……I literally couldn’t tolerate even being around them for a second. When I would debate them….Conservative vs White Nationalist….those people was brainwashed thinking Trump was God. What an absolute joke is the right wing in America. Perfect example of why I become a proud Southerner and White Nationalist back in 2001. Deo Vindice !

    • Having recently explored the South I can see it really is for all intents and purposes its own Nation, separate and apart from the North. Of course the same could be said about North and South Vietnam as well.

  3. This is how strategic retreat looks like. Napoleon starved and froze to death in Moscow with no Russians nearby. And now liberalism communism goes self destruct without Donald and his supporters .

    Donald is stable genius. Good news is madness goes worse. Bad news is that genetic white liberals see their world collapsing, they go batshit crazy and use lot of violence .

    Finally violence crosses all limits and then the army must involve. This is what Q predicted.

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