White People Must Follow Special Rules When Visiting George Floyd Square

Wokeism is a religious cult.

I suppose this makes us the infidels.

Don’t forget to recite the Lord’s Prayer before entering George Floyd Square. It is a sacred space in the emerging anti-white progressive religion of Wokeism.

Note: BTW, you can’t enter George Floyd Square without wearing an outdoor mask as a symbol of your faith in “science.” George Floyd is risen!

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  1. Anyone, other than George Floyd’s actual personal acquaintances, who is pretending to feel “grief” over his death is, of course, lying. Posturing.

    This in the Princess and the Pea. You know they are REALLY princesses – more sensitive, thus more righteous, than others – because they can feel even the tiniest pea under a hundred mattresses.

    “I am so sensitive to injustice that I feel literal pain when I read a headline on my Social Media feed about some “injustice” that happened to someone I don’t know, tens of thousands of miles away.”


    It’s immature and attention-seeking behavior, a tell-tale sign of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    • Also a sign of very low IQs. This is all they know how to do. They aren’t capable of surviving in a technological society like ours.

      • “Also a sign of very low IQs.”

        You could say the same over at AmRen. When they posted this ‘news,’ I said in the comments: ‘All this area is good for, is as a place to relieve one’s self.” (i.e., take a piss) It was still up, days later. Even the Israeli censors working for Jared Taylor in Tel Aviv (or is that DisGUST?) do not have a decent command of the historic English tongue…..

        What’s the good of framing a witty repartée, if all your opponents can say, is Sh*T, and F*ck, over and over again, ad nauseam? Animals on two legs, indeed…

        “…which all boil down to [people think is] our needing excuses for blaming Jews for our woes, rather than blaming ourselves. But that too is a straw man argument, because we do not blame Jews for our woes. Rather, we blame sinful Whites who are caught up in all of the idolatry offered to them by Jews, and who have also accepted the antichrist teachings packaged under the umbrella of Liberalism. This is what has led us to accept not only Jews, but all of the other biological infestations of Yahweh’s Creation. So Jewish Supremacy and the imposition of Negros and all of the other races upon Christendom are a result of our problems, and not the actual cause of our problems.”
        – Wm. Finck, Christogenea

        “We are all His CREATION, but we are not all His OFFSPRING.” – Russian Orthodox Saint

  2. I’m not following any “special rules” because I’m not going there. Only self hating Whites engage in this kind of perverted, masochistic behavior. White self hatred is sick.

  3. Are you going to the rally in Palm Beach Gardens today, HW? Lauren Witzke, Michelle Malkin, Laura Loomer and Nick Fuentes are all scheduled to be there. It should be pretty lit!

  4. Let Minneapolis burn, it’s full of cowardly white faggots and their undomesticated Negro pets.

    • Use Jacob Frey’s carcass to set it alight. Frey is a carpetbagger, who arrived in Minneapolis only to begin a political career. So beyond whatever he can extract from the community for his own benefit is of no concern to him.

  5. This is like a bee hive swarming and splitting. I think most white americans no longer think we can live with these people and their enablers.

  6. This nigger worship is a perverse inversion of reality. Unironically bowing down to and elevating the most worthless among us.

    It’s a humiliation ritual.

    • The worst is giving them money for their “grief”. $27 million dollars to the family, even before a guilt verdict was rendered in court. They just get it for being black and having a family member who didn’t get away with their crimes.

    • It’s a humiliation ritual.

      Yep, you nailed it.
      We get it every day,from tv, print media, zog, education etc.

  7. The image of an average built white guy dominating a gigantic black was what set em off. Don’t forget that.

  8. Disgust is all I can feel seeing those FBI agents kneeling. These are the people who spent years criminally promoting the Russiagate hoax and are now working overtime to go after anyone who was in DC on January 6.

  9. These insufferable nigger assclowns…never lose focus on the kikes & corporate commies that enable them: there are far fewer of them.

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