Politico: Why The White House Wanted To Avoid The Refugee Issue

If you haven’t noticed yet, the policy of the Biden administration is to give progressive activist groups everything they want on their most unpopular issues.


“Avoiding an escalation of conservative attacks against President Joe Biden’s immigration policies was one of the factors the White House considered when it initially decided to keep his predecessor’s controversial cap on refugees.

Though the issues are separate, administration officials predicted raising the number of refugees, as Biden had promised to in February, would turbocharge the false claim on the right that the administration was “opening” its U.S. borders. They feared the ramifications, as they would come at a time when the White House is also asking Republicans to negotiate on a massive infrastructure package.

“You’re not going to throw gasoline on top of that fire,” said a person briefed on internal discussions, who described it as one of the factors considered. “Fox News would have had a field day with it. It’s the easiest talking point for every Sunday show.”

But if the White House was hoping to avoid a political fire with conservatives when it announced that Biden would keep former President Donald Trump’s 15,000-person cap — an historic low — it ended up sparking one with Democrats in Congress, immigrant advocates and refugee resettlement agencies. Later Friday, the administration reversed itself after the flood of condemnations, saying it would indeed raise the number for refugee admissions by or before May 15. …”

There is a distinct pattern on display here though.

The Biden administration is moving forward on precisely all the issues which REALLY will stoke a populist backlash from the Right: gun policy, climate, “trans,” civil liberties, political correctness, immigration, crime and policing. In contrast, Corporate Democrats are slam dunking on economic issues.

Look at where the Corporate Democrats are scoring major policy victories: the wealth tax, raising the capital gains tax, the carried interest loophole, the SALT deduction cap, raising taxes on +$400,000 households, the official corporate tax rate, reducing the amount and eligibility of $2,000 stimulus checks, the public option in health care, $50,000 in student loan debt forgiveness and the $15 minimum wage. Virtually all the issues where there is supermajority support are where the “moderates” block the Democratic agenda while the most controversial and unpopular stuff is pushed forward.

“Trans women” in women’s sports is a big loser of an issue for Democrats. Immigration is a huge loser for Democrats because nothing drives Republicans to the polls more than open borders. So that is what they are officially going with: we created the biggest border crisis in 30 years.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken was in the Oval Office, pleading with President Biden.

In the meeting, on March 3, Mr. Blinken implored the president to end Trump-era restrictions on immigration and to allow tens of thousands of desperate refugees fleeing war, poverty and natural disasters into the United States, according to several people familiar with the exchange.

But Mr. Biden, already under intense political pressure because of the surge of migrant children at the border with Mexico, was unmoved. The attitude of the president during the meeting, according to one person to whom the conversation was later described, was, essentially: Why are you bothering me with this?

What had been an easy promise on the campaign trail — to reverse what Democrats called President Donald J. Trump’s “racist” limits on accepting refugees — has become a test of what is truly important to the new occupant of the White House, according to an account of his decision making from more than a dozen Biden administration officials, refugee resettlement officials and others. …

Inside the White House, the president had made his views clear, according to several people familiar with his objections to the idea of capping refugee admissions at 62,500. With crossings at the border rising, he did not intend to sign off on that number. “

Joe wanted to hold off on raising the refugee cap.

It turns out that Joe Biden doesn’t call the shots in his administration though. The corporate media, progressive activists and Anthony Blinken had a fit and forced Biden to concede to their position.

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  1. The only way to stop Global Warming and prevent the spread of Covid-19 is an end to mass immigration.

    We can re-start the immigration program again once we have fixed Covid-19 and Global Warming.

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